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Rocco's mom here! I'm sorry I haven't been doing Rocco updates lately. Ever since Hurricane Harvey hit I've been volunteering with @Austinpetsalive helping with the animals that were rescued from the hurricane. APA has taken in 1700+ animals. If you'd like to make a donation I have started a fundraiser (link in bio👆🏻). The animals are confused and scared but they are safe and dry and being loved and cared for until they are reunited with their family or (if they were from a Shelter previously) find their forever home. ❤️ #apaharvey #hurricaneharvey

This is the America I know!
Scroll through to see the beautiful donations that have been sent to @spcatexas @austinpetsalive 🙌🏻 #APAHarvey
I am so often saddened by what humans do to animals, but this makes me smile and renews some faith in humanity. •Supplies are still needed! Check the bio's of @austinpetsalive @spcatexas @dallasdogrrr and the handles below to see what you can send or donate. •If you are in these areas and need dog food or supplies, these organizations will help you!
• If you have a lost pet in the Houston area, check @austinpetsalive @houstonhumane @spcatexas.
•If you are in Texas and area able to foster, contact your local shelter or rescue. •If you want to adopt a homeless cat or dog effected by this tragedy now is a great time!
•If you are in LA, Marc Ching and co @animalhopeandwellness @dogsofahwf @muttmatchmaker are collecting donations for him to take on Sunday. Check their account for the details. 🙏🏻❤️🛶🐶🙌🏻 #PLhelpforhurricaneharvey
The below are also involved:

This momma/puppy duo are #Harvey evacuees. They were so scared at first they would not come out of their crate, until APA staff and volunteers gave them the TLC they needed. Now they know they are safe. #APAHarvey #livesworthsaving #safenow

1.5" martingales inspired by our 🧀 @itsmemozzarella. Get yours today and support @austinpetsalive ! 💁🏻 #APAHARVEY

Currently fostering this little gem - Bird! She came in with the many batches of animals from areas affected by Harvey. If she strikes your fancy just let me know! :) She is about a year old. She came in with a small flesh wound but is recovering with a round of antibiotics to ward off any infection. We'll be working on getting some weight on her. She's super chill and sweet. Austin Pets Alive has been doing an incredible job. If you've been considering fostering or adopting a furry friend (cat or dog!) now is a great time. APA is also waiving adoption fees for kitties for the month of September. #austinpetsalive #apa #apaharvey #hurricaneharvey

#Repost @austinpetsalive (@get_repost)
Our bodies are tired but our souls are full. Each animal we touch is now a small part of heart and our hearts keep getting bigger. Thank you for your support near and far. Helping People Help Pets. We don't know how to do anything else. #apaharvey #makeadifference
#savethemall #hurricaneharvey

When we arrived at the @austinpetsalive temporary warehouse our fearless leaders told us that we were seeing one eighth of the dogs and cats they had there - just today. I felt so lucky to be there, for the opportunity to help. It was a roller coaster of heartbreak, joy, gratitude and hope. Each and every task no matter how small or large made a huge difference. Huge. Keep that in mind? And I will too. We totally *can* make a difference.
One gesture can make another being feel safe, whole, happy, comforted. 🐶
One gesture can clean up, organize, bring awareness. 🐠
One single gesture that inspires the next. 🌎🌿🌈🌊
All this focus on self love, yoga and mindfulness is not selfish or self-centered but rather practiced diligently so you can have energy to give. To serve. To contribute.
The icing on top is when I came home Benji sniffed my legs and told me he was proud of his Mom.
Then he told me to go take a shower.
Then he suggested a walk.
#fwfg #apaharvey

Does Cooper have jealous big brother syndrome or...? 😂 this photo makes me endlessly happy. Storm is going to her forever family soon and I've gotta say I'm gonna miss this little girl, Coop will too (despite what that face says) #adoptdontshop #apaharvey #rescuedogsofinstagram #dogmom #austindogs

Storm went to her forever family and it's so bittersweet. Her new family loves her so so much and we've had the luxury of easing everyone into it. This little girl reminded me to be a fighter but her shining light would've never been made possible without @austinpetsalive. Without their selflessness, love, and dedication to dogs who are deserving of a home, little Storm would've never had a chance. She was actually on deck to be euthanized at her shelter in Houston before the hurricane hit when she was saved by APA volunteers. She then went onto beat Parvo and become part of our every day life. For my first foster experience, it was sure as hell a crazy and meaningful one. #dogmom #adoptdontshop #apaharvey


What! It's not the weekend yet?

Mom let me go out into the unknown today. Cooper goes out there all the time but I've never been before, I was overwhelmed and didn't feel the need to leave the patio. Maybe next time I'll explore🤔

Thug Life🖤

So that reindeer pic you wanted... not gonna happen!

