I’m so excited to announce a special project I’ve been commissioned for 🍎😊 a big festival in a local town is featuring my goat friends at @bradleymountainsoaps and they’ll be using a new design of mine—my #crochetapplehat 😊 the goats will be sporting hats and they’ll be for sale in people sizes, too! Sure gonna keep me busy until the #appleharvestfestival in the fall! #crochetersofinstagram #crochetdesigner #crochetallthethings #shopsmall #shophandmade #handmadewithlove

Radio Waves band live in Southington, CT - October 2017 #radiowavesband #livemusicct #southington #appleharvestfestival

Radio Waves band live in Southington, CT - October 2017 #radiowavesband #livemusicct #southington #appleharvestfestival

This was a hot day in October from a few years back.@ the 🍎 harvest fest. It's a fun time had by all. But this tent had so many people packed in shoulder 2 shoulder. And the look on his face is kinda surreal. #horror #petingzoo #appleharvestfestival

Several Confederate and Gadsden flags were seen at the Apple Harvest Festival in Burlington, West Virginia. The festival is near Grant County, the "Trump-iest" county in the state. (Photo credit: Deirdre McQuade)
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On our way to an Apple Harvest Festival earlier this month. Virginia mountains are beautiful this time of year. It was an overcast day. The picture does not do it any justice. #virginia #appleharvestfestival #mountainsinthefall

The Confederate flag wasn't an uncommon sight at the Apple Harvest Festival in West Virginia. A man even displayed the Confederate flag on his head and arm in the form of a tattoo.
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“It’s very hard being a Democrat in West Virginia,” said Sharon Nichols. “But oh the people are wonderful.” Sharon and Duane Nichols are Bernie Sanders supporters but recognize people in the area are happy with Donald Trump.
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Holiday traditions... there are so many cool ones. Have you ever heard of Wassail? It is a traditional hot mulled cider beverage, traditionally drunk as part of a Medieval ritual. Wassailing apple trees was intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year. I love learning about the many different traditions around the holidays. What's one of your favorites? 🍎 The "Angelo Saxon tradition dictated that at the beginning of each year, the lord of the manor would greet the assembled multitude with the toast waes hael, meaning “be well” or “be in good health”, to which his followers would reply drink hael, or “drink well”, and so the New Year celebrations would start with a glass or two." 🍎 "There are two distinct variations of wassailing. One involves groups of merrymakers going from one house to another, wassail bowl in hand, singing traditional songs and generally spreading fun and good wishes. The other form of wassailing is generally practiced in the countryside, particularly in fruit growing regions, where it is the trees that are blessed." 🍎 According to British Traditions, "Apple tree wassailing is a ceremony which involves drinking to the health of the apple trees. The Apple trees were sprinkled with wassail to ensure a good crop. Villagers would gather around the apple trees with shotguns or pots and pans and made a tremendous racket to raise the Sleeping Tree Spirit and to scare off demons. The biggest and best tree was then selected and cider poured over its roots. Pieces of toast soaked in cider were placed in the forks of branches. The wassail song was sung or chanted as a blessing or charm to bring a good apple harvest the following year. This custom was especially important during a time when part of a labourer's wages was paid in apple cider. Landlords needed a good apple crop to attract good workers. Wassailing was meant to keep the tree safe from evil spirits until the next year's apples appeared." ☝️ Got questions or want to discuss which oils support your own personal needs? Let's chat! Just use the "Contact Me" button on my website. Know which oils you want? Click “Shop”. If you want to save 25% click “Join & Save”.

Donald Trump is “taking us down a really dangerous path,” says Barbara Henderson of West Virginia. Nonetheless she and other Democrats agree that most of his supporters seemed happy with him.
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Best. Ride. Ever.

Donald Trump won Grant County with 88 percent of voters, the most of any county in #westvirginia. Find out more by clicking the link in our bio. #appleharvestfestival #grantcountywv #america #trumpvoters #trumptrain #donaldtrump #facesoftrumpsamerica #theraceto2020

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