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#OOTD all @nemfashion
GOLD Sunnies 😎
Vanity T
Black Bomber Jacket

Husband Wife Convo real quick😭
" Boots come take a boom of me real Quick"
Response " A WHAT??"
ME " Just Hold This button down come on" 😭🤣😭🤣
Shout out to all the men that take their girls pics/booms for the gram 😭🤣🙌🏼 #AppreciateYa

Gotta give props and send shout outs to: Outfit/Jumper (peep the sexy one leg slit): @david_meister |Shoes: @jimmychoo | Makeup: @beautybybeyina | hair: @kymmscreations| Styling: @mrvladpl Special s/o to the ladies that keep me all the way together @mutebeauty & @missesmonique #WeBeenGoingHard #AppreciateYa #MPowered

#MCE s/o to the only person that will fully understand my dumbass love you extra 💜 #appreciateya #alwaysonsomeflyshit #lilboo 😘

Goin through lots o shiz right now...thanks for always being by my side❤ #loml #appreciateya

A caption cannot fit enough characters to describe the positivity and awesome shit you bring to the table fam #BroPost #AppreciateYa 🤘🏼💯

Fresh outta the box. Stoked to don this typographic tee. Thanks to @mrbenburns @blindla and @thefuturishere for the bonus sketch book. #appreciateya #businessofdesign

Happy Mother's Day to both these mum's having heaps of fun! 🎉❤️ #yehthemums #throwback #appreciateya #missya #loveya

How about #wcw / Wild Cat Wednesday shoutout to these ladies!!! #appreciateya #kvillefresh #squats🍑

Penguin artist. Lil manatee. Mac & cheese stealer. 10 swag clob cofounder. Supporter. Best friend. Family.
#appreciateya 😌


Using this #selfiesunday as an opportunity to introduce myself! I have gained a lot of new followers recently, and I am thankful! Some things about me: 💕I love to hear what people are passionate about, serve those around me, and capture genuine moments. I have been practicing my craft since 2010 and continue to grow each time I pick up my camera! 💕I love to dance! Listening to music and expressing myself through movement is one of my favorite stress relievers. 💕I am learning how to take better care of my body, and have been recovering from a neck injury from a while ago. Body pain has made me realize that I took advantage of being healthy; I can't wait to feel better and have been doing everything I can to make that happen! 💕I am a Christian, and am strengthening my relationship with God everyday. I am undeserving of his love, presence, and grace and I am thankful for his guidance everyday. I strongly believe in the power of positivity. A positive mindset can transform perspective, leading to better results!
💕that's enough about me, what are some things about you? I can't wait to hear more and connect with all of my new followers! Feel free to message me if you don't want to comment!
#sundayfunday #introduction #aboutme #selfie #dance #positivevibes #healing #appreciateya

Sometimes you just need #papabless to inspire your day #appreciateya

Gotta love the bestfriend💙💙 #AppreciateYa

Let me know what you think of my new prototype!!! Dab bag?? Terp Sac? Anyhow, these offerings are handcrafted out of American lamb leather, accented with hand sewn herringbone stitches. Thanks everyone! #appreciateya

i have a lot of people to be thankful for but this angel in particular, i'm so grateful to have you in my life #appreciateya

Was a pretty great day if you ask me 😄👌🏼 #chillinwiththemom #gotalottastuff #beachfossils #ripmyears #appreciateya

When your 8yr old daughter go so hard with the dribbling skills. She is basically teaching my 🏀 camp high school kids how to do a very difficult ball handling drill.. As u can see majority of the kids cant do it.. #GoodWorkBaby #OTT #GrindingWithTheHighSchoolKids #ThatLilGirlGotHandles 🏀🎾

And I bought this for my mom today.

We are so funny; we always buy another stuff!! #appreciateya #iovemymom

Shout out to @bigc87.jb for the love. I see ya playa #likes #followers #appreciateya

Oh hey friends! Just a special thank you for your support!
#backtobasics #appreciateya #thankyou #changinglives

Shout out to @ryan_wilson4 for using up literally his whole Sunday helping me out with car troubles. When it rains, it likes to pour on a bad day. But when you have good friends, tough days are easier (can still even be fun😉), and the good days are even more awesome. Thank you for being you Ryan and helping me out when I need it, and making my days full of laughter, fun, and knowledge on how it feels to have a damn good friend by your side. #loveya #appreciateya #bestie #flattire #threeholes #mrfixit

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