Make plans to join us tomorrow morning to cheer/ serve some very special people, along with the Renewal Dream Team, at the Central Florida Miracle League on Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 8:45 am.
Thank you to all who have signed up as “Buddies" to run the bases/ push the wheel chairs with the Miracle League Baseball Team Members. We’re looking forward to it!
We encourage "Cheerleaders" to come out & sit in the stands and cheer them on loudly!
First game starts at 9 am, second game at 10:15 am.
Gloves optional, sneakers/ tennis shoes a must. Bring your own snacks & drinks.
Trotter’s Park (on Demetree Miracle Field), 2789 Lee Road, Orlando, FL 32810. (Located on the NE corner of Lee Rd. & OBT/441). See you soon!

If you’re new to Renewal, it’s our honor to introduce our executive leadership team!
They serve the Renewal family and our community faithfully, often behind the scenes. They give God all the glory. We just want to show our appreciation and say “thank you” to the team! We’re grateful for all they do! There’s lots to be done as we grow & build!
Will you join us in praying for these men and their families daily? Pastor Jason Henderson, Adrian Alvarez, Don Sabiston, Matt Owen, Mike Tolson, “Rev Rob” Robbie Redder, and “Chief” Robbie Manley. Thank you! #forapopka

Even youth need a time out of their busy week to recharge. Renewal Student Life Youth Group (Grades 6-12) meet on Wednesdays from 6-8 pm. All youth welcome! It’s a great time to take a mental break from homework (or drama), share a hot meal with friends, play some games, laugh, and learn about how you can instantly apply God’s Word to your everyday life! All students welcome! Join us tonight at 2335 Appy Lane, Apopka & bring a friend! We’ll tell you all about upcoming events like “Friendsgiving”! See you soon!
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(From our Instagram Story Highlights @renewalchurch.life)
Wednesday’s Connect Group meets at 6 pm, with dinner, topical Bible Study, discussion, and closing at 8 pm.
Childcare provided.
"Root Cause" Bible Study starts this Wednesday: Did you know there are often root causes for situations such as repeatedly losing jobs, consistently bad relationships, and even constant financial struggles? We all face problems, and sometimes we can't change what we're facing, but if we address the root cause of what we're experiencing, whether it's success or failure, we can change the kind of fruit we produce. If we want to produce good fruit, we have to have good roots. In this 3-part series, you'll learn how to tear up harmful roots and put down good roots. More details at RenewalChurch dot com.

Hey ladies, no matter how your day goes today, you have dinner plans! RSVP at renewal church dot com (link in bio) for the monthly ladies Connect Group dinner. Just click on the Groups link.
Can’t make it? Add next month’s event to your calendar: Ladies Christmas Party & Ornament Exchange on December 9 @ 3 pm.

New 8-week Bible Study starts Tuesday! “70x7” - Find peace by forgiving others ... and yourself.
You will discover what Jesus taught when he pulled back the division between Earth and Heaven and revealed what happens when someone hurts you, your heart is wounded, and you choose not to forgive.
You’ll learn shocking revelations about when you hurt yourself. Perhaps you did something to yourself or somebody else that you cannot seem to forgive yourself for.
You will discover the steps to forgiving yourself and being released from your torturers.
If you are interested in revelation that will change your life, if you are ready to be released from the prison of unforgiveness, this study is for you!
Dinner at 6 pm, bring a dish to share, Bible Study, discussion time, prayer and support. Come late if you get off work later, there’s always plenty of food. Ends at 8 pm.
Sign up at RenewalChurch dot com (link in bio). Click on the Groups link.

Today is Veterans Day observed. Yesterday, Renewal honored our veterans, thanking them for their service.
The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall was in Apopka this week, allowing our city to remember the lives lost in battle. We salute all men and women who have served and who currently serve. We’re humbled and grateful for your sacrifice - and the sacrifice of your families.

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Do you wonder how to find God’s will for your life? It starts with gratitude! Find things to be thankful for as you go throughout your day today.

