Appreciation post because I haven’t done one in a while and she deserves all the thanks in the world! J thanks for giving me the tools needed to be the rider I am today, a year and a half and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone else..You give it your All and I hope I do the same in return.. love you long time !! #TeamJamie #TrainerLove #AppritiationPost #LoveYou #DontSayThankYouEnough

I want you to know just because i am not as active dose not mean that i love this fandom or my page any less than i did before, pls dont forget that!
As i have told you before i am at a rehab to get my body up and running after the surgary i had 2 years ago, w allot of nerve damage i still hope to get better😌
I have lost allot of followers but to those who has sticked araund, THANKYOU❤️

#michaeljackson #peace #sunglasses #moonwalker #mjfam #appritiationpost #thankyou #king

Thanks for da 3 years with me❤you made it girls, i appreciate da memories we spend it together(gelak ketawa marah sedih)i miss it alot especially time kt asrama & lawatan🙈huhu .

When we realise that we are living in the jungle where all of us are wild animals who has got different and unique traits, yet we are all equally just as important, thats when we learn that everyone is deserving of choosing their own pathway, destiny and journey. Same as if we imagine all of us as trees, some like to live with other trees in forests, some like to be alone on the fields, others choose to live in the big city, just to prove to himself, that he can grow tall and healthy even where all the toxic chemicals lay. And same with flowers .. some love to grow with other flowers with appreciation and cheerfulness, like a beautiful and happy dance, others, like roses wants to grow together, but with their torns, as they believe that they have to protect themselves.. but by the end of the day.. we are all beautiful creations and everyone deserves love and appreciation, just remember, if yoi don't bloom and hide inside, how can anyone see your song, your souldance, your selfexpression for mutual appriciation? Just think about that.. or don't.. Im just sharing my feelings😻😁💞 Have a wonderful day, grow tall as a tree and bloom magically as a flower, you beautiful creature 💞🌹 Stephanie Gro`

Ain’t no woman alive that could take my mamas place, even though I act crazy I’m thankful how you raised me and all the extra love that you gave me 😘❤️🎧 you are appreciated #appritiationpost #mamabear🐻

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the people I love ❤️ (sorry if I didn’t post a pic of you, ily2)
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Thank you for everything and being my one and only❤ #appritiationpost

Don't have that many friends and I barley like people but glad I got her ✊🏽💯

My son's mom💯 I love you stupid face 😄
I hope you have a good day

Thank you to each and everyone of you who turned up yesterday at our X’mas Bake Sale❤️
Thank you very very much for your constant love and support ❤️
#X’masBakeSale #appritiationpost #averybigthankyou #likelikelike #followfollowfollow #thegreatescakebakery🎂

I’d love to step back into this day. Nowhere else would I find a large group of successful individuals who want to help accomplish your dreams and goals, celebrate with you, and just bring all around positivity into your life. I constantly thank them for believing in me then and even more now. 💎 #appritiationpost #toomanytotag #mentorship #positivity #family #celebration #entrepreneurs #extraordinary

#appritiationpost Loving the magic created by @paintdatface (@get_repost)
One of the most common questions I get is what contour/highlight palette I recommend. Honestly, the original Contour Palette from @contourcosmetics has been a go-to in my makeup kit. It's creamy enough to blend out flawlessly and the 6 shades in the palette are diverse enough to use on most of my clients. A must have!
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