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افراسیاب - لشکر * مارال - سیلمی دره شوری - سوارکار: حبیب مریخ

Love these two soooo much 👆❤
Haha omg ich glaube das sind heute die geilsten Bilder, die @gregorlischka und ich jemals gemacht haben 😱😍
Wir hatten eigentlich "nur" Bilder mit mir und Omirah vor, da mein Outfit von @eng_equestrian genau zu diesem Halfter passte 😅 doch Omirah war soo motiviert, wie ich mit ihr gelaufen bin, dass ich auch mal an die Kamera gegangen bin um sie im "Freilauf" mit @gregorlischka zu fotografieren, denn er kann schneller laufen als ich 😂👊 Dann hatten wir noch den Leckerliekübel mit, mit dem ich während des Fotografierens raschelte und Omirah war nicht mehr zu bremsen 😲😍 sie lief wie "typisch Araber" herum...es war sooo sooo sooo schön die beiden zu fotografieren 😍😍❤❤ und endlich war Omirah mal munter 😂 sonst schlief sie bei den Shootings eh meistens 😴 also wenn mal wer meine Pferde irgendwo vorstellen soll, dann Gregor - er hat's drauf 😉😂💪
Oh gott ich bin so stolz 😲😍❤ seht euch Omirah an 😱 ich habe noch NIE ein schöneres Pferd gesehen 😶😍 und nen schöneren besseren Freund gibt's sowieso nicht @gregorlischka 😘😘😘✋
Freut euch schonmal auf die viiiielen anderen Bilder 😏👏
Die Fragen vom letzten und vorletzten Post beantworte ich morgen 😊💓
⏩Meinungen?? 😌😇
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TA Arapaho (Ekstern x Algira) Photo by Morgan Moore

Beauty 😂😂👍🏻
Almost unbelievable that I was hacking out with Mansour today and yesterday! 🙊 Yesterday we went out with my mom and her horse for a chilled ride with some grazing breaks and today I went with a woman and her (biiiiig) horse from my village 🤓 Mansour was so great. He has a lot of energy but both times we went really slow because I want to train him a bit before racing through the forest again 😅
He was happy to not be alone outside and he loves the super large horse we ride with sometimes! I don't know but he loves big horses 🤔 (he loves all horses anyway😂) after our ride I let him graze a bit beside our pasture and took this beautiful photo 👍🏻😂
Did something with Yahir too afterwards but I'll maybe tell you in a special post 🙈

We passed the 81*km competition in Denmark today! 🦄🇩🇰🏇💨🏁 After a rather rocky start (which led to me getting off and running about 13 km next to Ida) we had a beautiful endurance ride.🙏🇸🇪 The last two loops were calm and magical and I loved all the beautiful paths through the storybook style woods. 🏇💨🌿🐿 Thank you to @hagman.maria and her wonderful family for trusting me to ride your adorable horse Ida. 💛 Sponsored by 🔸@exclusivehorsewear🔸 and 🔹@pulsochtraning_kungsangen🔹

بهار فصل کشش هاست.
برنامه شما برای کشش مادیان هاتون چیه ؟
.(پیج بزرگ اسب های برتر)
@top__horses 💞🌷💞
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برای خرید و فروش اسب به صفحه بازار اسب ایران مراجعه کنید . @horsebaazar


Shaye and I had a very testing yet rewarding day today. There was a show going on at Tielcey park where shaye lives so I took the opportunity to take him down to a very busy show situation, he was a bit nervous on the first loop of the property, and there was a lot of jig jogging.
The second loop on the other hand was terrible, shaye reared and kicked out a few times (he wanted to canter through everyone but I was holding him back so he went up instead) it was entirely my fault so I took it upon myself to fix the situation. I jumped off and we worked on circles and keeping his focus on me, I found this really stressful as there were a lot of people around but I just chose to block them out just as I wanted shaye to do. Once shaye calmed down enough, I got back on and rode the loop again.
On the third loop I stopped at the barn and gave shaye his feed - this helped so much! He realised that it wasn't a stressful situation and that it was just like any other day, just with lots of people. We then completed two more loops of the property much more relaxed!
We did a bit of work up near his paddock where it was quieter and he offered such balanced movement with lots of long and low, it was as if he was finally showing me good work after knowing he went over the top. He made a real effort to use himself in a calm effective way. I was bareback and could really feel him engaging his back muscles. We have been working on trotting through water, he normally hates it, but in this video you can see him go though a small puddle, his head raises and he looses rhythm as we go through it but he maintains the trot! So proud of him. We also managed a halt/few steps to canter! I'm honestly quite proud of how we both deal with today ☺ #shaye #jasaladdinsfyre #arab #arabian #arabianhorse #tielceypark #palmerstonnorth #showday #bitless #bareback

Sneaking up on our local deers 🦌with my favourite ears, belonging to arabhorse Sawoy, always up for adventures. We are waiting for Spring now, but temperatures are still low, soon our forest will be all green 🌿🍃 | March 2017 • Gothenburg, SWEDEN | #theworldbyhorseback #lifebetweentheears #arabianhorse #curioushorse #horsesarelife #horsesafari #inthesaddle #hacking #spring #horselove #equestrianlife

"To continuesly be in progress" 🤔Now the big release of this year is approaching, May 1st is the date! Each year we release something new in the company, it could be a product or a service, it could be a competition. The important thing is, to develop all the time. Why? Well, business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships, it's all about figuring out how the interactions of those forces combine together is going to create opportunities for growth. You have to, otherwise you'll soon be gone 💪🏼 On a personal level: if we don't give people (ourselves) accurate feedback based on real behavior they are not growing and we are not respecting them. The job of a leader (your job! If you have control of your own life) is therefore not to put them (you) in positions to fail, but to put them (you) in challenging positions where they (you) must work hard to succeed and still see how they (you) could have been even better. And that goes for everything in life if you think about it! People who never go outside their own comfortzone, will never develop 🌍 And they'll probably end up bitter and lonely. Therefore it's also extremely important to surround yourself with people who don't "just agree", or as we say "the yes-sayers". If you are a part of a "mutual admiration society-club", you have put yourself in a position where few things are likely to change. So our release this year, is something that will challenge all these things! 32 days to go. Photo: Malin Jones #horse #arabianhorse #arabian #arabisktfullblod #cat #development #releaseonitsway


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