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Ready for #Macbeth and #TheScarletLetter for English IV and #APLit respectively. My #envelopeassignment is thanks to my online #PLC. Teachers are the best resources and support for teachers.

“A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.” —Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

Getting ready to work on claims, evidence and analysis in our papers.
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My #ScarletLetter for #APLit on Tuesday. Each student will choose a personal flaw, write a reflection paper, and then design their own Scarlet Letter. We will wear them all day Tuesday at school. Mine is for “selfishness” and the strips of paper are wrapped around the S the same way selfishness seals us off from others. #deepthoughts #thisiswhyiteach

From an essay for AP American Literature: "Literary Analysis: 'The Destructors." Reading the literary styles of Graham Greene connects the reader to the phenomenal author by exploring the experiences that guide the short story of "The Destructors." Greene fought mental battles in his youth. After a mental breakdown, he was sent to a mental health center where he attempted suicide. His mental instability and the destruction he carried with him after World War II lead the setting of the short story, and Trevor, a young gang member, portrays the self-destructive behaviors that come with coping with the repercussions postwar. In the short story, young Trevor wrecks the home of his fellow neighbor. The story ends with the man finding his home in full destruction. We do not know what happens after. While fictional, and open to endless possibilities, the author leaves the story unfinished. We do not know his ending. Neither does he. It's timeless. #grahamgreene #thedestructors #aplit #poem #poems #poet #poetry #poetryslam #timesup #poetryphile #poesie #read #books #poems #poemporn #rupikaur #rhsin #atticus #hw

❤️ Love this game for essay prompt analysis! 📝
My AP students played “grudgeball” today—I gave them a sample AP poetry prompt, asked them to annotate it with a group, and then asked them a series of questions to break down the prompt (one question about the meaning of the work as a whole, one question about structure, one question about concrete detail, etc.). Each group would write their answer on an index card and bring it to me. I determined one winning group and one runner-up group based on the responses each round, and those groups got to take points away from other groups (every group starts with 8 points) (the taking points away part is why we call it grudgeball). Students could also shoot a basketball into a Nerf hoop for a chance to earn extra opportunities to take points away. Such a fun game and an active way to review and analyze the many elements of an essay prompt! .
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#Aplit book clubs began developing Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals statements to harness their collective efficacy during this unit. What they came up with is impressive! #asdenglish #whspotter

Wow, what a great Friday around here, with two visits and two hugs from superstar alums. This precious little fireball is especially hard to track down these days, but four years later, I absolutely could not love her more. Thanks for lighting up my first year at Cannon, Nico. How are you almost a COLLEGE GRADUATE?!?! Seattle is not ready for you. ❤️ @cannonschoolalumni #APLIT

Reasons to take AP Lit:
Disclaimer: the class is NOT over in May.
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Whiteboard much? #aplit #nietzsche

My AP Lit students like color-coded calendars. I am happy to oblige.

Although there's Wuthering Heights weather outside, inside it's cozy and perfect for reading and blogging. #aplit #asdenglish #whspotter

January 09, 2018 • DAY 2 || an easy day as well. I’m feeling great! I hope I can maintain this positivity and grind 👊

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SEMESTER 2 • January 08, 2018 • WEEK 1 • DAY 1 || cover inspired by one of my favorite bujograms @letteringwithleni ! I hope you don’t mind 😅 it was so beautiful I couldn’t help it. The start to the semester was great! Hopefully I can maintain posting daily

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