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Yeah! Mommy's home! 😆🙌🏼😆❤😍😭 #WelcomeHome #SoExcited #Kisses #UnconditionalLove

Waiting For My Coffee Break Like ⏰⏱☕️☕️#DontStandBetweenMeAndMyCoffee #AWellCaffeinatedTibbyIsAHappyTibby

Mondazeee😴 #liloandrosie

Hello to all our new followers! 👋🏼 Here's one of my favorite pictures of baby Waffles 😭😊

Sometimes it's better to not think about things too much and just go for it.

Case in point: @whiskyrider

Because life is too short to pet only one dog at a time.

The trick to a happy life is to live it as dirty as possible 🙌
Who's with me?👌
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🌈🌞🌈 Кому тут красок ярких , солнышка и настроения лучистого?😍😍😍 Вот увидишь на улице такого цветного "зонтика& #34;🐶 и улыбка гарантирована даже в самый-самый хмурый день🌧. )))) Проверено!!! Правда теперь и я хочу себе такой 😍и Денис тоже😍.)))) Поэтому время не теряем и вопрос этот решаем .😋😋 Кому "пони-зонтики& #34;☔ стучитесь к нам на почту 📬 jenikrauze@gmail.com


Bumble doesn't look impressed with the flying pug 😍
(@jacksonjunior.pug's mum, Annie)

God couldn't possibly be with each one of us, so he sent his little angels to our homes🐶, his light isn't in temples of wood or in forms of stone🗿🏩🕍🕌⛩, but he's more in the thought💭 , our dogs are the best example of his divine presence .... Dogs teach us the true meaning of worship, love, faith, kindness and a lot of other things💕, this post isn't about religion or our belief or the customs we practice or whom we chose to worship in the name of the higher power, it's more about a dog who is just as worthy of worship 🤷🏻‍♂️ God never wanted humans to fight over humans or fight for religious supremacy, so he sent himself in many forms and colour just spelled backwards as DOG ✨ if he could make it so simple for us, why do we humans complicate life and humanity so much 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️ ? Just love your Dog and you'll have his blessings and God's at the same time !!! .
We wish to tell you'll once again, this post is not against religion or colour or any hate, this is just against humanity and what dogs do for us !! There's something very powerful on YouTube called "So God made a Dog " do check and you'll will know what I mean 💁🏻‍♂️
Hope you'll had a great #wednesday 💐
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the sunshine brings out my dapper side 🎩

You talkin to moi?

Remember to smell the flowers. Weeks halfway done 😉 🌺

Hi friends! 👋🙃

Warmer weather calls for neighborhood watch patrols in the back yard. This is my entry for the #springintospringcontest hosted by @mr.marcel @freyaeverafter_ and @graywoof 💕🌸

🐶💭 I know U called the groomer!😒 :just cruising through the Wednesday:💨
Have a good time, folks!🐉

I know on my last bath photo I said last one. Well, I lied. Because I forgot about this one. 😍😍😍 The donut is natural soap, by the way.

Isn't Mortie the cutest? Dem ears 😍 #beaglesofinstagram

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