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My real yoga: I got frustrated and bummed while practicing a pose I’ve done a zillion times but because my practice has changed so much lately, the pose felt unobtainable. Instead of enjoying where I was at in the moment, I pushed myself to go deeper which brought me to feeling let down by myself and my practice. @jonaweinhofen came to my rescue to remind me that everything is 👌🏼🤙🏼💕✨ and it gave me a great moment to practice nonattachment (aparigraha). || Completely in love with the @aloyoga holiday line! I think it’s my favorite so far! 😍

Lately I have been doing a lot of re-reading of the Yamas and Niyamas and one of the principles I seem to be really gravitating towards lately is aparigraha- or non attachment. What are those things in my life that I seem to have an attachment to that may not be serving me or others in a positive way? Recognizing that these attachments control our happiness and once we begin to let go of them, life becomes more fulfilling in other areas. This is especially important now more than ever with the new little roommate running the show aka little Bodhi 🐻
P.s. working on shoulders tonight. Come say hi, move and laugh with me.
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Approach each new moment as an opportunity to let go of attachments, expectations of outcomes, and fear of the unknown. Turn this fear into curiosity. Ride the waves of uncertainty with the vibrancy of life and love for all that is. 💕🙏🏼✨

They are not dependent on the actual outer provisions or circumstances we have at any given moment. It is our belief in abundance or the lack thereof that creates our experience of it. #aparigraha #thisisyoga #liveyouryoga

Non-attachment! Let go of how you think things should be and the possibilities become endless! #oneyoga #livingyoga #aparigraha

Delaying the inevitable onslaught of winter by leaving town ☀️ This transition is from the intermediate series of Ashtanga, once you come down for 5 breaths, you have to summon the strength required to lift back up with legs extended, and vinyasa. Baby steps though 🙃. When I started yoga it made me frustrated when I couldn't do something. Now I feel so much more freedom from expectations, and my practice is really only sustainable because of that. I work towards accepting my body and it's limitations each day, and no longer dwell on what's wrong, but feel amazed that I even got out of bed to move and breathe. There's lessons in all of it. #santosha #aparigraha #pinchamayurasana #karandavasana

Non-attachment, aparigraha, easy in principle, difficult in practice 🙏 #yama #yogasutra #yoga #aparigraha

early morning subbing @wakeupyogaphilly with @werkshop I KNOOOOW i’m supposed to cultivate #aparigraha but I want to collect every pair of these leggings... they’re truly pieces of art. And again, if you haven’t been to the gorgeous Rittenhouse studio with its amazing teachers, #treatyoself #werkshop #phillyyoga #yogaeverydamnday

She looks at me like this when I try to hold her hand at school now. #imnotcool #aparigraha #doyoga


Souvenir : après 3 années à se dire bêtement "je n'y arriverai pas", se défaire de ses croyances limitantes et enfin s'inscrire à son premier #yogateachertraining. Première leçon avant le départ : apprendre le détachement aux biens #aparigraha pour n'emmener que le nécessaire, l'envie d'apprendre et de partager.

Souvenir : after 3 years strangely believing "I'm not capable of it", set aside your limiting belief and go for a 1st yoga teacher training. First lesson before departure: leave what's useless and bring what matter the most, wish to learn as much as possible and share. #corfu #yinyasa

Non-attachment, aparigraha, easy in principle, difficult in practice 🙏 #yama #yogasutra #yoga #aparigraha

Here are just a few thoughts on the yogic wisdom we can learn from Santa Claus. Chime in!
He is Omniscient (just like the Divine): He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Ananda: He is pure joy, always jolly and communicates it regularly—“ho ho ho!” Shri: He sees the good in all. He promoted Rudolph despite the fact that he was differently abled.

Aparigraha: He gives credit where credit is due—to the elves!
Brahmacharya: Mrs. Claus is his one and only.

Santosha: He is content with his life.
He has never job-hopped. He is happy with his body. No body images or eating disorders with him!

He invokes Ganesh: He does not view chimneys as obstacles. Deliver all the gifts around the world on Christmas Eve? No sweat!

Ishta Devata: He is nondenominational.
Seva: He gives freely, never expecting anything in return.

