Whatever good things we build end up building us " JIM ROHN 🌸

We love the gold frame and floral arch to welcome guests 🌸🌸🌸 What is your favourite welcome sign? With so many to choose from, DM or email us for the best suggestions to suit your personal preferences! #events #wedding #welcome #frames #floral #flowers #arch

I think of a monument as being symbolic and for the people and therefore rhetorical, not honest, not personal. #photography#naturallight#day#arch#window#clouds#beautyoffort#fort#india#battleroyale#Mehrangarhfort#rajasthan#jodhpurdiaries#jodhpur

Mallorca greetings, via @evelyndragan

ArchitecturePhotoSeries: Rome, Italy | September 19, 2018 #EternalPedestrian "Architectural Paradise” Yesterday for the first time ever I set foot in the dirt, gravel and cobblestone streets of Rome. Largely considered, the central apex, zenith & direct influence and policy contributor of the world as we know it to be today. While flustered and trying to grasp a sense of myself relative to the building scale, I quickly came to terms with how and why this great city is at the center of all European tourism and why it is the magnate and hierarchy of all things “cosmopolitan”. While it’s called the eternal city, it should be referred to as eternal & holy ground for the everyday pedestrian. Nothing and I mean nothing can quite compare to the images that you see in passing while walking on foot. Even the chopped or ruined pieces of ionic columns broken away at its edges represents themselves and the space surrounding it with grace, demanding respect. The architecture is not of , but larger than its inhabitants and users. It’s bigger than the people. And frankly more important. For the first time in life I can say that I have been in the grounds of a place that reveres abundant and large scale psychologically “BIG” buildings over man. Only clinging to one part of the southwestern portion of the city I walked and walked until I got to the first main plaza, piazza Navona, seeking for the intricacies and the differences of the architecture from the paganism Rome to Catholicism Rome, to the Rome of the renaissance, and while there is a delineation between the many different architectural periods the parallel is that it all comes together. The gate keepers of building was largely revered to popes, emperors, etc. and it’s by their constant need to try and out do past popes and past emperors who built monuments in their honor or in Rome’s, that the cities great eternal architectural paradise was made. 1000 years of unparalleled architecture, out scaling the former and outdoing the past. There is no unpleasant place. There is no wasted street. Every walkable meter of space is a design of some thorough and delicate detail. The “glory of Rome” is the glory of its architecture.

The Colosseum!

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