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New gunroom's @gallowtech cabinet. 🔥🇺🇸 #furniture #armoire #thiscountsright

A 360 view of the G19. She's a bit dirty from last night range session.

Love this all blue F1 BDR-15 3G build. -
📸: @TripleBravo

Salient Arms International Benelli M4 with "S& #34;Port shotgun barrel porting 📸@truexodus

⚫️Custom Kimber⚪️
Credits- @backwoodscustomknives

Here's a gun that I didn't think much of, UNTIL I started my research. Now, I want one! It's the Swiss K31! This weapon was designed by Eidgenössische Waffenfabrik in 1931 and was used by the Swiss military from 1933-1958. When issued, it replaced the M1911 Rifle and Carbine (no relation to the pistol), before being replaced in 1958 by the STGW 57. While this is very similar to a lot of other bolt action rifles of this time, the K31 has a very unique bolt. Instead of the traditional style lift and pull bolt, this weapon's bolt is pulled straight backwards! I feel like that would be a very interesting way to operate a weapon, almost like a pump action rifle where the pump is above the trigger. In addition to the unique bolt, the K31 also features an interesting clip that hugs both ends of the cartridge. This system made the bullets feed more consistently into the firearm. While this gun did not see any battle, as Switzerland remained neutral in WW2, the K31 was issued to Swiss Soldiers as well as the Pontifical Swiss Guard at Vatican City! It fires the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge to an effective range of 547 yards, but has a maximum range of a massive 6,015 yards! The K31 did not have too many issues, but the stocks would occasionally wear down due to the Swiss tendency to stack these weapons in sets of 3 in the snow. This is not exactly good for a wooden stock. In Switzerland, the K31 is actually encouraged to be used by civilians as a target rifle! It is not uncommon for competitive shooters to land 1 MOA groups with stock K31s with the iron sights. If you're like me and want one, they're available at a few online retailers and can be found at military surplus shops. The price is around $400-600, with some going up to $1000. As I previously stated, I didn't think much of the K31 until I learned about the straight pull bolt, then I was a firm believer in this firearms value! As always, thank you for reading, double tap and follow for more every day, and I hope you've enjoyed!


Matching hardware. I like it. Ghost skulls on the 27 and the Anderson.

#hardware #ghostskull27 #ghostskull #glock #ar15 #custom #cool #pewpew #ammosexual #carrydaily

Awe yeah! Almost done. Just need a butstock assembly and a rear sight aperture. So close. #ar15 #survival

Long time ago I've read this: "He asked: Would you die for the ones you love? She answered: No, but I would kill for them." #SoTrue Practicing for the zombie apocalypse 😋 #GoWithUltra #AR15 #practice #pewpew #outdooractivities #funwithfriends #gettingready #zombies #apocalypse #zombieapocalypse #protect #dontmesswithmylovedones #Idaho #family #friends #lovedones

This micro rig is headed to its new home with @froglube #guns #concealedcarry #texas

In today's world we expect so much to just happen. Want someone to become your customer become their customer first. If your ever in the area stop by and check out Orlando Gun Club clean facility and friendly staff :) ##vortexoptics #vortex #andro #androcorp #orlandogunclub #indoorrange #ar15 #aci15 #alpha #gunsofig

300 Blacked Out, 1 of the 4 guns in the Chris Kyle "The Legend" Collection by @cobaltkinetics & @allegiant_rifleworks benefiting the @ckffdn ! All four guns available individually or as a 4 gun collection. Get yours now at www.thelegendtribute.com ! @tankmachine @completecustomsllc @westtxn @marksciro @trav__miller @donaldjtrumpjr @chriskylefrog @tayakyle @neal @mr._complete_customs @completecustomswesttexas #ar15 #thelegend #chriskyle #tribute #rifle #longgun #cobaltkinetics #limitededition #nra #maga

Couple of things you don't see everyday. @dmknives Infiltrator and @knightarmco Magpul Dynamics rifle. Yes I painted a limited edition KAC. #functionoverform #igmilitia #ar15 #sr15 #mosierknives #theonethatgotaway

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