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Yoga wisdom of the day....
"We should never concern ourselves with the outcome of a situation, we should only concern ourselves with what we’re actually doing right now as we work towards that outcome." Aparigraha is the last of the five yamas of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga.
Aparigraha, which often translates as ‘non-greed’, ‘non-possessiveness’, and ‘non-attachment’. This important yama teaches us to take only what we need, keep only what serves us in the moment, and to let go when the time is right. "IT" ......Translate this a simple as decluttering to free your space of things that no longer serve you, we all have a junk drawer or cabinet(s), all the way to attachment in our relationships, careers or life..... IF "IT" NO LONGER SERVES YOU....LET IT GO.....and release the energy connected to it.
#balance #Aparigraha
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When most of us think of yoga, we think about a physical practice that moves our bodies through different postures until we can settle into stillness at the end of a class in corpse pose or savasana. But that physical practice, known as asana, is only the third of eight (!) limbs of yoga. The first limb, the Yamas, are the ethical standards by which a yogi is supposed to live. There are five Yamas, and the last one of them, aparigraha, seems to get the least attention. Aparigraha means non-coveting. Below, a tiny lesson on aparigraha, courtesy of my preschooler and my toddler.
My littlest one gets to wear all kinds of cozy, super comfy clothes. And I have been in the habit of saying, “Look how cozy L gets to be today! I’m jealous, I would love to have some pants as cozy as those ones are!” Jokingly, of course. (Although: attention clothing makers! If you could make mama clothes as cute and comfortable as you make baby and toddler boy clothes, I, for one, would be in! And to the rest of the world, we need to make it totally okay to walk around in clothing that is super cozy and comfy! I’m not talking about athleisure wear, either-but I digress....) So this week my preschooler has taken to debating these statements rather than just agreeing with me like he usually does. “Mama,” he’ll tell me, “you’re not supposed to be jealous!” And he stops me in my tracks. Time for a new way to phrase my admiration for our baby’s comfy wardrobe! Perhaps something more based on gratitude, something to the effect of, “I’m so thankful L gets to be so cozy in that cute little outfit today because it just makes me want to snuggle him in close!” I’ll leave you to consider what aparigraha might mean for your yoga practice on the mat for now-watch out for a blog post to explore this in more detail coming up. 😉

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#tbt to 2011, teaching in Ghana.💕This was one of the happiest chapters of my life. I had one bucket of water a day, the weather was hot and humid, bat 🦇 poop 💩 stained the walls of my hut but I was filled with joy. I taught grade 6 and the kids came to my hut at night to learn more. They taught me dance and drums and led me on all kinds of adventures. When I returned I did a one year consumption challenge and only bought things I absolutely needed. This led to me getting rid of my apartment and selling my possessions in 2013 and now I’m able to spend this special time at @dharmayoganyc studying with Dharma. 🙏✨ I’m so grateful for these beautiful teachers in the village of Frankadua and the mysterious way yoga unfolds. 💕
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Reality - Your expectations = Your happiness 😁
The subtle art of letting go is a muscle that we can learn to strengthen and could arguably be the most important muscle we have to enhance our well- being. Imagine that... it’s not your biceps or your butt muscles!
@bayouyoga @goyogausa @arodyoga

Ready for a New Year // New You? 🌟 Join YogaFit Canada senior master trainer @paulgalloro for a 6-minute New Year Meditation. 🙏🏽 Link in bio or go to bit.ly/yogafit-meditation 👌🏽He even teaches us a couple mudras! 🤘🏽Let's let go of what no longer serves us. 🙌🏽 Comment below with a heart if you meditated with Paul! 💜

Nada como passar uma tarde repleta de risos, choros, brincadeiras e muita bagunça, para assim valorizar o silêncio e sossego do meu lar. Amigos, usem camisinha. #cansei #ficaadica

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Heading into #YogaTeacherTraining weekend where we are studying #Aparigraha which is nonpossessiveness or letting go. What a great time to #reflect as this year is coming to a close. #packlightly #caredeeply #enjoyfully #FloweringJourneyWellness

