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I wanna be a part of your #Symphony 🌿🌹🌵

Hey ihr da draußen wie geht's wie stets?🍋Ich hab heute bisher nach der Schule nur Geschichte gelernt und dan war ich mit meiner Mommy in der Stadt 🌃,weil ich wollte mir zwei neue Pflanzen für mein Zimmer kaufen 😏hehe will nämlich gleich mein Zimmer ein bissel umdekorieren🙈😍aber nur da wo mein Bett steht ein bisschen und das Regal💁🏼jaaa.Ich sag dann erstmal tschüssi sonst werde ich nicht mehr fertig heute🌿😂Hab Euch lieb 🌹

#qotd 🌻 oder 🌹?
#aotd 🌻
Pulli: @composebrand 💗🌿
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Yo, that would be quite interesting but I thought it would start off with chapter 700 of Naruto. I guess not. 🙄
#qotd : do you hope Boruto rise or sink?
#aotd : rise ofc. It won't fail. 🔥
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Sto ancora facendo i compitiiiiii
#qotd quanti a fargli gli auguri?
#harrypotter #harrypottermemes

-; 🌸
#QOTD : Yoona or Suzy?
#AOTD : myself😂😂😂😂😂

È tipo, bellissimaa😍
Devo ancora finire di studiare lol
Perché tipo
Lo ammetto
Sto perdendo un sacco di tempo😂
Ma non me ne pento😌
E vbb
*ke bll lamore approves pt 93*
Devo andare perché mia mamma rompe lol
#qotd seguite pll?🌚
#aotd sono alla quarta stagionee🙃💖


⇢ Honestly though, didn't anyone think to point to Snape :' )

⇢ I've finished watching all 6 seasons of Suits, and now I'm on Iron Fist omg it's actually a lot better than what people say

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Birthday(s) Of The Day 👇🏼🎂🎉
⇢ Wish a very happy birthday to Eden in the comments please!
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#QOTD : Snape or Slughorn?
#AOTD : I lowkey love Slughorn haha

Daniel Sharman vai participar da série Fear The Walking Dead na 3° temporada. O nome do seu personagem será Troy.
@llaiskiara || #lahfw 🌸
#qotd : praia ou piscina? 💦
#aotd : ambos. 😂❤
Reserva: @fatoswolf 🐺

Ciauu 😘.
Devo andare
a studiare
scienze bc domani
ho une verifica 😫.
Comunque nel post
ci sono i miei gusti..
non tutti possono
essere d'accordo🙂 . #qotd : Harry, Ron o Draco?
#aotd : Harry😍.


#qotd : Do you have a friend who has the same name as you?
#aotd : yes @learefy 😂💜
[#matthewgraygubler #spencerreid #criminalminds]

@livvlo wears #revebyrene eyewear. Shop the look online now at ROXALNE.COM.
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Request by my twin @http.pcyv !! Hope you like it 💗
GUY I REACHED 1k THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH IF IT WASNT FOR MY WONDERFUL FOLLOWERS I WOULDNT HAVE REACHED THIS MUCH !! 😭💕 actually I wasn't expecting to reach this much . I just thought oh okay but now I realized holy shit it's real . Thank you all seriously thank you I couldn't do this without all of you. Thank you all for being so kind and sweet 💗!!
Like promised , once I reach 1k I'll write imagines so the imagine will start in the comments, sucks but tried my best 😂
Today was boring but I have a headache but it's whatever.
Also happy birthday to mino, june, And jisoo 💞
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[#Qotd] what college or university do you want to go to if your planning to go or what college/ university are you in if you're already in ?
If not
[#qotd 2] how many of your followers follow me just wondering 🤔
[#aotd] Stanford university is my mine focus to get in and my second choice is the university of Washington
[#aotd 2] N/A
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Rose gold hearts for you and your mini!

When them New Chokers Drop.....
Drip Drop Choker
Hoop wit me Honey Earrings
What you waiting on it don't take a,genius .......you hear for it or what
Link in bio💻
Concierge of Fashion Accessories Switchingupstyles bigcartel #jewelryjunkies

Coming soon - Mona Sultan Mini Square in Black & White Stripes.
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— ❊ Angst vor Schnee

#qotd : Mögt ihr den Schnee?
#aotd : Ja, ich mag es, wenn die Flächen sehr hell erscheinen.


↝αriαnα grαnde edit
↝theme #3//pαstel illegαl beαuty
🎵–breαk free - αriαnα grαnde ft. zedd
🆓–superimpose, phonto, αfterlight, prismα, vsco
RIVERDALE EPISODE TODAY AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! i need to work on more edits woops...
whi: @/artsywater
twitter: @/springpctter
tumblr: @/springpctter

qotd| what time do you usually sleep?
aotd| 11:00pm or 12:00pm hehehe
✕ignore the tαgs✕

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[thursday || fc- 120] ♡♡
hey guys im bored af and i'm watching tiger belly 🐯
#qotd what is your favorite color? 🎨
#aotd lilac 🍬

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comente o que achou da foto ♡
comment what you think about the photo ♡
#qotd : qual a sua cor favorita?
#aotd : rosa e azul ♡

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