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Yogi Amandeep // LIVESTREAM and replay on @rama.tv // March 11 + 12, 2017 2:00-4:00pm PST // Detoxing Mind, Body, and Consciousness + Tantra Prana Sadhana Full Moon Workshops // Register in Bio @yogiamandeep #aquarianage #meditation #kundalini #fullmoon #prana

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Latest art from @thetimeisnowboutique 🥀 High Vibe Tee's designed by yours truly coming soon ✨

Happy Birthday 2 Me
#cheesecake #aquarianage

Dancing and Playing on set today with @princess4ta and some other glorious women. Worshiping the #goddesswarrior in myself and the empowered women around me. #womensempowerment is grace, acceptance and appreciation for all the women that have come before, stand with and will continually usher us into the #aquarianage.

"Mile after mile
Stone after stone
Turn to speak but you're alone
Million mile from home you're on your own

So let me in from the cold
Turn my lead into gold
Cause there's chill wind blowing in my soul
And I think I'm growing old

Fire bright by candlelight
And her by my side
And if she prefers we will never stir again

Someone said the promised land
And I grabbed it with both hands
Now I'm the man on the inside looking out

Hear me shout "Come on in,
What's the news and where you been?"
Cause there's no wind left in my soul
And I've grown old" #pinkfloyd #aquarianage


Remembering the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh, "No mud, no lotus." 🌸
We strengthen our capacity by going through the trials of life. Feeling that pressure and remembering to be kind to myself and stay consistent with my practice. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Teaching a class tonight around stoking that inner fire and burn off the nonessential mind bullsh*t. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
#kundaliniyoga. #gong. #meditation at #globalbreathstudio in #durham, tonight 6-7:30 pm. #kundalini #mindfulness #yoga #compassion #strength #kundalinirising #innerfire #clarity #aquarianage #satnam

A modern goddess knows her connection to the earth 🥀🌎

Follow this beautiful souls wonderful page!! Lots of love to you @jacqui_holland_ #Repost @jacqui_holland_ with @repostapp
It's not just about the 5 senses anymore it's about being multi-sensory 🦄⭐️🔮. #multisensory #cosmicflow #thirdeye #chakras #aquarianage #magic #gettingintouch

Whenever I wear this particular Mala, I feel as though I have intergalactic encounters. I meet out of this world people and my mind expands. When I wear it while I meditate and traverse time and space. The labradorite serves as a oar to row through the energy fields surrounding us and the onyx keeps us grounded and protected while in this vulnerable but so open space. [I am my own guide mala- one left in the shop] #decorateyourspirit

.: ʙᴀʟᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴛʀɪᴀɴɢʟᴇ :.

As a yogic scientist, the power of the chakra system has always fascinated me. When we look at the lower 3 chakras < ʀᴏᴏᴛ • sᴀᴄʀᴀʟ • sᴏʟᴀʀ ᴘʟᴇxᴜs > we can see that these chakras represent our physical body and are formed during our developmental years. If these are blocked, there's no way for us to live from our heart. ♥️

If you experience irrational fear, shame, insecurity, you can best bet your lower triangle is yearning for some TLC.

Shamanic Dream is a smokeless smudge spray that can help you get grounded, get divinely creative, and feel empowered anytime throughout your day. Nurture your soul with just a few sprays as you go forth and navigate through this time and space. Allow yourself to break free from the shackles and live the life you are destined to live.
Purchase your bottles today by clicking the link in the bio.

Говорят , что определить своё призвание очень просто : если ты не можешь жить и не делать чего - то. Я , например , не могу жить и не практиковать йогу. Наверное, это мое призвание )) 🕉📿. Итак, расписание на ближайшие три недели :
Пн., ср., пт.- 9.00
Вт., чт.- 20.00
Сб. - 12.30
Место - клуб Эра водолея , Москва .
Жду всех на практики . Намасте ! #yoga #vinyasaflow #aquarianage #moscow #йога #москва #эраводолея

"When you come upon a difficult task ... start."
~ Yogi Bhajan If I have learned something very profound in the past five years of tremendous "unpealing", it is that even if u think u cannot go further- u actually can and change is important to make space for new things to come. New things which are more inline with who u are - your souls purpose. Sometimes we don't know where to start....but just trust that u give your best and things will fall into line the way they are supposed to...to challenge yourself is the biggest gift of growth one can get! #change #onmyway #spring #balticsea #love #warrior #start #newbeginnings #trust #kundalinirising #aquarianage #aquarianteacher #grateful

The Mantra for the Aquarian Age, declares that we are timeless, deathless beings and promotes victory in all aspects of our life.