You can only lose what you cling to

Go follow and support my new business venture! Repost from @ahimsa_advocacy using @RepostRegramApp - Ahimsa is Sanskrit for Nonviolence. When you purchase our handcrafted necklaces and notecard subscription you support advocacy rooted in nonviolence for survivors of domestic violence. "Ahimsa is the highest duty. Even if we cannot practice it in full, we must try to understand its spirit and refrain as far as is humanly possible from violence."-Mahatma Gandhi #ahimsa #ahimsaadvocacy #advocacy #domesticviolence #survivor #housingfirst #hfdv #housing #mobileadvocacy #flexfunding #survivordriven #traumainformed #innerwisdom #bethechange #satya #asteya #brahmacharya #aparigraha #yamas #ethicalbusiness Link in bio to website. Launch date 12/15/17

Ahimsa is Sanskrit for Nonviolence. When you purchase our handcrafted necklaces and notecard subscription you support advocacy rooted in nonviolence for survivors of domestic violence. "Ahimsa is the highest duty. Even if we cannot practice it in full, we must try to understand its spirit and refrain as far as is humanly possible from violence."-Mahatma Gandhi #ahimsa #ahimsaadvocacy #advocacy #domesticviolence #survivor #housingfirst #hfdv #housing #mobileadvocacy #flexfunding #survivordriven #traumainformed #innerwisdom #bethechange #satya #asteya #brahmacharya #aparigraha #yamas #ethicalbusiness Link in bio to website. Launch date 12/15/17

She looks at me like this when I try to hold her hand at school now. #imnotcool #aparigraha #doyoga

I honestly thought that 2017 was going to be some sort of “white light” experience for me.
This is the first year since 2014 that I’ve spent the entire year without a drink.
I thought that once I got the alcohol monkey off my back that I would be unstoppable & I could finally manifest all my wildest dreams. I was sure I was going to get into the best shape of my life & be so spiritual that I would start levitating.
(Insert snorting laughter here)
What actually happened was a lot of pain - anger - resentment - sugar - self doubt - fear - sugar - and sadness.
What I didn’t realize was that there’s no shortcut to “growth” & when you stuff down all your feelings by constantly trying to escape them - they have to come out eventually.
So - big LOL to not accomplishing my “fitness goals” or levitation through spirituality- but bigger LOVE to myself for feeling all the shit that I have been trying so hard to run from.
Big love to me for continuing to show up for my family - my students - my recovery & life - all without any liquid buffer.
Circumstances don’t magically change because I’ve decided to suddenly face life. But I do change by continuing to face life with honesty & willingness to do the next right thing in front of me.
So I end this year with my heart and eyes wide open. I love you. 😘 💖

I’m moving! It’s crazy how much you accumulate over the course of a couple years. As I am packing I definitely found things that brought back fond memories, but I also noticed all these material objects hidden in the corners of my apartment that I no longer have any attachment to or that I forgot even existed. Maybe it’s with the help of yoga, but as I grow older I realise how little material possessions I actually need to keep me fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my clothes and the occasional fancy shit 💁🏻‍♂️... but as my favourite @mariekondo says, when making the decision to keep or not keep what you own or are about to own, always first ask yourself the question: ✨“Does it Spark Joy”?✨🙏🏼 // 📸Dad

Aparigraha. It’s Sanskrit for non gripping, non attachment, letting go. Letting go can be hard, especially when the unknown is scary, but it makes this ride of life way more fun! More thoughts on my blog (link in profile). 😘
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Tis the season to let your inner light shine.💫 Paus, breathe deep, and loosen the gripping and grasping. Trust that there is enough. You are enough. Give and receive with an open handed allowing. Within you is the light of a trillion stars. 🌟
Lets tap into this state of being - come and flow with me. Strong flow @altromondoyoga Advent Sunday at 10:30. #yoga #yogalifestyle #handstand #innerlight #exhale#aparigraha

