Fruitful 🍊

This lady finds so much joy in the little things.

fell in love with some goats this weekend

I found this book on a sweet summers day, discovering for the first time the small indie bookshop #unnameablebooks . Crammed between book-spines and a babe, happily crawling the poetry stacks to find a #LostNeruda . This never before seen collection by my favorite #coppercanyonpress . I credit them for introducing me to a handful of the best poets I’ve ever heard, and also, with this review edition. May 8th the paperback edition will be available and well, until then I’ll be reliving this #tbt. 😊 can’t wait.

A simple little cup of my favourite tea, Red Rose, with cream and honey. My grandma used to drink this tea. Whenever I bring it to my lips and inhale it’s fragrance, I’m reminded of her and how she found joy in the simple pleasures of life...like a cup of tea.

Be stronger than your strongest excuse.
( practice to add more speed in here = super capekkkk, abis napas, ampir ongkekkkk )
One does not simply to be fast😊 speed equals more power. When you focus on speed, power is soon to follow. Great speed equals great power, but technique is more important. Now, i understand why speed is important. By focusing on better speed, i’m able to maximize the energy. You know what? Some of the fastest boxers in history are also the hardest punchers.. speed can improve your knockout potential. Same with your life skill right? The more you adding speed in your gift and talent, the more powerful you are.
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Happy flipping weekend everyone. We made it! I don’t know about you, but I could do with some solid introvert recharging time. For me that often means editing photos, maybe ones of plants... so expect a few more of these coming your way.... What do you do to recharge?
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I saw you
in my dreams
last night
and I swear
we were


Hey guys! I finally was able to upload my Iceland travel photos onto my website. Check them out when ya can! ❤️ esmeraldamireles.com 🌻🌼🌻🌼🌞🌻

really into mamma these days & eating our boogers apparently ..

My interests are diverse and wonderful.

you just gotta forget about it.

Do you howl at all phases of the moon?🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 Pick up one of our Moon Phase Match Bottles from @skeemdesign in the shop, online (soon!) or DM me to purchase!🌚

What if you could lose the weight and never gain it back?
But seriously... Have you ever felt like you’re losing and gaining the same weight over and over? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (me)
Or have you ever struggled with emotional eating when you’re stressed or bored or depressed or celebrating an event? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (me again)
So here’s the thing... this is Becka ☝🏻 and she’s a friend of mine. She’s been following a brand new program that’s unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever done before, and I feel like it could not only help ME, but I’m thinking that maybe it could help someone else out there that struggles with the same struggles as me.
2B gave Becka the tools to change from the inside out... and guess what... her results were over birthdays, holidays, a road trip AND a week at an all inclusive resort 🌴😳 like.... What?! Hows that even possible?!
If you wanna do this new program with me, or just want more info... my team put together a really awesome info-group on FB (led my friend in the picture 📸). Follow the link in my bio, and mention ME as the one who invited you in 😘

Roaming around Angeles Crest
Photo: @kaylammendez
Makeup/hair: @eslee
Stylist: @alexisatarian

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