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The Man, The Myth, The Legend #ronstivers #applestorestonestown

This is #ronstivers , He's an artist of some renown. #SF #applestorestonestown

It's truly hard to say how long it takes to be completely comfortable somewhere. For me, it's was day 1 at the Apple Store Stonestown. I can honestly say I'm eternally grateful to everyone I've met over the past year and 9 months working for such an amazing company. You made the seemingly endless line of people excited to experience our products worth every late shift, every minute of OT, and every time we had to tell people we didn't have the iPhone they wanted. I would have not traded my time there for anything in the world. As I move on in my career, I can say that I will never forget any of you. Stay Golden, pony boys. #AppleStoreStonestown #R033 #DogsOfApple #ExpertLife #TrueLifeImAnAppleStoreEmployee

blue skies while I'm inside all day :( #work #complainer #applestorestonestown

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