Liberate yourself. Aparigraha is Sanskrit for detachment, and the fifth Yama (moral discipline, restraint) in Yoga. When you can stop trying to hold on to things and people, when you truly let go, you step into full presence, which is where you find all there is. Namaste
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"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did."- Sarah Caldwell
Join us Friday:
10:00 AM Vinyasa Flow
7:00 PM Vinyasa Flow ☮️&♥️ Photo credit: @thehoffnator
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Aparigraha - Non Greed or Non Grasping.
The fifth and last Yama.
In today's society we tend to hold on to a lot of things and we constantly need more. More clothing, more shoes, more bags, more gadgets. One simple way to practice aparigraha with things is to learn to let go or donate an item when we buy something new.
Aparigraha goes deeper than just holding on to materialistic things, we could be holding on to negative emotions or something or someone that no longer serves us.
As the end of 2017 approaches we invite you to take a moment to asses your year and without any judgment see what you can let go of old items, negative emotions and thoughts towards yourself or others. Allow yourslef to forgive. Just let it go, one breath at a time making space for more harmony in your life and for better things that will help you continue to grow.
Y.S 2.39 When one is steadfast in non-possessiveness or non-grasping with the senses (aparigraha), there arises knowledge of the why and wherefore of past and future incarnations.
(aparigraha sthairye janma kathanta sambodhah)
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What is wrong with average? What is wrong with ordinary?
Why are people flocking to experts proclaiming how to help them live an extraordinary life?
Why is there this push to strive for abundance, more, better...?
The underlying message is...this life you live is not good enough and you shouldn’t be happy with average.
The sun comes up every day...you can bet on it. It is predictable. It’s normal. It’s expected. It is the ordinary working of the world that it does so. And...it is still magnificent and amazing.
Looking around at life and others in it...and wanting to be different, more, better, super, extraordinary...with a sense of judging that this ‘average’ life that we see others living is mundane, boring, not exciting enough...and the subsequent never-ending quest to stand apart from the ordinary...shows more an inability to accept where we are in life...than it does a simple intention to do that which truly fulfills us.
If we are convinced that ordinary is not good...then are we unaccepting of ourselves as ordinary? And why is that not enough?
It seems more like a battlecry...I will be more than the rest of you fools...does it not!?!
Those who we see excel...may be naturally gifted or may have worked hard to get there...but they are not wasting time lamenting their lot...they just get on with doing.
I see so many people buying into the illusion that average is not good enough...using mantras, positivism and goal setting...trying to ‘manifest’ more! Coming at this from a place of non-acceptance and with an edge of desperation to escape such an ordinary existence.
What we may fail to see in the mundane repetitions of life...is the value of the ordinary. The magnificence of the average.
We make false assumptions that daily life is bland, that hardships should not exist, that anything less than the ‘highlight reel’ is not worthy.
So we try to escape it.
We want more abundance, deeper love, thrills and accolades...this craving robs us of our PRESENCE in the moments available to us now. This dissatisfaction steals away the gift of the present.
The key is acceptance and letting go of attachments. The power is in the now! Yoga shows us how.

s a v o r
It’s my last quiet day at home with just me and the babe. I have loved my days with just this sweat pea. And I feel the ache of my mama heart as we move further way from that birth portal, that place where we were both so open that life and love literally multiplied in a moment of pure delight. My tendencies during these times is to want to hold on tight these feelings, not let go, wish time could stand still. •
But I know that those patterns usually contribute to my feelings of pain. So instead, I let the grief wash over me and let the tears roll. And under that wave of sadness is my gratitude. ✨ I am so grateful for a birth experience of my dreams that left me feeling empowered and ready to be a mama of 3. ✨ I’m thankful for all the friends and family to brought meals, folded my laundry, sent kind words and helped ease this transition. ✨ I’m grateful to have had full days with just this guy, so I was able to slow down to get to know him. ✨ I’m thankful to have had some paid maternity leave that allowed me to enjoy this time with less financial worry. ✨ I’m thankful for a very sunny fall that helped kept my mood bright. ✨ and I’m most grateful to know this sweet soul, and for all the wisdom you have already shared...you are magic baby! .
#gratefulheart #savor #aparigraha #samskara #ilovematernityleave #babyselfie #takebackpostpartum #4thtrimester #3monthsold #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort #mindfulmamas

Lately I have been doing a lot of re-reading of the Yamas and Niyamas and one of the principles I seem to be really gravitating towards lately is aparigraha- or non attachment. What are those things in my life that I seem to have an attachment to that may not be serving me or others in a positive way? Recognizing that these attachments control our happiness and once we begin to let go of them, life becomes more fulfilling in other areas. This is especially important now more than ever with the new little roommate running the show aka little Bodhi 🐻
P.s. working on shoulders tonight. Come say hi, move and laugh with me.
#yamas #aparigraha #yogadear #lewisburgpa #yogajourney

