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Cards # 3

10 of Wands | Horse

Things are going to happen unexpectedly, and you may feel a bit taken back because it happens rather harsh, or very sudden without warning. This is all for the sake of a journey that is going to take you deeper into your understanding of Self and your path.

Its time to awaken your inner-warrior and to tackle this situation head-on, as sitting idly by, or allowing things to take control of your sense of self, happiness, or your thoughts, will only make you feel unbalanced and disoriented on what to do.

You are a lot stronger and more powerful than you give yourself credit for. There is a need to look beyond the disappointment, or sudden changes, and to focus on the future. Let go of what is crumbling or adapt to the new pathway you’re pushed onto – the sooner you look to the future, the quicker things will move for you. Do not dwell on the past, or the negatives of a situation, and push forward with the inspiration to bring about more opportunities to bring you forward to new experiences. Remaining in the past will only slow your growth and prolong the pain or frustration – move forward.

Call on Horse when you feel held back or limited – it is time to expand your awareness, and Horse will help you venture past boundaries.

Cards # 2

King of Cups | Gazelle

You might be feeling that things in your life are sort of in a standstill or are not flowing quick enough in the direction you want. That is because you are gifted a time to consider your path and direction you are headed. You might be thinking too much with your head, and instead need to feel with your heart.

You might even feel that your path is twisting or turning in directions that are somewhat out of balance or not in the direction you want them to go, but, they are in fact all taking you closer to your soul’s purpose or lessons that will help you expand further than you had imagined. You need to trust your path and know that you are being guided exactly where you need to go.

Insights will come soon to help you move forward – have patience and trust in the divine.

The Gazelle says to call on it when you need to find the inspiration to trust in your path, and need the strength and determination to stand through the dry spells or emotional droughts you feel stuck in – remember, this is your time to think and feel things out before you make your next move.

Cards # 1

IV the Emperor | the Crow

You are manifesting something you have been wanting for some time now, and you need to pay attention to the signs, omens, and synchronicities that present themselves, and then you need to act upon them. The Crow is a significant spirit animal when it comes to receiving messages from the Divine, as well as informing you that you are right where you need to be. The emperor represents much of the same, only needing to put forth focus and action onto the goals you want to accomplish, rather than sending your energy into things that don’t correlate with your path or what you want and desire.

Eliminate the distractions in your life by giving your dreams more power.

You also need to speak up about things in your life that you feel lack balance or that are working against you – do not remain quiet, because what you allow, will continue. If you want change to take place, then you have to act upon it because allowing things to flow as they were, will only keep you stuck in this state you want to remove yourself from.

If you feel someone is wronging you, or that you need to make change in your life, then call on Crow to guide you. You will be given the inner-strength and drive needed to act accordingly with confidence and a clear sense of direction.

🏹 'just'

the painting being superimposed is françois-hubert drouais' portrait of an elegant lady—this is also the first time the image for the poem is also the first of the post.

i specifically chose drouais' piece because i felt it embodied elegantly what i'm attempting to convey. especially in the line, 'yet we don't see her face'; i really enjoy the pastels and softness of his work, and how the ruffles of the woman's dress resemble the bouquet in her hand.

the 'crestfallen pendulum' is a symbol for sadness in regards to running out of time, but also the swing of a woman's hips, walking away. time—the woman—is constantly watched over and loved, by this i mean nostalgia, being unable to see her face creates a distance from her: the first instance of trouble in the poem.

the silent swallows represent experience in life, but also a conformity within one's circumstance and society, or a hard truth to swallow—a play on words if you catch it at the end of the poem. they collectively seek out Apollo and Cupid, gods of knowledge, truth, and love respectively. [Apollo is one of my favorite among the gods; he's the god of poetry and music as well.] the rose is a sort of reality and coming-to-terms with it. like the expression, 'every rose has its thorns', it's like, everything beautiful comes at a price, you can't just accept things for what you see them as.

aware of this beauty and the pain with it, the protagonist is weary of it, because it doesn't matter how beautiful someone may seem, you don't really know what their thinking or what their heart's like. this can mean values, beliefs, feelings, etc.

sans denouement is a double meaning. i'm using it to express the literal translation: 'without end', but also the idea of having someone leave you without closure, which can make the pain feel as though it has no end.

in the end, (aha) there is the line 'just is life'—hence the title, because i am wholeheartedly trying to see the beauty of life; however difficult, and in spite of the suffering, there are things we are alive for, i hope i can find mine(-:

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