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These r frking amazing! ID plz! 😍
Credit: unknown

Time for a big trim ✂️ Not sure if you can tell but I have my custom glass lid in this pic

A quick update of the #120x50x40 scape with the lupyled: please ignore the moss pads in the foreground and the bunch of stem plants in the left rear corner. I’m currently holding a few things in here for a moment. However, next week I will make some final adjustments to this layout, add plants here and there and move some rocks with buce on the ground, all for the final shot. This tank is a slowgrower that slowly comes to its final stage and I can’t wait to do something new in this setup... now is your turn, if you see anything you would change on the hardscape or plants position, add not remove things, write all those things in the comments down below and maybe your idea will lead to a better final result!

When puffers puff . . .

Preparation is EVERYTHING 🙌 #stayorganized#plumbing#elaboratework


Love theses guys 😍 wish we had more! Can’t wait for them to have babies 🤰🏻❤️🦐

🐸 Dendrobates tinctorius 🐸

Okopipi est un amphibien d'Amérique du Sud. 🌎
🔎 Il mesure au maximum 5 cm! 📏
Ces minuscules batraciens aux couleurs éclatantes secrètent un poison extrêmement toxique. 😯

Certains chasseurs des tribus d'Amazonie utilisent cette substance très puissante pour enduire leurs flèches. Ils collectent le précieux venin goutte à goutte en maintenant la grenouille au dessus d'un feu.

Cette toxine proviendrait de certains insectes ingérés par les batraciens! 🐛
☣ Ne le touchez pas, mais venez l'admirer à #aquatis 👀

#aquatis #aquatislausanne #aquariums #vivariums #terrariums #amphibien #batracien #grenouille #dendrobates #nature #mini #tiny #bluefrog #toxic #découverte #donottouch #lausanne #mylausanne #switzerland

Its mesmerizing #throwback #aquariums #Monaco

Less is more 🤫
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Here's Bilbo's tank! It's been a while since I posted it, plus it's changed since the last time 😅


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