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This will def be an unforgettable birthday! Last night was LIT!! Happy birthday to me! S/O to babe for making it perfff♥️ #april11 #allgoodvibes #kodmonday #23 #allsmilesandlaughs

soooo I got to give my bff some crocs for her special day💕 & ang asked me to prom:))) #april11

Tru frens are the ones who never leave ur heart, even if they leave ur life for a while. Even afta yrs apart, u pick up wit them rite wer u lef off, n even if they die they're never dead in ur heart. Ur memory lives on in my heart. @peakstatefilms #April11

Sometimes things are better left blurry, cause baby........I'm blessed #april11 #28goingon21

Blessed for another year. #Aries #JordanYear #April11

Spending what would have been my Mom's 71st Birthday at one of her favorites places in California....Malibu. #April11 #RIPMom


I'm the first girl that Garrett has had to have the privilege to watch the video of when he was born ♡ (My in-laws are the best!)
#MyHusbandsBirth #BabyGarrett #April11 #1991 #ThreeDaysOld #ImSoInLove #Native #NativePride #AmericanIndian #Hatch #Family #OneLove #MyHusbandHasBeenCuteSinceBirth #Blessed 👶❤

Song from Regine Velasquez " Babalikang Muli" #april11 #2k15 #firsttry #marnsingpage #marnsing #music #sing #ilovesinging

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💔August 11, 2017
Today marks 4 months since we've had you. What would you look like today? Would you be rolling over on your own or recognizing faces? What size clothes would you be in or where would you be the most ticklish? What would you sound like? How heavy would you feel because you were only 5lbs. 10oz. the day you were born. The sadness is heavy - I don't want to know the weight of hurt I want to know the weight of my son. 💔
I feel shattered on the inside. Mostly because the world doesn't know how to deal with death. One of the hardest parts for me is walking and talking like everything is normal - it's not normal. Most of the time people don't know what to say so they don't say anything at all, and that hurts too. It's not like they can say anything that reminds me of you because I'm already always thinking of you. 💔
You're so beautiful to us. You made our family whole. Every day I look at you (not only with my eyes but with my heart). I look to God and thank Him for allowing me to carry you, and feel you, and know you. He let me be your vessel and I'm honored to be your mom.
#SamuelsMom #MommyToAnAngel #InfantLoss #grieving #ThingsLoversDo #lifeafterinfantloss #lifeafterdeath #LivingInGodsGrace #April11 #38weeks

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