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Sehabis dikuber sama dibuang kotorannya alias diresiki...dadi cliiiiiinnkk ...resiik tho

Gengster aquascape 😁😁😄 #aquascapers

Rumput tetangga lebih hijau dari pads rumput sendiri,hhaha
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Mayan dah buat leliatan...#aquascapers #aquascapeindo #aquariumairterjun


This is my story about "The Artist".
It actually goes back as far as the beginning of 21st century.
My guess is somewhere in 2003 i was working for a aquarium leasing company that got this mission to install an aquarium in a small, new restaurant. Me and a working pal got the mission and installed this, a bit different tank.

12 years later i ended up moving to an apartment on the same street as the restaurant.
The tank was at this time pretty messed up, the tec´s was bad and during time there had been a lot of different people taking care of the tank leaving a lot of scratches in the glass.

Robert, the owner and i made a deal that I could make this tank kick ass!, no, maybe not kick ass, but at least a kick in the right direction.

I changed the tec´s, updated the lights, pumps, and changed the filter media to ceramics etc.
The challenge in the scape was to make something beautiful and still keep the low maintenance.
And the measures is not the easiest ones to work with.
This see through long and hight tank, with only a depth of 20 cm is a really difficult to work with.
I needed to work on the height in the hardscape. The chosen Talawa wood was perfect to keep the scape high, but to still have the possibility to see the other side of the restaurant and to have a two sided scape.
Together with just some small easy plants I created this nature looking habitat that turned out to work really well. Maintenance was keept to one hour a week. Just 50% water change and some ferts, thats all.
Just like a painting!

Float glass with black silicone, special built in wall
200x80x20 cm
320 litres
Råda sand, nature rock and Talawa wood
Econlux LED bar. 2x Newatt 1500L/h powerhead, internal filter
Fertilizers & CO2:
Tropica specialised ferts
Pterophyllum scalare, Trigonostigma heteromorpha, Danio choprae, Otocinklus affinis and Caridina multidentata.
Plants: Bolbitis heudelotii, Anubias nana petite, Anubias coffeifolia mini

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⚫ Platinum Manfish 🐠 .
Kamu gk sendiri kok.... .
. __________________________________________
@geonusantara @geojatim

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Keterangan : Thalita, ponorogo, Jawatimur
Canon 70-200 mm || f/4 || ss 1/60 || iso 560

#aquascapeanubias #aquascapeindonesia

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