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Can’t wait till my exams are over 🙄 school is killing me atm

German "stern edition” magazine
I‘m obsessed with the pictures inside but there are really shitty things written about mike like he looks like a clown and woman 🙄

The best of mj cd from 1995 ✨

He’s really the king of pranks 😂 and the way he screams lmao.. i’m sure mike had much more fun than all the children haha
#michaeljackson #macaulayculkin

i’m high-key jealous 👀 // remember the time 1992
#michaeljackson #rememberthetime

Other artists you like/love ?
— bee gees, diana ross, james brown, the temptations, janet jackson, j5 & the jacksons, the beatles, the carpenters, whitney houstan, sammy davis jr, rockwell, kool & the gang, stevie wonder yeaa and i think that’s it 😂 i only listen to old music #michaeljackson #lisamariepresley

we see you mike 😏 Who else is Disney obsessed? ;””)

moonwalk german edition
still need the original English version as it’s quite different
#michaeljackson #book #mjcollector

Dangerous pop up collector edition ✨ one of my favorite items

🌛; i definitely need that shirt skjjks 🤣
// ughh thank good it’s Friday, school is so stressful atm 🙄

✨ what a beautiful human being sksksk

Rare videos & pics of mike are my life ✨

Sorry for being so inactive but i‘ve so much to do for school :/ / gonna spam one the weekend

Nahh don’t wanna go to school tomorrow ^-^ i hate Mondays #michaeljackson

Look at this cute bean. I just can’t take him seriously 😂💕

QOTD; first mj song you listened to ?
—— AOTD; they don’t care about us

let’s take a moment to appreciate mikes expression lmaooo :““““)
#michaeljackson #marlonjackson

Imagine Michael performing earth song with a cherry picker above ur hand sksks i‘d literally faint

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