You don’t have to attend Renewal to be a part of the outreach to the Central Florida Miracle League next Saturday, November 17. Join us at Trotters Park at 8:45 am to serve some very special people in our community! We need “buddies” to run bases/ push wheelchairs. We also need plenty of cheerleaders to sit in the stands & hype up the players! We love making others feel valued & special!
Please register to be a “buddy” on our events page by Sunday, at Renewal Church Dot Com.
Gloves optional, sneakers a must. Bring your own snacks & drinks.
Trotters Park (on Demetree Miracle Field): 2789 Lee Road, Orlando 32810 (Located on NE corner of Lee Road & OBT/441)
#miracleleague #centralfloridamiracleleague
#forapopka #apopka #apopkafl #apopkaflorida #forapopka #apopkachurch #apopkaworship #apopkanondenominational
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There is nothing sweeter than being in God’s presence. Thank you to everyone who came to worship with us tonight. We will forever be in awe of His faithfulness in meeting us. #ascensionchristiancenter #apopkafl #apopkachurch #worshipnights

Welcome to Renewal! Something for everyone! We currently meet at 515 North Park Avenue, Apopka, above Rita’s Ice Cream each Sunday at 10 am. We’re planning to break ground soon on our new worship center at 2335 Appy Lane, Apopka, across from the Fields of Fame sports fields.
We have a place for you! #forapopka .

#apopka #apopkafl #apopkaflorida #forapopka #apopkachurch #apopkaworship #apopkanondenominational
#mountplymouth #sorrentoflorida #eustis #tavares #zellwood #orlando #tangerineflorida #longwood #wekivasprings #wintergarden #ocoee #pastorjasonhenderson #renewalrocks #renewalchurchlife

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.”
‭‭Lamentations‬ ‭3:22-23‬
Want to learn more about God’s mercy?
Catch the replay of Sunday’s sermon or watch it on our YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe).

Will you pray with us today by joining (virtual) hands, as we pray for the Midterm Elections? We pray that God will be glorified in all!
“I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.”
‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭2:1-2
Thank you Jorge for your passion to lead our prayer warriors!
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On Tuesday, November 6, America votes in the 2018 Midterm Elections.
Pray. Vote. Love.
“If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:18‬

Pastor Jason Henderson shares the “secret”, that we want everyone to know!
Renewal Church is a “Presence Driven” church. This simply means that we want God to be at the center - of everything. We invite God to be present in all we do, so that when your world is falling apart, you can come in and hear from Him. .
You can catch the full message on the replay of our live broadcast on Facebook or on our YouTube Channel (link to our website in bio). Please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

🎉Renewal is 11 months old today!! 🎉
Make plans to join us for our 1 year birthday celebration on December 2 @ 10 am! For our birthday, we’re helping to build a feeding center in Cuba! Renewal is committed to making an impact in Apopka and worldwide! Help us by donating to the Cuba/Birthday Fund at RenewalChurch dot com (link in bio) and make plans to join us for cake! #eleven

Spotted! Renewal ladies taking on Texas - and we’re confident they’re up for the challenge! Hello Ladies, Renewal looks good on you! Please come home soon! #renewallooksgoodonyou

Spotted! Renewal Student Life Youth representing proudly at school! Hey students, Renewal looks good on you! #renewallooksgoodonyou

Daylight saving time ends Sunday! Get ready to “fall back”. Set a reminder to set your clocks back 1 hour. We’ll have the hot coffee & breakfast goodies ready! See you then!
Renewal Church meets each Sunday at 515 N. Park Avenue, Apopka (above Rita’s) for relevant Word & Worship time.
9:30 am - Free coffee social (free breakfast food too).
9:45 am - Kids Check-In (secure electronic).
10:00 am - Worship Service & Kids Life Ministries (Nursery- 5th Grade)
Mark your calendar, set your reminder, put a post-it note on your mirror, you get the idea... join us this Sunday! #timechange

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