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Jeden Tag freue ich mich, dass ich dieses schöne Pferd gefunden habe 💗 Seit 1 Jahr ist sie bei mir und ich genieße jeden Moment an ihrer Seite!🎉 #appreciationiseverything

Friday Nite Movie done but it's quite heartbreaking but it's ok :) Life must go on! Haha
Anyway tis prezzie from Indonesian family made my day. Enak bangat baunya. I ❤️ the Indian Night Jasmine scent. It reveals a strong scent that makes me feel so calm and relax. Maaf baru dibuka hadiah nya kak. Thanks a lot @nuhaalnahdi for the wedding present😘🌹Allah bless u. Aamin. Appreciate it so much #appreciationiseverything

Experiencing total bliss in my life, with @clintonthebrink by my side. It's as if there's an unending magnetic attraction of blessings in our lives. Thanks Afrihost for making communication so much easier for us, by giving us WiFi and amazing service that goes with that!!! I really am humbled by the countless possibilities in life, and the experience of being surrounded by positive people and positive affiliations, that in the end lead to mutual growth, internally as well as externally!
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🌿✨thankyou @corey_leclezio they couldn't have come at a better time 💐 #daymade #appreciationiseverything #belatedmothersday

Lost my aunt earlier this year. But her positive energy and spirit lives through me. Today I turn 25. I'm #Appreciative #AppreciationIsEverything #Birthday 🙏😎2⃣5⃣✊

Good morning! I'm so grateful for another good day!! #appreciationiseverything

appreciation is earned, by the time you appreciate someone put this person in your circle, in your life even you or this person doesn't know or understand the reasons of this chemistry ° ήταν
κάπου 6 ωρα το απόγευμα, ο καφές έρεε άφθονος #appreciationiseverything #fashion #επετειακή #kaitouxronou 👈😁

I have the best team ... so grateful to work with them!! ❤️ #iteach8th #iteachmiddleschool #appreciationiseverything


S/O to my lil niece for getting put on as a GAP model and of course she's rockin those 😎 courtesy of @waveyaccessories ...Congrats to you and may Allah grant you much success!!! #waveyaccessories #428mlkdrjerseycitynj #appreciationiseverything #shadesfordays #humblehustler #familybusiness

Jeden Tag freue ich mich, dass ich dieses schöne Pferd gefunden habe 💗 Seit 1 Jahr ist sie bei mir und ich genieße jeden Moment an ihrer Seite!🎉 #appreciationiseverything

It's always a pleasure when one of my brothers show up to show love!!! @shakuur_truck_pettiford #assalaamualaikum #appreciationiseverything #waveyaccessories #428mlkdrjerseycitynj

Our awesome staff come in here everyday, often early and stay late, and are all smiles all the time 🙏 So we want to do something for them. We will be CLOSED as normal next Monday in addition to Tuesday the 4th of July to cook out and beach it up with them 🌊 We hope you do the same!! Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for being understanding and making NHPC what it is. Happy 4th!!! 🇺🇸 #NHPC #Pizzalife #stayfresh #obx #nagshead #appreciationiseverything @megsnroses

One of the best moments of my life occurred on June 16th, 2017. In March, I decided to coordinate a "Doctor Appreciation Day" at the veterinary hospital where I work. This would be the first ever here and that was one of the reasons this became important to me.

I had recently watched a video with some startling statistics. 1 in every 6 veterinarians contemplate suicide. The veterinary field also leads the charge in suicide. This is disturbing and not something many know or think about. So, I wanted to do something to show the doctors at my work they are appreciated. It was hard for us all to keep such a big secret quiet for about 3 months. We raised some money and were able to purchase gifts for them and had a big lunch planned.

I won't ever forget the looks of surprise and the teary eyes of these wonderful doctors. We are a family at Good Hands and they should never feel alone, no matter how difficult the job may be at times.
I want to share this story in hopes other facilities will do the same for their own. If you or anyone you know works with veterinarians, organize a party just for them. Give them encouragement to help them get through their day. All animal owners please remember to thank your veterinarian and even do something nice for them to let them know they are appreciated. It just might save a life!

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And it's these little things that mean the most ❤ #effortiseverything #time #truelove #littlethings #appreciationiseverything #priority

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