Thank you, Grandmother Willow! Please don't be offended when I give it away. I have plenty of jewelry. #nonattachment #aparigraha

Ogni giorno puoi incontrare sul tuo cammino apparenti ostacoli o limitazioni ma più ti opponi più dai loro forza e la barriera iniziale si trasformerà in un muro.
Chiediti: quale messaggio importante si cela per me?
Esci dal tuo schema mentale e scegli la via più inattesa per la tua mente ringraziando i segnali che puoi cogliere anche quando sono scomodi. 😯
Trova equilibrio e se non lo trovi cercalo tra le tue intenzioni più vere e i tuoi sogni e poi comincia a operare verso di loro e vai avanti, vai solo avanti.😬💖
Cambiare è semplice, resistere al cambiamento è comodo🤭
Namaste 🙏

Feeling like one of santas helpers with all of the shopping, wrapping, and crafting I have been doing these past few days! Also feeling broke but prepared for the holidays 😅

In this season of consumption, #aparigraha begins with awareness of what we grasp onto. @eckharttolle #anewearth 📚Dont forget about our book club THIS SUNDAY with the brilliant @jamiesmacdougall

Due exhala. Cuando evil is bestowed upon you, a yogi is to remain indifferent or neutral. Most of us have some limits of what we find as acceptable behavior. We might sincerely hold the belief that all people are pure at their deepest level. Yet, are there not some individuals you think to be dishonest, cruel, mean, or even wicked, or evil? Are there not some behaviors that you consider so outside of acceptable conduct that it strongly causes you to feel anger and frustration? Even if you really feel strongly about some other person in this way, is it not also true that you, yourself, carry the burden of this? How to be free from that is the question. To counterbalance the negative feelings toward someone you feel is bad, wicked, or lacking in virtue, the antidote is to cultivate an attitude of neutrality, indifference, acceptance, or equanimity. It can be difficult to cultivate this attitude, since it might make us think we are approving of their bad behavior. We seek the neutrality of inner balance and equanimity, which does not mean approving of the person's actions. In fact, cultivating attitudes of neutrality might go a long way in being able to cause change. I then accept and am equanimous because I hope for change. #changeyourworld #evil #bogis #ahimsa #satya #asteya #bramacharya #aparigraha #nonviolence #truth #controlofsexualinstincts #nonstealing #nonattachment #therestisjustacircus @ashtangayogaperu

Ok noted
#Repost @yogawithhenry (@get_repost)
It's alarming nowadays to see seasoned yoga practitioners who don't know anything about the 8 limbs of yoga. In general (this is an oversimplification), #Yamas are a set of ethnics that every yoga practitioner must strive to adhere to before moving to #Niyamas (set of #virtues, the 2nd limb of yoga) before even starting #Asanas (the 3rd limb). Nowadays, the obsession with nailing poses is so prevalent among prominent instagram yogis, where they packaged it as "goal setting" just like any activity in life. Case in point: Yoga isn't a passing fad in your life, it's a way of life. It's no secret that most of these instayogis attend gymnastics / calisthenics / strength classes solely for the purpose of doing beautiful yoga poses.

To be fair, there's nothing wrong with doing fitness workouts to strengthen the body. After all, yoga is about #balance, and my teacher #AndreyLappa often chides us for not doing enough strength training to do challenging asanas properly, because non-optimal asanas means you cannot properly direct internal energies to achieve the desired state of mind.

However, most aren't aware of the purpose of asana other than a goal to be achieved. That is what Sri Dharma Mittra refers to "not observing Yama". The obsession with poses have clouded the mind, and they are not practicing #aparigraha (non-possessiveness / #nonattachment). Their yoga practice becomes no more than a self-serving activity of satisfying their own ego to show that they are better than others in a pose.

No one is perfect, but do not ever allow yourself to fall into this trap of asana mastery that you forgot about the end goal of yoga - union of body and mind.

