28 years ago I was in this dorm room. #appalchianstate

Chillin in my second favorite spot in the student union ❤️👌🏽 actually kinda miss being up here. #appstate #appalchianstate #asu #servicedog #gsdofinstagram

|| No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place || ❄️

there is something still so beautiful about a cold and grey winter day in the mountains 'January Greys' || #sghlandscape

braved the freezing winds this past weekend to capture the beauty of winter in the Blue Ridge 'Winter Blue Layers' || #sghlandscape

when the slightest amount of snow covers this little mountain town it becomes all the more magical 'Mountain Town Wonderland' || #sghlandscape

traveled back to the mountains tonight for the weekend and I'm excited to venture out to photograph, somehow I don't think the views will look quite like this one though 'Autumn Vibrance' || #sghlandscape

one of my favorite unshared images from 2017, God's masterpieces are forever stunningly beautiful! here's to hoping you had a wonderful Christmas season as we transition to the New Year 'Morning's Promise' || #sghlandscape

so far it's not looking too likely for a white Christmas here in NC so I'll share with you another new snow scene with a wistful hopefulness (snow and Europe images will be taken up to the gallery when it's refilled with new prints after Christmas!) 'December Snow' || #sghlandscape

I'm not sure I'll ever be over the beauty and excitement of this past weekend. so thankful for this passion and small business of mine and the places that it takes me, like bounding through a snow covered farm to capture this image☺️entitled 'Snowy Path' || #sghlandscape

this morning was incredible capturing as many images in the snow as possible, complete joy for this photographer heart of mine! this snow covered path in the middle of the woods was so peaceful and I feel captures the feeling of the winter season 'Winter's Path' || #sghlandscape

on the way to the mountains to capture some landscape photography winter images this weekend and I'm beyond excited! I have a feeling it'll look a little different than this scene I captured there earlier this year, there's something so timeless about a barn and a bend in the road. 'Barn in the Bend' || #sghlandscape

winter is just beginning and I've been looking through my archives from when Autumn first began to color the tops of the trees, here's one of my favorite scenes that I haven't yet shared 'Autumn's Wildflowers' || #sghlandscape

now that it's December I'm so excited for the chance to capture some more winter images-here's to checking the forecast almost daily hoping for snow! (which doesn't look too likely so far) so for now here's my most favorite winter image I've ever captured and haven't yet shared, 'Winter's Dream' || #sghlandscape

one of my most favorite Autumn images I hadn't gotten the chance to post until now-thankful for a fall season full of photography adventures and chasing as many images as possible🍂 'Autumn's Finality' || #sghlandscape

mornings spent braving the chill and photographing the mountains that mean so much to me make for a good start to Thanksgiving Break, God sure paints an incredible sky! 'Thanksgiving Sunrise' || #sghlandscape

pumpkin carving & painting day🎃✨👻 I made two little pumpkins(Frankenstein, gdetama or kusaregami by ghibli haha) I'm delightful to feel american culture, not Japanese directly through these activities. Great thankful for ipals! .

only four days left until one of the most treasured months of the year! this photo is adequately titled 'October's Welcome' || #sghlandscape

Snack preparation for this weeks nutrition lesson at Two Rivers Community School! 🐛🍇 #ASDA #appalchianstate

Fallin in love with ASDA! 🍂🍎 Come join us for our next meeting on Monday, October 2nd at 6:30 pm! See you then! #ASDA #appalchianstate

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