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Прочитала я тут на днях, что оказывается на Руси было принято, чтобы жена спала справа от мужа, под его правой рукой, так ей было сложнее сбежать от него к любовнику под покровом ночи.
Ну это вопрос по-моему спорный, вот Винс, с какой стороны не ляжешь, все равно и не подумает просыпаться по таким пустякам. У него встроенный датчик уровня тревожности и на вялый/капризный плач и уж тем более беготню жены он не реагирует, подскочит только в случае одной, но высокой ноты Рафаэль.
Так что нам эти расстановки по кровати вроде как неактуальны. Хотя вот психологи говорят, что они еще и демонстрируют диспозицию в семье - кто подчиняет, а кто подчиняется.
То есть если ̶ж̶е̶н̶а̶ муж, ̶п̶р̶и̶л̶и̶ч̶н̶о̶ слегка выпив, ̶у̶п̶а̶д̶е̶т̶ ̶з̶а̶м̶е̶р̶т̶в̶о̶ приляжет не на свою половину, то будет нам Щщщастье на следущий день - командный пост вакантен. В общем, очередная важнейшая тема к размышлению. Вы с какой стороны спите? Ну и угадайте что ль чья это половина?
Хотя, конечно, вопрос идиотский, потому как очевидно же, что это половина Мурки)))
I was reading some day ago that in old times in Russia wife was sleeping on the right side of her husband under his right arm so that she could not escape in the middle of the night to meet her lover. I have questions about this statement, as Vince , wherever you sleep, is not awakening for such a small things. His has an internal sensor with such level that small cries do not wake him up, so what to tell about wife running out of the bed; only high level notes of Raphaëlle's cries can wake him up, therefore such theory about place in the bed are not actual for us. Despite of the fact that psychologists say that this is demonstrating the state of power in the family. Meaning that if ̶w̶i̶f̶e̶ husband ̶s̶t̶r̶o̶n̶g̶l̶y̶ lightly drunk ̶f̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶d̶e̶a̶d̶ lies not on his side, it will be happiness on the next day. To make it short, another important subject for discussion. On which side do you sleep? Any rule is in place?
Anyway stupid question, as, as you can see, this is always the cat's side))

Morning story about English oak🍂
Эта утренняя история про любимый кашемировый свитер, про горячий чай и про осеннее настроение. А история ароматов Jo Malone про визуал и про те ассоциации, которые рождают одеколоны в минималистичных флаконах🍁
Новые ароматы English oak&red currant и English oak&Hazelnut смогли телепортировать меня в осенний Лондон📍
А в корнере мне напомнили, что одеколоны можно и нужно смешивать: так смородина идеально выступает в паре с Blackberry&Bay, а лесной орех- с Woodsage&Sea salt. Пользуйтесь и наслаждайтесь осенью🍁
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Ladies who brunch......🖤

We painted some flowers, & Norah’s flowers are possibly my favourite flowers I’ve ever seen 🤗🌸✨ @wearereeves #wearereeves #ad

Einen guten Start in die neue Woche für euch alle!

Xin chào, mình là Tiểu Nhím Tử🖖🏻🖖🏻🖖🏻
Nhìn vậy thôi chứ mình ko có bullshit như bạn bae trêu chọc mỗi ngày🙄🙄🙄, cũng ko có họ hàng gì với Tề Thiên Đại Thánh hết😝
📸@fuongsfood mãi ko chệu lớn😍
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Ginger as big as my hand, I think I may preserve this in some syrup, I love stem ginger in syrup and candied ginger too. it makes me think of Christmas. I think there may be some stem ginger cookies in my future #flatlay #f52grams #feedfeed #foodphotography #foodblogfeed #foodandwine #foodstyling #livefolk #lifeandthyme #aquietstyle #chasinglight #bakefeed #bonappetit #beautifulcuisines #hautecuisines #huffposttaste #ginger

Moment of silence for all those minuets wasted 'attempting to prove to we're human' via Captcha 🙄 personally prefer to shit a frisbee...... I feel like it would take less time. ..
Freakin falling on my fun balls (I totally get that's not an actual female body part) just trying to explain my excitement for this sexy mother father of a perfectly styled image by the lovely @coco.camellia_ (note to self; change name to coco) I'm lovin' it. ..
She just nails this #bedroomdecor style using our Catching Light wall art print. 😍 love your talented balls Cam. 🙌🏻 @yorkelee_prints
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You = unstoppable.
Believe in yourself.

Believe in your dreams.

Believe and trust that you have the power to create your amazing life vision.

Just keep going.

Keep moving forward.

One step at a time.

One moment at a time.

And know that whatever you do, if you do it with love, heart and soul; if you do it in the you-est way you possibly can; you cannot fail.

I believe in you. 💕 *

Photo via @alishylishy * lettering by @amytangerine

Some fall decor for my home and olive oil straight from Spain-courtesy of two study abroad students in America! Best birthday gifts ever. I'll get back to posting beautiful food very soon. Happy Tuesday, friends! ❤️

Fill it up

🍁🍂“Quattro piedi puntati a terra, la testa piena di foglie e il mondo visto attraverso il cuore.” 🍂 ("Mangia Prega Ama"- Elizabeth Gilbert)

6:00 PM

Where I found a small wooden green and gold étagère in need of TLC.

Have you got your hospital bag packed? If so what's in it!? Just because a product is on the shelf doesn't make it safe! If you are confused or concerned about anything give me a shout and I'll tell you the truth based on scientific research. 👜

Despite the weather, autumn still has its oh so great perks.

Chuck a long table in an orchard, slap a long lunch together, and I'll come a-runnin. @hilltopsregion, I'll be back the second those cherries start appearing. #🍒 #hilltopsregion


Just taking in the view

I do always find it pretty amazing how many beautiful things there are in my garden 🌱

Sping vibes happening over here. All time favorite linen dress and leather sandals. Use code HANLIE20 when checking out @palmairasandals to get 20% discount on your pair. Valid till midnight (GMT) 3rd of Oct.

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