Merry meet again! Continuing the love theme of the day, here's a little something about rose quartz to help with your love day endeavours!

Have a magical day beautiful souls
Blessed Be
Lady Aphrodite ❤
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Merry meet everyone! As the colour of the day is rose, here's a charm for love for you, seeing as it's Freya's and Aphrodite's day,and love is the theme of today.

Have a magical day beautiful souls!
Blessed Be
Lady Aphrodite ❤
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Merry meet everyone! It's Aphrodite's day, and it's a full/blue moon in Libra tomorrow. Don't forget that we're also in mercury retrograde, so take extra care with your plans, your travel arrangements and your energy! As it's a full moon, and a blue moon, releasing what no longer serves you at this time will be very productive and the energies around will ensure it's permanent. Take good care of your energy this weekend 💖

Have a magical day beautiful souls!
Blessed Be
Lady Aphrodite ❤
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...look who showed up at my front door on Valentines Day in a red Mercedes with “flowers😉” in hand 😍👑 #happyvalentinesday #aphroditesday #420goddess

💘🐬HaPpY VaLeNtInEs DaY🐬💘 #goddess #mystic #aphroditesday #cupid #unconditionallove

Merry meet everyone, it's Freya's\Aphrodite's day and the moon is in Sagittarius all day. Despite the adventurous mood that's in the air, the day could start with low, discouraging energy, that if we're not careful, can turn into irritability, lack clarity and lowered boundaries. Be aware that there's a bi-polar energy floating around in the psychic atmosphere that has the potential to negatively affect us all today. The energy and the mood improves as the day progresses, leading to a mentally stimulating and sociable evening, but we need to remember to stay grounded.
Today's Energy Oracle card is Caring Connections reversed - Friendship, Partnership of Two, Possible Love
This card signals a break in communication or a parting of the ways for two people. Whether romantic, social, or business, the present connection seems to be at (or close to) an end. If this is the case, consider what healthy action needs to be taken to move on. As difficult as a parting may be, it can often lead to bigger and better things. Keep in mind both the logistical and emotional aspects of leaving this connection behind. Make plans; vent your feelings. Always remember, with every ending, a new beginning is at hand.

Affirmation: I open my heart and life to truly caring connections. The ideal friend and partner is coming to me now.
Have a magical day beautiful souls!
Blessed be

Lady Aphrodite 💗🔮
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Merry meet everyone! It's Freya's/Aphrodite's day, and the moon is currently in Virgo, so take advantage of this energy to take care of any unfinished chores.

Today's Energy Oracle card is Financial Constraints (reversed) - Restrictions Concerning Money

This card reversed portends an increase in the money about to come your way. The previous constrictions have broken open, and there's a greater flow of money and other things. As more funds come in, you'll find that you have the freedom to take more risks and spend without the previous extreme precautions. The river of abundance is starting to flow your way, but don't be too cavalier. Always bring your consciousness to this and every aspect of your life.

Affirmation: I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness. I am open to receiving increasing wealth. Money moves to and through my life, bringing benefits to all.

Have a magical day beautiful souls!
Blessed be

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Merry meet everyone! It's Freya's/Aphrodite's day, it's currently a waxing Taurus moon, but the moon enters Gemini at 17.40 pm GMT, which means that it could become quite a social day, and a little busy! It's also a good time to visualise your future and which direction you want your life to go.
Today's Energy Oracle which is Man Holding a Heart - Male dealing with Family, Love or Emotions.

This tender man sits with flowers all around, holding a heart in his hand. For a man, this signals a greater clarity about emotions and their purpose in your life. There could be a more balanced approach to family and love at this time - even if these have been confusing experiences for you in the past. For some, this card upright could signal the presence of a new man in your life - one who tends to be more thoughtful and aware. Whether or not this man is a love interest or a friend, he brings a high intention to help where personal projects, family or home issues are concerned.
Have a magical Aphrodite's day beautiful ones
Blessed be

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Merry meet everyone! I'm sharing the spell of the day for you all. Today's theme is honouring your partner/spouse, which is perfect seeing as it's Friday, day of love.
Honouring Your Partner

Spell Date: Friday, January 26, 2018

Colour of the day: Coral

Incense of the day: Violet

Today is National Spouses Day, so it’s a great time to venerate your partner. Spouses are the individuals who hold our spirit and heart close to their own. Take a moment to honour your connection to one another and reaffirm that bond. Include your partner in this rite.
On your altar place two candles: one that represents you and one that represents your partner. You will also need one candle that represents the bond you share with one another. Next, each of you lights your own candle and says: "This light represents
my spirit and heart." Now the two of you light the center candle from your two separate flames, saying: "Let our spirits mingle, bringing
understanding, passion, and love." Have a very loving honour your partner day!
Blessed be

Lady Aphrodite 💗

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Bake a honey & cinnaom cake, tear it to pieces & dip in a strawberry trifle ❤💥 #starsmagic #kitchenwitch #magicalfood #healing #lovemagic #witchesofinstagram #hellenicwitch
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Just because it's Aphrodite's/Freya's day, some Venusian energies for you today!