Looking for love? Let Fairy Godmother grant your wish! This beautiful girl has been in foster for a few months, and has grown from a scared flood rescue into the perfect family kitten! She gets on well with kids and other cats, and can't wait to be adopted into a loving forever home.
Want to meet Fairy? You're in luck! She's now at our main cattery. Come by and give her a bippity boppity boop.

Fairy Godmother is such an adorable #ReasontoRescue! We're hoping to help as many pets like her as possible in the coming year. Be a part of this by donating through the link in our bio.

Every dollar you give now through Christmas Eve will be matched by a generous friend of APA!!
#AustinPetsAlive #adoptdontshop #christmascat #catsofaustin #fairygodmother #blackkitten #APAHarvey #livesworthsaving

Today I discovered couch naps are the best! So much better than me going to my 'room'.

We have Christmas spirit, how bout you?

Mom took me on a field trip to work on my manners today. When leaving I asked if Santa would bring me one of these for Christmas? She asked me if I would still think toes are toys then? Does that mean I won't get one? 🎄

When they put a leash on you in your yard to get you to poop in snow you must stand your ground...and yes that is another jacket!

In my jammies ready for bed💤

I may not like rain, but this snow stuff is fun to play with! Mom said I may never see again so to enjoy it!

My name is Bruce and I do not like sweaters, cold or the fact that my people expect me to pee in the rain. Mom says I look cute, but this is ridiculous!

Be still my heart!! I decided to foster because I rescued Cookie (white and gray kitty) from my yard but she was without her litter. I wanted her to learn more kitty manners and get in some healthy play, but my own grown cat Paris wasn't having it. These boys were calm when she hissed and didn't get mean when she batted them, and she's slowly gotten more comfortable being around them. Now they play and chase each other too!! Then --this happened last night!! I was so happy!! Just one blessing to come from #fosteringkittens with @austinpetsalive ❤️ #🍪thekitten

This was the first picture my people saw of me when I was looking for my furever home! #tonguesouttuesday

Even though I'm working on #puppyjumping... I couldn't help it, I was so excited to find out I was getting tutored today.

Mom loves waking up to me. Prob cause she gets to see my cute face😜

Everytime I do this ear trick... people squeal and pet me!

When mom wakes you up on Monday morning and you are not ready.

My favorite treats. Mommy likes them too cause she uses them to teach me tricks😀

This month all adoption fees with @austinpetsalive are only $25 (regularly $100) -- These boys were rescued from Harvey and would make the BEST Christmas gift for you or your family!! Dre (front) is a big cuddler, and Nick Jr. is a curious friendly sweetheart!! Message me to come meet them. They will be forever grateful!! -
#adoptme #austinpetsalive #atx #austin #adopt #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #yoga #atx #austin #adoptatx #blackcat #blackcats #adoptables #austinadoptables #apaharvey #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcatsofig #blackcatsrule #adoptable

Nick Jr. Is being really playful with my resident kitten-- And Dre is bein' Dre and just chillin' :) Come meet these sweet boys and give them a forever home for the Holidays!! -
#adoptme #austinpetsalive #atx #austin #adopt #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #yoga #atx #austin #adoptatx #blackcat #blackcats #adoptables #austinadoptables #apaharvey #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcatsofig #blackcatsrule #adoptable

Allowing these boys to run around a bit in the house with my resident kitty and they all got so tuckered out!! Hahaha!! Dre and Nick Jr. STILL available for adoption yall!! -
#adoptme #austinpetsalive #atx #austin #adopt #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #yoga #atx #austin #adoptatx #blackcat #blackcats #adoptables #austinadoptables #apaharvey #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcatsofig #blackcatsrule #adoptable

Allspice and his sister, Apple Fritter, were orphan kittens - until they were taken in and cared for by another mom-cat! Their new mom was a stray who was rescued during Hurricane Harvey.

This special momma cat was adopted almost immediately, and the day she was scheduled to be spayed, surprise! She was pregnant. She had two kittens of her own but happily took in Allspice and Apple Fritter.

Whew, what a story! But now it's time for a new chapter - Allspice and Apple Fritter are ready for their forever homes!

