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"What if there was a girl you and a boy you, but without the cussing, and they had a baby" hahaha. Idk son, the world might implode😂😂😂 #ciruela #sheer #ceciliaderafael #cdr #vidrio #nylons #stockings #pantyhose #hose #hosiery #tights #collant #medias #legs #ankles #feet #arches #toes #black #heels #pumps #shoeplay

Baby blues

-Did you hear that, Bob?
-Yes, it seems that 8000 people follow our adventures... This is insane ! Let's thank them all !
-Thank you guys for your support ! 🐻🍃🌿💚💚💚

Tómate tu tiempo para soñar, descubrir, disfrutar, reir, sentir... VIVIR!! 💗
Empezamos la semana!!! Necesito que pase volandoooo y que sea sábado ya!! Soy la única?? Jijiji
Hoy es el día!!! Nos pusimos de máximo hoy para comprar los vuelos del viajazo, así que... 🙈🙈 .
Feliz día!!! 😘

Owachomo Bridge, coolest name award.

Slightly obsessed with this picture 🖤 Taylor you kill me!

📍Arches National Park, Utah⠀
I did a lot of camping/hiking in Arches National Park before I got into photography, but I don't have many high quality pictures of the park. This week I decided to try and capture some images before the park starts construction that will limit photography opportunities. I was blown away by this amazing sunset (literally - that arch was acting like a wind tunnel 😂).⠀

#arches #archesnationalpark #archesnps #turretarch

What a wonderful day I had with you today! Thank you for spending time in My Wonderland. I truly enjoy your company and I love putting on a show for you! Tomorrow is going to be a sweet mix of then and now. I am not preparing a new show for you BUT I have plenty of unseen sexy left over from this pedi as well as others. I will throw in a couple of "in the moment" shots and we should be good and full by the end of the day. See you then! Wishing you peace and loving you more.... Goodnight, Lovers!💕💤🌙


Changing your Perspective changes your Experience!

Almost 700 followers! Well thank you foot freaks. Keep on following for more. Good night everyone! 😘😋😍💃💋❤

No time to make sense! Too busy making nonsense!!! And lovin' it!