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Do you really need more stuff? Could you give more stuff to charity? Do you waste a lot of food? Aparigraha means non-greed, non-attachment, only taking what you need and not being a greedy git. Do you really need more shoes, a new bag or more shit to clog up your life? Long-term happiness does not come from ‘things’ and how much you have. It actually comes from the freedom to rely less and less on external and material possessions, and more from the freedom to experience every wonderful thing this life has to offer. In your physical yoga practice, just enjoy wherever you’re at. Mentally, try not to worry about little things. When our minds are less cluttered with worries and attachment, we can get on with the important stuff, like trying to make a difference in the world around us. We live in a ‘McDonalds society.’ We want everything, we want it now, and we want it super-sized. Aparigraha is the opposite. #aparigraha #dontbegreedy #bekind #donate #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #yogini #yogi #yogisofinstagram

I am so in love with all of the beautiful art in St. Pete 💞 this is one of my favorite murals because it has my favorite animal (humming birds) drinking nectar from the colors if you look closely 🦋 also love this arm balance variation with eagle legs!
Photo by @artsy_blue

Always Change
#yoga #1단계 #다섯번째계율 #아파리그라하 #Aparigraha #물질 #물건 #저장 #에너지 #모으는것으로부터자유 , *사전적의미 =
각자의 #분수(자기신분에맞는한도) #수수하게 (1.물건:그리좋지도않고나쁘지도않고제격에어울리는품이어지간하다, 2.사람:꾸밈없고거짓없고까다롭지않고수월하고무던하다)

In Episode 10 or Yoga for Writing: a podcast for miserable writers, we discuss the yogic yama of Aparigraha or non-grasping and the ways in which attachment can make writers miserable. By attaching too strongly to our identity as a writer, we place too much burden on the role writing plays in our lives. In the same way, by attaching to outcomes or a self-imposed goal that will signify success, we are never satisfied. Learn how non-attachment can help to make our writing life more gratifying.
#letthatshitgo #aparigraha #yogaforwriting #writersofinstagram #writing #writinglife #writingcommunity #aspiringauthors #poetry #poetsofinstagram #podcast #yoga #yogaeverdamnday #jnanayoga #spirituality #selfimprovement #selfacceptance

reflecting on my work on and off the mat hence📢🗣 new year, new handle <<<>>> APARI YOGA <<<>>>

APARI is short for Aparigraha, one of the five Yamas in Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. It translates to non-possessiveness, non-attachment, non-grasping. This word alone has been an incredibly powerful mantra for me the last three years. For me, it’s a reminder to not just free ourselves from material items, but past experiences, past selves, past beliefs, present expectations, future outcomes... clearing out the unnecessary allows us make space for our ‘lost self,’ the one that resides in pure awareness.
More to come in 2018 🙃
PC: @tomally_travels

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart.” .
#keepitopen #noexpectations #unconditionallove #inaconditionalworld #aparigraha #nonattachment #letlovein #yogaeverydamnday #yogawashington #yogapnw #yogini

oh, take me to the waves... 🌊 “let it go
let it leave
let it happen
in this world
was promised or
belonged to you
all you own is yourself” - rupi kaur
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"If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together. Watch the flames climb high into the night, calling out father." #edsheeran

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Sirsasana - Headstand and various variations. 🌙 I've been reflecting on what my yoga practice means to me today, after a particularly stress-filled start to the day where it seemed to be one bad thing after another I found myself still laughing and smiling and feeling more thankful than ever and it led me to ponder why that is. Is it simply a daily gratitude practice or is it more? I truly believe that yoga has gifted me strength, patience, perseverance, kindness, self-worth and more. From the basic physical strength building and pushing through mental barriers on the mat to an awareness of the breath and how it can be used to calm and facilitate openness and connection to the world, to a daily awareness of the yamas and niyamas: ahimsa-nonviolence to ourselves and others, satya-truthfulness knowing our own truth and living it, Santosha-contentment being truly thankful and happy with who we are and where we are at and aparigraha-non-grasping and not needing more more more. These values have been such an integral part of my daily practice and have sustained me and nourished me this past year at a time when I would have crumbled without this gift. I've never been more thankful for yoga and the rich lineage of its teachings and encourage anyone to try it, get on the mat and you can't help but become a better version of your beautiful self. 💗 namaste X #gratitude #thankful #yoga #yogini #yamas #niyamas #santosha #ahimsa #satya #aparigraha #onedayatatime #ibendsoidontbreak #strongnotskinny #practiceandalliacoming #choosekind #choosehappy #dailyactsofkindness #nothingisordinary #nayanayogauk #selfpractice #affirmation