See more of these tabby twinsies on our website​​​​, you'll be charmed by their sweetness!
#AustinPetsAlive #APAHarvey #ReasontoRescue #catsofaustin #adoptdontshop #austinadoptables #livesworthsaving

Mom said it was bring your kid to work day.. little did I know I was getting surgery and a tattoo, feeling kinda down right about now. Did I mention I have to wear the cone of shame? 😔

Can you imagine my surprise when mom pulled up to a big screen with words.. and the screen started TALKING to mom.. then we pull up to a window full of humans staring at me with big smiles on their faces, then a human gave her a yummy looking drink. Starting to enjoy these adventures with mom, I already wanna go back!💙

Since 2008, @austinpetsalive has saved over 50,000 animals from euthanasia! Today is a day dedicated to giving back and you can participate in #GivingTuesday by donating to Austin Pets Alive! through the link in my bio. They work tirelessly as the final safety net for shelter pets in Central Texas, keeping Austin the nation’s largest No Kill City! They help animals like @adopt.grape by giving them medical care, shelter, and love when they need it most. Consider making a donation to help save lives! .
#austinpetsalive #giveback #donate #makeadifference #apaharvey #adoptdontshop

Since 2008, Austin Pets Alive! has saved over 50,000 animals from euthanasia. As pets, they give us so much, and we are humbled to help them every day. Today is dedicated to giving back. Participate in #GivingTuesday by donating to Austin Pets Alive!. We are the final safety net for shelter pets in Central Texas. By making a donation today, you will be saving the lives of those who need us the most. Find a link to donate in our profile! Thank you for your continued support. 💜

The look you give when your mom buys you a new sweater and wondering if you should go on a diet since it’s way too small 🤷🏻‍♀️🐶💁🏻‍♀️😂
#xlplease#bigboned#dontcare#stillcute#apaharvey #austinpetsalive #dontbullymybreed #pitbull #dogsofinstagram #pitbulllife #atx #adoptdontshop #pitbullsareagirlsbestfriend#rescuedogs#bullybreed #pitbullove #atxdogs

New IG accounts to follow if you want to stay updated on 3 of the 7 of us now that we are all in our forever homes.

Gambit wants to remind you to choose Austin Pets Alive! on amazon smile while you’re doing your #cybermonday shopping! And mark your calendar for #givingtuesday to continue to help APA! give to the animals that need us most! See link in bio. 👆
#makeadifference #apaharvey #dog

Ringworm dip day at Rally C. Unhappy kitties for now but they are getting closer to putting ringworm behind them! These sweet peas are all available for adoption through Austin Pets Alive!


Dad with my brother as a baby | Dad with me as a baby💙


Moms FAVORITE picture

When you're the same color as your carpet.. *insert famous John Cena quote*

Halloween '17

My mom gave me 'CUTEST SLEEPER AWARD'🏆

My big brother Cooper💙

The name's Bruce Wayne🦇

Bruce vs. ball🎾

One of my favorite places is "off limits". Too bad I don't listen to nonsense my human says.

I'm adorable when I sleep😴

When me, my siblings, and now forever mom were involved in a special engagement💎

My birth mom💓

3 weeks old

The story of us:
8/11/17- Me and my siblings were born at @austinpetsalive 🎉

8/26/17- A volunteer (my now, forever mommy) received an email asking for help in fostering dogs due to hurricane Harvey to make room for dogs who lost their homes, or dogs who were going to be sent to doggy heaven due to the predicted destruction of the hurricane🙏

9/30/17- My birth mother, me, and my siblings were up for adoption on austinpetsalive.org . We all received NUMEROUS emails from potential forever homes. Within 3 days of being available, we found our forever loving homes and are happy to be in the best care with our new moms.

10/2/17- Is the day my foster mom couldn't let me go and ended up putting in her application to make me her forever son and give her first son🐶 a baby brother🎈

11/26/17- My mom realized I'm too adorable and loving with my big brother to not have my own IG. Now you get to see the rest of my life FOREVER.. if you follow me👅

Day 1 with the human I never knew would end up being my forever mommy.

For the past 3 months, I've been working as a temp hire on the Dog Foster team in the wake of #HurricaneHarvey. Yesterday was my last day. Today, I am #thankful for my time with @austinpetsalive. Working with so many wonderful pups (like these two adorable rescues, Saffron & Coriander) and amazing people working to save these sweet animals was a true #blessing. I learned so many things and loved helping save lives every day. #adoptdontshop .
#adoptdogs #dogsofinstagram #puppies #puppylove #saffron #coriander #thanksgiving #APA #apaharvey #hugapup #austinpetsalive #fosterdog #savealife #rescuedog

This amazing boy is Fred and would you look at that smile! He is a sweet, smart, (and did I mention handsome) dog @austinpetsalive he's. In the middle of giving his trainer his happy face for all the cookies rewarding his good work 😁. Come say hi!
#apa #apaharvey #dogsofatx #austinpetsalive #austindogs #dogtraining #rescuemutt #rescuedog #rescuedogs #rescueme #savinglives #savealife #savealife #adoptable #adoptdontshop #adoptme

These boys love their window. :)

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