Yeeeeeear new product in the house! Good vibes only is a neat little blend that helps keep those bad vibes away. Think...your modern version of a sage smudge stick..only without all the smoke! Spray a room, the house or yourself if you're feeling a bit negative Nancy. Great to use in a space after an argument, a lot of tears or just that icky low feeling that sometimes lingers. Gorgeous oils blended with crystal infused liquid. All vegan, all natural, all made right here in the bay. Up on the website later today presspausemassage.co.nz/shop

Starts to look like a home to be excited about... #tinyhouse #tinyhousenz #cedarcladding #boardandbattensiding #aotearoamade #wharevaka

Rise & Shine! Spritz this on your clothes or in the car as part of your morning routine. The natural plant oils in this little beaut have been chosen for their uplifting, energising and positive effect. It's also a great pick me up around the 3pm mark when you're feeling a bit deflated! $13 each, pick one up at your next reflex/aroma treatment or get one sent to you by buying here: presspausemassage.co.nz/shop
Have a great day! Peace, love & plant power, Joss xo ☮️❤️🌿

It’s taking shape. Double glazed German joinery & burned Japanese cedar.. testing some recessed flashing too. #wharevaka #aotearoamade #tinyhouse #tinyhousenz #shousugiban

First surf of the season....calls for Muscle rub! It's warming up a bit out there and as we crawl out of the woodwork we're starting to get moving! These beauty days are just begging for a surf, a run maybe even some yoga in the park but you might find waking up your winter muscles leaves you a bit sore! This bad boy has a n awesome blend of muscle loving plant oils that should help ease the pain/tightness/tiredness. 100% natural and plant based yay! Pick yours up at your next appointment or get one here ➡️www.presspausemassage.co.nz/shop Happy Sunday, Peace, Love & Plant Power, Joss xo #plantpowered #aotearoamade #aromatherapist #mothernature #soremuscles #surfsup #springtime #musclerub #papamoa #presspause #peaceloveandplantpower

How lucky are we to have access to such beautifully handcrafted tāonga sourced from our very own backyard.

#Aotearoamade #harakeke

New diffuser for those that prefer a soft pastel.....up on website later today! ☮️❤️🌿 #pastelpink #newdiffuser #plantpower #smallbiz #papamoa #aotearoamade

Changing the bay one piece at a time. Thank you, Mr. G #mrg #heavenlyhope #kinna #heartofnz #aotearoamade

This morning was no different than any other morning.

Dad being amazing, despite Te Tawa going off the fucking rails (that's norm) over not being able to find her Tino Rangatiratanga flag to display on her walk through town today to honor the measly 1 week out of the year we get offered to celebrate Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori /Maori Language Week.
He patiently (despite Tawa finding her flag she is melting down over some other bullshit - I've given up listening and caring tbh) secures her flag to a bamboo stick (I want to use that stick to slap a kid I'm not even kidding) and then tolerantly ties her matted wild hair into a ponytail. Fuxking legend💗. This morning was no different than any other morning.
And, and,he has gone along to support the school as Matua Awhi/Parent help.
Ray, he is a Man among Men. A standard upon which our girls will judge all men. Fuxking legend 💗.

Kia ora! Did you know it's Maori language week? 🇳🇿 Incorporating Maori culture into our business is very important to us which is why we called our first product 'Ahi Cider' (meaning Fire Cider) 🔥 Our Co-founder Seth is Maori and his whanau (family) originate from Kaitaia which is a beautiful spot in the far north of New Zealand. We can all help strengthen our language so check out www.tewikiotereomaori.co.nz to get yourself started! ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ - ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong ❤️

Roof went up... permanently dry- yeah, thanks Dylan! #colorsteel #sandstonegrey #tinyhouse #tinyhousenz #wharevaka #aotearoamade

Another sunny weekend = progress. Fascia up. #wharevaka #tinyhousenz #tinyhouse #aotearoamade

#Repost @islandbuildersnz with @get_repost
Feels already like a good space... #aotearoamade #tinyhousenz #wharevaka #thankful

Feels already like a good space... #aotearoamade #tinyhousenz #wharevaka #thankful

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