Пляж Ao Yon на мысе Панва. Это тихое место в южной части острова Пхукет. Его особенность состоит в том, что волн здесь не бывает в любое время года, не зависимо от сезонов😉👍 главное приезжать во время прилива😁

A picture of Pancharevo Lake yesterday ☁🌊☁💙 And a few more following, as IG rejects them as one post

Palm trees to the right of me... I need to keep it positive and not go off on the piece of sh|t that stole my stuff while I was in the water.
It was a quick one this morning to say the least. .

Keeping it tight

And I was excited to see clouds in the sky when I woke up.

I had a tourist on the beach follow me around for a couple of hours. Kind of strange to see one person in a lot of shots just standing there.

Пальма с тапками👞👟👠👡👢
Доброе утро!😉
Good morning!😃

Good morning on the water with my boy, scoring his first shibi before the weather turned choppy. #paddlemilesforsmiles🚣 #aquahunter

My favorite waterfall at Yellowstone National Park..no matter how many times I go I will always visit this spot💙 Taken at Tower Falls

Backlit Backlit

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