—09.11 #greys9x11 😂

Qotd: Alex or Mark?
Aotd: Alex

i got today off from school to study for tomorrow's test and there's so much material 🤢
q: the greys or the shepherds?
a: the greys


❝ callie torres x her quote ❞
— ❀ —
yeah sure you do callie 😂 i thought it was so funny how she tried to deny to addison that she’s into girls.
i actually had an ok day which is rare to me!! i hope y’all had too!
q| calzona or o’callie? ( idk if that’s the real ship name to that tho )
a| calzona!!!

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[MerderxDelena parallels]
A big ass scrap that I never finished so I’m sorry this is so plain and simple. Anywaysss, these are 2 of the most iconic ships that have ever graced our screens don’t fight me on this.
Ac- @_diaphaneity
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Be my baby💖
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Happy late birthday to april kepner! The most incredible character to ever exist on TV. She's the most inspiring character I know, she's the kindest, strongest, sweetest and literally just the best💖 I love her so much she means the world to me💖

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