Want to be a part of our 2019 apprenticeship class? We are now taking applications! Learn more and apply online at www.grobsystems.com/apprentice.

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Meet one of our 1st year apprentices - Bret!

High School attended: Ottawa-Glandorf, class of 2018

Specialization: Mechanical apprenticeship

Favorite part of GROB: The fact that our facility is climate controlled

Learn more about our apprenticeship program here: grobsystems.com/apprentice

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Are you interested in receiving a hands-on education while receiving a company-paid associate's degree from Rhodes State? If so, plan to join us at an open house and tour this fall to learn more about our apprenticeship program! Our first open house is next Saturday at 9:00AM.

Space Thursday next week, email or DM to book... #newmindtattoo

Meet one of our 1st year apprentices – Mark Fleming!

High School attended: Shawnee, class of 2018

Specialization Interest: Electrical apprenticeship

Favorite part of GROB: How much the company takes care of its employees and the great people here

Learn more about our apprenticeship program here: grobsystems.com/apprentice

Receive a hands‐on education all while earning a company‐paid associate's degree from Rhodes State College in our apprenticeship program. Learn more here: grobsystems.com/apprentice

Save the date! Our first apprenticeship open house and tour is just one month away.

All of our apprentices have the opportunity to earn a company paid Associate’s degree from Rhodes State College while working and earning a competitive hourly wage.

Our apprentices had a blast on our first annual trip to Indian Lake last week. Check out some of our favorite pictures from the day!

Our hands-on approach in our apprenticeship program is essential for our students to learn and understand GROB's working practices.

Our apprenticeship program has been in place since 1990. Since then, we've put over 250 employees through the program!

Our apprentices are learning about soldering, bench work and quality and safety today!

If you see yourself starting a career in engineering and manufacturing, then you may be interested in beginning your career with GROB in our apprenticeship program. Our apprentices gain hands-on knowledge, a great hourly wage, and a free associate’s degree from Rhodes State College!

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