Finally graduated from my apprenticeship this year and was shocked to discover I was awarded the apprentice of the year in CIT 😮 couldn't have done it all without the support of everyone around me, thank you all 😃 #graduate #apprenticeship #finished #4years #college #award #done

💙Lexus has been making huge strides as an apprentice! Here, she’s fitting sewn inside arms on a wing chair, but she’s also learned almost everything there is to know about cushions, so the next step to make her own! 💙 At SGW, we feel responsible for training the next generation of upholsterers, and giving opportunities to women to learn a portable skill that can launch a career, or enable them to start their own business. We are making space for women and continuing the great tradition of beautiful craftsmanship in Virginia.

I’m looking to hire on an apprentice for PIERCINGS ONLY. I have had a good amount of people I thought would work but don’t last more than a week, if that. So if you’re interested and want to know more about the requirements hit up my studio @sykoticink to our shop manager @thelivingdeadgirll!! Thank you guys!

Our apprentice Jasmine is taking bookings for December, message her @inkdup.jas or message us to get booked in! APPRENTICE RATES 👍🏻

As some may know I decided to bite the bullet and advertise for a full time apprentice.
Iv struggled in the past to find young guys who are 1 interested and 2 not just in it to ‘earn some money’ until the next better paying job appears.

@ryan.t67 got in contact while I was on honeymoon.
Once I returned home I made contact and now his been with us for 5 weeks and is doing well even with quite a few long days we’ve had.
He sounded interested and keen on which is something no one had previously.
I don’t expect anything from apprentices skill wise as it’s our/ my job to provide them with this knowledge.
I think most skilled trade guys and gals will agree as long as apprentices show interest, passion and a willing to learn then we will be more than happy to help you learn the trade.
Welcome on board Ryan.

For apprentices looking to get in to the trade or are already in the trade this is my advice.
•Put yourself out their as opportunities won’t come to you sat at home. Ryan done this and now has a opportunity to become a skilled tradesman.
•Be open minded, when you first start your not going to be hanging doors and using chopsaws from the set go. Everyone has work from the bottom upwards so learning about the tools and doing a lot watching first is the stepping stones to the bigger picture.
•Forward thinking and the willingness to help, this is the biggest one.
Once you start getting to grips with tasks and how the day goes, start thinking about what your tutor or skilled trade is going to need next and have it to hand as this all helps you learn and start thinking about the working process of tasks.
The other element to this is help keeping areas tidy. When I first started if their wasn’t anything to learn I was asked to broom or hoover to keep everything clean.
At the time I used to think this is ridiculous, now it’s the reason I’m very conscious about leaving clients houses tidier, if possible than when we arrived. This goes along way with recommendations.
Keeping areas clean during the day also allows to go home quicker.
•No phones

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Sunday family teaching #apprenticeship

Tomorrow is our ICE Apprentice Chef of the Year 2018 competition. We are all very excited. We’ve got some fantastic ICE Apprentices competing and some wonderful judges coming too, including Josh Lopez, Paul McGivern, Daniel Jones and Gert Pretorius. Watch this space for the winner! #ice #instituteofculinaryexcellence #apprenticeship #apprentice #chefs #chef

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Bad time for user error with getting the flash to work. 😝
Mom @thinkingparents and I met @etthehiphoppreacher last night at his event. Funny thing is that we thought we were going to hear a motivational speaker. Instead we heard the Word... from a motivational speaker. I hope you like the book! Great read while on the road! #thesciencebehinditbook

Not waiting until 2019 to cast the net on the other side. Casting now. I've only caught one fish in my life but I'll carry the net until I learn how. #apprenticeship #readytolearn #IspeakJapanese #IAmAPublicSpeaker
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I'm 10 but I was listening and taking notes too! Thank you!

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We love to see our students exploring and channelling their self-expression in creative ways. We provide the support needed to develop these talents into future-proof skills - today it's art. ✍🏽 #fashion #madeinbritian #fashionbrand #fashionlabel #businesssuccess #mentoring #businessadvice #fashionindustry #clothingbrand #fashionblogger #clothingbrand #runway #girlboss #catwalk #runway #designer #fashion #technology #fashiontraining #youngpeople #caramelrock #apprenticeship #volunteer #career #fashioncareer #education #academy #garment #londonfashion

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