Sat Siri, Siri Akaal = Great Truth, Great Undying 
Siri Akaal, Mahaa Akaal = Great Undying, Great Deathless 
Mahaa Akaal, Sat Naam = Great Deathless, Truth is God’s Name 
Akaal Moorat, Wahe Guru = Deathless Image of God

This is one of 7 Aquarian #Sadhana #Mantras as taught by #YogiBhajan to sustain us during the challenging #AquarianAge.

Sat Nam

#kundalini #yogaTO #yogaToronto #consciousness #connect #expand #breathe #balance #healing #wisdom #rejuvenation #yogilife

“There is a way through every block.” (Yogi Bhajan)

We are utilizing the tools to keep up with the times when life changes happen fast. Whatever seems to be blocking your path can be shifted simply by empowering yourself to go beyond the mind, enlightening your spirit and honoring your body’s strength. Join us as we continue our Kundalini Yoga and a New Moon Meditation practice this Friday, 9-10:30am. Sat Nam.
#kundaliniyoga #kundaliniph
#aquarianage #kundaliniteacher
#vibratehigher #karamkriya #yoga
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#strength #movelearngrow
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Change the world

Sutras of the Aquarian Age - Yogi Bhajan

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.
Awakening [uh-wey-kuh-ning]
1. the act of awaking from sleep.
2. a revival of interest or attention.
3. a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something.
4. a renewal of interest in religion, especially in a community; a revival.
Awakening doesn't have to be esoteric, and it certainly doesn't even have to be considered 'spiritual' - awakening can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and simply put it means a broader understanding that there must be more to this life;
it's a questioning period of everything up until this moment and a desire and often willingness to change.
It can be as subtle as a breeze, or as fierce as a waterfall, we all have different experiences.
What many people experience is a short-circuit in their body which manifests as a physical and mental 'breakdown'.
Awakening in the Aquarian Age is a workshop for tuning up the nervous system so we can handle the shift and withstand the pressure of the times.
Join us this Saturday at @yogasantosha from 1-3 to experience how.

“There is a way through every block.” (Yogi Bhajan)
We are utilizing the tools to keep up with the times when life changes happen fast. Whatever seems to be blocking your path can be shifted simply by empowering yourself to go beyond the mind, enlightening your spirit and honoring your body’s strength.
Join us @soulovecenter as we continue our Kundalini Yoga and New Moon Meditation practice this Friday, 9-10:30am. Sat Nam. 🙏🏻✨

One who can see divine in all things and all beings transcends the walls of separation and opens the portal of infinite potential within the mystery of creation. Life brings unlimited possibilities for the one who can see the magic of Divine intelligence. You are this divine intelligence. It runs trough every cell of your being. Until you recognise it you live in maya (illusion). The first illusion is that God is external to you. Limiting beliefs of religion invite you to pray for and devote to an external God. You become powerless and trapped in false spirituality that perpetuates disconnection. Disconnection from Self, others and nature creates the chaos our world experiences today. An epidemics of mental health, wars in the name of control, manipulation and power. When you come out of maya you awake to Divine Grace. To awake to divine grace is to awake to your own divinity. Your totality. Your potential. God is in you. God is in all. You are in all. Recognise the other is you 🙏 👳

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"Our problems are not with the data, itself, but arise from our interpretation of the data." Dr. Bruce Lipton

Once you have been given the gift of crystallized light its conscious game to keep what once was a blind habit for the avaricious satisfaction of your Ego. The Ego wants to be confronted, like a 4 year old throwing a tantrum, it wants to seen, heard, affirmed of it's own existence like A.I. that has gone out of control. Just like outdated programs and even hardware -bad habits, thoughts can be changed at every opportunity once recognized. Even when you feel yourself go toe to toe with your own Ego, feel the Love for it and wave it goodbye -all Ego wants is affirmation.

Artwork by: Candroid007
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