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life has been a little hectic lately. I’ve been so busy moving into our new home (we moved out of downtown and I’m still crying about it lol) , styling, taking care of business and working! I was nominated to be employee of the month for going above and beyond my normal work duties. I’ve taken on new roles at work that came with new work duties. I’m never too busy to learn more and I’m always happy to help people. This was totally unexpected and it feels good to be recognized for my efforts. I’m really excited that I got the best parking at work and this cool trophy 😂❤️ #HardWorkPAYS #AOM #EmployeeAppreciation #busy 🐝 #CelebrateYou ✨✨✨

It’s done! Art of my man @jparkitrighthere because I always wanted to make him but I always chickened out before and I still am 👀 lets hope if he does see it he finna enjoy man or I’m hiding—

Hey loves 🤗 so here we go with my first photos of first Photoshooting and i am so excited to show you 💎 i hope you like them 😇
So loves, please let me know if you like them with your comments and likes ❤️
I am learning from best Make-up Artists @dankamua & @gabriela.kuzma & @artofmakeupschool
Photo @fabianhenzmann
Model is beauty @ghibellina 🤩 #hairandmakeup #makeup #mua #makeupbyme #makeupartist #photooftheday #photoshooting #makeupisascience #makeuplover #instamakeup #lips #maccosmetics #inglotcosmetics #kettcosmetics #model #beautiful #nyxcosmetics #aomsquad #aom

Provalarcaaa 🎈💃⛑ #aceofmice #2018 #aom #icc

I love being around you.👭Miss u #Aom

I gave you powerbank coz won't you Low Battery for update your media social and always have enough battery for your phone p' @aom_sushar ... Thanks for coming to Indonesia #aomsusharofficialfb#aomsusharmanaying#aomsushar#aomsushar_official_ig#aom#supportaom#supportsushar#aomsusharofficial#teamaomsushar#teamaom

ความจริง_ความฝัน "ปัจจุบันรักมากกว่า😍😘" #Aom

When dealing with a hip impingement, there is often weak muscles around the hip that may lead to imbalances between the muscle at the front of the hip and muscles at the back leading to decreased “alignment” around the hip joint. .
The muscles often found weak are the posterior glute muscles (glute maximus), as well as the hip abductors (glute min/med). This routine targets those posterior/lateral hip muscles, but is by no means a recipe for all patients dealing with hip impingement! In addition, this is a beginner routine that a patient can start with to build up the strength to progress to some more dynamic and challenging exercises, and thus, not all patients will need to start here!
Glute Activation Routine:
1️⃣ Glute Bridge ✓
▪️Progression ➡️ Wrap a theraband around the thigh above the knee, and resist isometric external rotation (drive knees outwards).
▪️Progression ➡️ Finish with some external rotation pulses in hip extension.
2️⃣ Side Lying Hip Abduction ✓
Progression ➡️ Wrap a theraband above the knee to increase the resistance during the movement. .
Try these out and let us know what type of glute exercises you do in your own routine! Over the next couple of days, we’ll show some more intermediate and advanced glute routines for patients rehabbing with hip impingement! If you like these type of posts, give us a ♥️ and share it with one friend of yours to share the love! Until next time, #movewithapurpose #aom #artofmobility

[JakkrapatPhoto📷] นางแบบ#Aom

[JakkrapatPhoto📷] นางแบบ#Aom

[JakkrapatPhoto📷] นางแบบ#Aom

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