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Learned a lot, walked a lot, and ate a lot of dessert • successful weekend at #AOTA17 in Philadelphia this weekend! Even though it was only #sunnyinphiladelphia today ☀️

Got to have a pic with this spinning sign. #aota17

Best way to kick student burnout? Spend the weekend with 13,000 OTs and future OTs #aota17 #otcentennial

Celebrating 100 years of Occupational Therapy!! #AOTA17

Cheers to celebrating 100 years of occupational therapy. Blessed for our opportunity to attend this great conference and explore a city rich in history. Had a blast with y'all
#aota17 #OTD #brOTs

Playing with a $53,000 robotic arm. Spendy but could be invaluable to the right person. Being able to do even the simplest things without relying on someone else could increase quality of life dramatically. Wheelchair mountable and can be programmed to use with sip and puff controls. #aota17 #otcentennial #expensive

Hangin' with the Eleanor's ✌️ #aota17 #otcentennial


OTAC Advocacy day 2017 @ the CA state Capitol. Our OTAC leaders met senators at the state capitol. (swipe left for more pictures)
#aota17 #aota #otmonth2017 #otadvocacy #otac #advocacyday #statecapitol #california #otleaders

Philadelphia's cheesesteaks

MJ and I had so much fun planning our Emotions MG. Got a chance to use the materials for treat sessions today too. Talking one on one with my little munchkins about their feelings and what makes them feel different ways was awesome. #occupationaltherapy #AOTA17 #aotavision2025 #preschool #DisneyPixar #insideout

Welcome to my profession.
It does not matter if I hear advocacies more than treatment strategies, every time I attend conferences. When you get burned out from work, most of the time, that's all you ever want to hear for you to go back on the saddle and move forward.
Occupational therapy is a very fluid profession. You cannot box how you manage your clients. You cannot make up a "combo meal". Most of the time, common sense is not so common for the people we help.

Door too small, the wheel gets caught? Turn the wheel in. Utensils too small? Punch a hole thru an old medicine bottle to adapt a built up handle. Couch too low? Put another pillow, wrap with a sheet to make it stable.
Possibilities are endless. I thank Occupational therapy for bringing more common sense into the world.
#OTat100 #OccupationalTherapy #Centennial #100YearsStrong #HappyOTMonth #OTAwareness #AOTA14 Baltimore, MD #AOTA15 Nashville, TN #AOTA16 Chicago, IL #AOTA17 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Next: #AOTA18 Salt lake city, Utah


Happy OT month!!!! We celebrated with quotes from our kids on what OT means to them, a raffle for our staff for an RTI kit, adaptive material stations for our teachers to trial, educational materials from AOTA, and of course snacks! How did you celebrate??? #otmonth #ottricks #otcentennial #aota17 #occupationaltherapy

Happy OT month!! Did you do anything fun to celebrate? Let us know what you did! #occupationaltherapy #otcentennial #otgds2017 #aota17 #OT

Karen, Filomena, Ginger, Linda and Kim at @aotainc #AOTA17 - what a blast! @AOTAevents

My #aota17 poster: Virtual Reality: An Evidence-based Guide for Occupational Therapy #occupationaltherapy

@toolstogrow #captureot Day 23- play! Who knew that PLAY is an area of occupation! Kids NEED to play! Here's a photo of #wilsonsdot at PLAY AAT #aota17

Finally getting around to posting these... What an incredible gift it was to be able to celebrate 100 years of Occupational Therapy with the one who is the reason I chose to be an OT in the first place! I have always looked up to my aunt Jessica, and I am so proud to be following in her footsteps! #aota2017 #aota17

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