Breaking News: Titan Found in the Great Wall of China🤣

men are the best to hug like?? they're so warm and firm and good. men are delicious. i'm so gay.

i love being around drunk people they're the best

sex is such a weird thing whomst even wants sex

The last of Marco!
I need to fix like half (😅😂) of the costume and fix how I do my makeup, but otherwise I’m almost done with Marco!
#aot #attackontitan #attackontitanseason2 #marco #marcocosplay #marcobodt #marcobodtcosplay #aotseason2 #aotcosplay #cosplay #c0splay #cosplayer

‘s edit
battle well fought

anime: attack on titan [s2]
ac: @/yatoxkami
program: video star


I have a friend who whenever he asks me something I just say "oh worm?" and it's great 10/10 would recommend

i finished my homework but all of my friends are going to orlando for the weekend so I'm just like aaaAAAAAHHHHH

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