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#sesquiterpenes::: A CONCENTRATED CLASS OF NATURAL CHEMICALS found in the skin of #kumquats which have DEMONSTRATED PRONOUNCED THERAPEUTIC ACTIONS AS ANTIOXIDANTS THROUGHOUT THE BODY I am witnessing misuse of the words ::: it is like being a precious piece of pottery goin' fall prey to the stone floor; broken. Yet, trapped in the millisecond, skipping like a record: replaying the wholeness whilst becoming the broken o'er and o'er A #loop of psychopathy layering the plasmas <~~ I have been beguiled by use of a word I trust; woman. By a man no less. Preaching like a self-made saint about his pledge to #womankind; using an elder crone as a mask to guise deceit and lies laced in utter falsities; in truth, a man child understanding his reality as vamping women for his "eternal" gain. A chorus of laughter pours down from the fruity heavens. Just as the world seem foiled by a surging negative connotation with that of sacred goddess woman, #isis #energeticwars are so real #rightnow In response: I will be stranding #driedcitrus baking #flesh #cake s and #packing heavier ammunition with my boundaries to sustain realization and heighten #frequency of manifestation. #Male species ::: if you are using the woman's energy with whom you are closest, whilst continuing to ignore an imperative need to unconditionalize your privilege, misogyny over posture of space; it's about time for you to get the fuck off this #bustle #thisinsultswomen happy #aphroditesday #venus #gonnaslay

Merry meet everyone! It's Aphrodite's\Freya's day, and the moon is currently in Scorpio, until 9.57pm GMT, when it goes void of course until 3.00am GMT when it goes into Sagittarius. The energy today feels positive and happy, but it has the potential to be a difficult day, due to the Scorpio moon. Whatever issues arise for you today, need to be dealt with, and you need to learn the lesson they are trying to teach you, so you can move forward. Do your best to stay upbeat, optimistic, and happy, as that's the best way to counter any negative energies trying to get into your head. The Trust Your Vibes card today is Get a New Story.

Holding on to the belief that you're made only of old experiences disconnects you from Divine guidance and higher vibrations. Rather than letting the past define you, view it as a story you've outgrown or become tired of, and invent a new you - one who experiences synchronocities, magical moments, Divine assistance, and happy endings. Don't define yourself by others impressions and judgements. Define yourself as spirit, and invent a story that includes boundless help from your guides. Recognise how attached you are to your tired old story of pain, suffering, frustration, and victimhood. See how often you re-create this miserable version of yourself when connecting with others. Do yourself a favour and retire the old story. It has bad vibes and cuts you off from higher guidance and positive vibrations.

Have a fabulous Aphrodite's day beautiful souls!
Blessed be
Lady Aphrodite 💟

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Just because the colour of the day is purple, doesn't mean that we've forgotten about the fabulous pink! 💗💗💗 #friday #freyasday #aphroditesday #pink #pinkday #lovepink

As it's Friday, we could all do with a bit of a boost! Blessed day beautiful people!

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A prayer for true love, best thing for Aphrodite's day!

#truelove #prayer #roses #selflove #selfesteem #aphroditesday

Merry meet everyone! It's Aphrodite's /Freya's day, and the moon is currently in Leo, until 17.07 pm GMT, when it goes void of course until 22.08 pm GMT when it goes into Virgo. The energy today feels slow, unhurried, positive, intuitive and grounded. Change is both in the air and on it's way to us, and as most of us can feel the changes in the energy around us, we need to be kind to ourselves this weekend. Make the most of the full moon energy and release what no longer serves you, to make room for the new. Today's Trust Your Vibes card is Let Go.

Sometimes the most powerful psychic solution to a difficult or compromising situation is to simply walk away. This is one of those times when the situation calls for letting go, backing off, surrendering your ego and leaving. You're in a deadlock of fixed vibrations and feelings that are too great for any positive solution through further engagement. In walking away, you protect both yourself and all those involved from even further frustration and allow the Universe to work behind the scenes to restore harmony to all concerned. Move on. Have faith. No one is working against you. It's as though you're pushing on the door to get to the Other Side when it opens inwards. Step back and give things room to move back to centre. They will.
Have a magical Aphrodite's day beautiful souls!
Blessed be
Lady Aphrodite 💗

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Merry meet everyone! It's Aphrodite's /Freya's day, and the moon is currently in Taurus until 3.21pm GMT, when it goes void of course until 10.07am GMT tomorrow morning when it enters Gemini. Today's energy is a little scattered, slightly impatient, with a touch of irritability in the air. It's also an intuitive kind of day unfer a Taurus moon, so we'll be looking to the sensual pleasures of life today as they'll be highlighted. So today,count your blessings, re-evaluate what matters most to you so you can learn from past mistakes and move forward. Today's Trust Your Vibes card is Back to Basics.

Your psychic sense and higher awareness are founded on common sense, which begins with properly meeting your basic physical needs. As obvious as this sounds, it's easier said than done for most people, as they tend to live in their heads and forget their bodies. If you neglect your basic needs, your higher awareness will diminish, leaving you to operate on adrenaline and anxiety. In such a state, you miss the finer,more subtle psychic vibrations and lose your way. Self-love and self-care are non-negotiable commitments for the six-sensory soul. If you've drawn this card, it's time for you to raise the bar on self-awareness. Assess your basic habits: Are you taking loving care of your body without guilt? Are you getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy and lovingly prepared food, and getting enough exercise? If not, you're paying a high price for your neglect and sabotaging your higher awareness. Your body is your greatest psychic receptor, and as a fully committed six-sensory being, give yourself these things and pay attention to the higher energies of life starting right now.
Have a lovingly peaceful day beautiful souls!
Blessed be
Lady Aphrodite 💗

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