I'm gonna miss my cornrows but then...Aparigraha(non-attachment). #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #beyondasanas #aparigraha #cornrows

O apego a pessoas, coisas e situações é um grande gerador de sofrimento. Aparigraha sugere a generosidade ao invés do apego. Desapego do resultado, seja qual for a situação. Desapego de tudo o que não usamos (geralmente temos muito mais do que precisamos). Desapego da expectativa que colocamos nos outros de nos fazerem felizes.

Hoje eu te convido a refletir sobre o que é necessário na sua vida e a carregar somente o que você precisa 🙏🏼 Eduardo Marinho representa muito bem quando diz 🍃“Dessa vida eu quero tudo que eu puder levar” ou seja, os afetos, as boas relAÇÕES, o que realmente fará diferença do lado de lá. Isso me toca profundamente. #Aparigraha #desapego #yoga #meditação #afetos #energia -
*Marque seu(sua) amigo(a) que precisa trabalhar o desapego. #quemnunca 😄

The more I practice, study and teach Yoga, the deeper I grow through it...
Remains one of beliefs that I adapted and learned through my Yoga path is ( to not push)
I don't pushy my body in any posture, I don't push in life, I don't in relationships, I don't have to push so I reach or I achieve..
And when life begins testing me, I remind my self ( well, just relax and let it be)...
‎من اهم المفاهيم اللي رسختها فيا اليوجا بقوة في رحلتي وخصوصا الكام سنة الاخيرة هي ( عدم الضغط في الحياة )
مش محتاجة اضغط على جسمي وانا بتمرن، مش محتاجة اضغط على نفسي في علاقة معينة او اجبرها تكون بالشكل اللي انا عايزاه، مش محتاجة اضغط في الحياة واجبرها تمشي في الطريق اللي انا شايفاه واللي يمكن مش احسن طريق ليا، مش محتاجة افضل طول الوقت بضغط نفسي والحياة عشان اوصل واحقق ..
واوقات كتير لما تتوه الاتجاهات والطريق يضلم وتبدا الحياة تختبرك بكل الصور بيكون افضل نصيحة امنحها لنفسي( اهدي، استرخي واسمحي للحياة تاخد مجراها )
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Plot Twist, New Chapter📚: 👣“Follow the Leader “ ✨ 🤚🏼Aparigraha ✨ I love you #surrenderingmywaytotruelove #aparigraha #iloveyou #leadmehome #readyforchange #readyformore #disciplineequalsfreedom

Approach each new moment as an opportunity to let go of attachments, expectations of outcomes, and fear of the unknown. Turn this fear into curiosity. Ride the waves of uncertainty with the vibrancy of life and love for all that is. 💕🙏🏼✨

Esse é o foco dessa semana. Significa a não possessividade ou o não cobiçar, que se traduz em generosidade e desapego em relação não apenas aos bens materiais, mas também às relações afetivas. Um convite a se entregar à simplicidade! 🙏💖 #yoga #yamas #aparigraha #desapego #simplicidade #coracaoaberto #leveza #umporsemana #todosparavida

"There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you!" -Mehmet Murat ildan

It has been an amazing journey with these fellow yogis, as this chapter comes to an end I want to honor all of the energy we have shared together. Thank you @fitflexjuli for the lighthearted acrobatic photoshoot, oh and your shorts lol. In some way or another we were all bursting at the seams. Theme of the day #aparigraha 🧘🏾‍♂️

Let it be.
Of the eight limbs of yoga, we as yoga students are usually very familiar with the third limb, asana, which are the postures practiced in yoga. .
Did you know that the first limb is comprised of the yamas?
Yamas = the codes of universal ethical behaviour .
The five yamas include:
1) ahimsa (non-violence),
2) satya (not lying), 3) asteya (not stealing), 4) brahmacharya (sexual impeccability)...
5) aparigraha, which is related to non-attachment or non-coveting.
A releasing of expectations of outcomes.
A process of non-grasping and non-possessiveness.

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