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Wow my best friend is gorgeous... I love you Hannah, thank you for staying by my side even when you shouldn't have. #bestfriend #appritiationpost

The women that gives me headaches and tap dances on my nerves. But still pick me up when I'm down and will go outta her way for anyone. I love you momma ❤️ #AppritiationPost

#appritiationpost Rachel is the bsf I could ever ask for she sticks with me through the thick,and,thin we take risks but that's okay bcuz we are together she knows all my flaws and I know hers but except she is beautiful ilysm💓

#appritiationpost honestly couldn't be prouder, she is my inspiration in life. I love you in every posible way.

Main man Monday😝
Because you've always been then there for me, so I'll always be there for you👌💯

This little bunny is the cutest little spoiled bunny. She greets me when I wake up, gives me hugs and kisses, scratches me when she gets jealous and if you don't give her attention she'll run away with your makeup. She's my big baby. I love you Laila!! #appritiationpost

I just want to say... I love my girlfriend so much, that is it 😂❤️ (this wasn't today I was fishing all day that post will be soon) @connerbuggggg #appritiationpost

Had so much fun with my girls today! I love both of them sooo so much and Im glad we can always talk about whatever is on our minds. Karaoke was lit, the food was bomb, but what I enjoyed most of all was their company. 💗 #littletokyo #appritiationpost #iloveyouguystodeath

Was an escort last year for your brother and thats when it all began...now here we are months from our graduation...and I am proud to have you. My bestfriend by my side. I love you. @ashleybbrigden #appritiationpost #commonsummer


Hard to believe this was almost 3 years ago 😂 but i wanted to post it because its my favorite picture of us and to let you know how much i appreciate you. I know we've had some rough times but at the end of the day were always there for each other. Im so happy were back together and i really do appreciate everything you do for me, coming to see me after work, buying me food, dealing with my attitude. I couldn't see my life any other way and i just wanted to say thank you for being mine. ❤ @gosda6
#appritiationpost #boyfriend #love

Happy national gf day!! I love you so much even though we hardly talk anymore. You've been there for me through so much and you already know I'm there for you anytime of the day. I'm only one call away 😉😘😍💓💕🖤
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My precious.
A perfect birthday present, thank you so so so much @matic_acko
Just look at it, it's beautiful and it has a really nice sound to it. Love it. And I love how the pictures in the background are hanging all crooked like.
#birthdaygift #present #perfect #myprecious #beautiful #mic #microphone #sogood #thankyou #iloveit #appritiationpost

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