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Connected the dots with @marcorama and @mbvee

SBH (Sometimes Bloopers Happen). It's just life reminding you not to take it too seriously. So when @brenthaywoodphotography sent us our newest videos for our incredible waterfront property at 929 First Street in Coronado I just about fell out of my seat when I saw that he sent on over a file named "Just for Fun". Lana was an amazing actress last month and we think I you'll truly love the video we did with her, @mstevencox and @mia_tidwell. That said, working with 🐶s can be a little unpredictable and also a chance to laugh, dust off the camera equipment and keep trying. Thanks for the laughs @brenthaywoodphotography and @alexander_wolfgang. That was the best 😂😂😂🐶🐶🐶🎥🎬

تجربه خط کشیدن با قلم فرانسه فوق العادست.به بهانه دهمین جلسه از کلاس راندو و ذوق هنر جویان علاقه مندم بعد از مدتها مجددا با این تکنیک خط کشیدم.ابعاد ۴۰x۶۰ زمان یک ساعت و نیم

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Our work featured in @archdigest - check out the link in our bio to read how we built @erinkleinberg 's dream home & fireplace surround.

What a beautiful space for outdoor entertaining! Exterior progress at our #woodwardreno. ☀️ Photography // @kaceygilpin
Design // @austinbeandesignstudio


The perfect pair: #NationalWhiteChocolateDay and ROE.

Floor art that is whimsical in design and created with the highest levels of materials and craft. Handknotted with handspun, vegetable dyed wool from the Climbers and Ramblers Rug Collection by awesome Madeline Weinrib. @madelineweinrib

Another sneak peek at this incredible loft...Coming to market next week.

@let_there_be_white what are those fleets they are simply gorgeous! 💗🌸💐🌷🌿🌷💐🌸💗 especially the pink ones💕#Repost @let_there_be_white (@get_repost)
Well, Monday you lived up to your reputation, a hot bath will fix you !
Sweet dreams beautiful friends♡

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Immense Medusa Relax. Blue.
Acrylic Block 4x4 inches

• Defining Spaces •
Sometimes we get overwhelmed by large rooms or open plan living spaces. An easy way to create a visual division is with a round table. It grounds the space, adds visual interest, is perfect for flow and gives you an opportunity for display. Then for the areas on either side of the round table think symmetry. Matching chandeliers, ground with rugs, and tie in tonal elements such as beautiful blue and whites.

@markdsikes nails it every time!
Via markdsikes.com

Pop into our Alexandria showroom today to see our selection of beautiful pieces, collections of blue and whites, and let us help you create your own open living dream!

OPEN 7 DAYS | 38 Burrows Rd Alexandria

Decisions !!! Metallic accents or just texture? #simplystyleyourspace #kitchengoals #kitchendesign #kitchenbacksplash

Added a new member to our plant family this week. ☺️ Been wanting one of these guys for a while and found one @homedepot and had to grab it! 🌱

ps. Incase you missed it, there's a new blog post up with my Friday faves, link in profile!

Jamaica Wine House, known locally as "the Jampot", is located in St Michael's Alley, Cornhill, in the heart of London's financial district. It was the first coffee house in London. It is set within a labyrinth of medieval courts and alleys in the City of London.
Jamaica Wine House has historic links with the sugar trade and slave plantations of the West Indies and Turkey. There is a plaque on the wall which reads 'Here stood the first London Coffee house at the sign of the Pasqual Rosee's Head 1652.' It was operated by Pasqua Rosee, a servant or possibly valet to the businessman Daniel Edwards, who was an importer of goods from Turkey that included coffee. There are two stories as to how the coffee house came to be established. One is that Rosee had a falling out with Edwards and left his employ to set up the business. Another – and probably the more likely – is that visitors to Edwards’ home to try this new and exotic drink became too many and too frequent, so Edwards helped Rosee set up as a public vendor.

We went for a drink in the dark panelled Todds Wine Bar, under Jamaica Wine House. Amazing! ✍🏻#archdigest #architecture #londongallery#ilovelondon #iglondon #londoner #londonvisionaries #streetframes #streetmobs #liveforthestory #humlondon #insta_london_official #createcommune #urbanandstreet #urbanrising #streetmagic #streetmagazine #streetmagic #streetdreamsmag #thestreetphotographyhub #itssolondon #visitlondon #found_london #metroldn #london4all #coffee #londoncoffee

Today's sale was begging for a visit. Where else can you find gold-dripping luxury AND spaghetti western sentiment? Trust us, you're going to love it! Come channel your inner cowboy! We're open again tomorrow from 9AM to 3PM. Details in the profile link.

Cause I like the view...

📸🔥It’s not hard making a $39,000,000 condo look good.
📩: @chadcarroll 📩: @the_carroll_group

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