Untitled project-Covie village shrouded in a thick pall of smoke from a nearby wildfire this morning

This week on Anywhere Blvd I’ll be sharing the work of Alex Ingram @alexingramphoto from his series The Gatekeepers, that looks at the lives of island wardens around the UK. It’s a project about exploration, wonder and his encounters with the people he has met whilst visiting these remote locations. ‘Dan sits for a portrait inside the old lighthouse on Bardsey Island. The lighthouse is currently being renovated and turned into holiday accommodation and a small distillery that will produce whisky and gin made from produce of the island.’
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This week, Eva (@eva__zimmer) a photographer from France shares with us recent photos shot on Nikon FM10, Ilford HP5+ 35mm film, home developed, scanned negatives with Epson Perfection V370 Photo.⠀

All of @eva__zimmer work is engaged for free love, different minds, alternative sexualities and natural bodies: because in spite of social conventions, everyone must be able to exist as he wants and to dispose of his body as he wishes; without being afraid to be banned or judged for what he does, what he shows and what he is.⠀

We can love sexe with any gender and be some very good parents, we can piss on the carpet and be very polite, we can be punk and wear a tie suit every day: in the end we don't care about it, we're all different but all the same: just humans. ⠀


‘De l'Amour, from the series Gender - Paris, France/2018’

📽 media corner bei den großeltern

#74 Darren. I asked, as countless others have undoubtedly done, about the deeper meaning of his tattoo collection. By some strange coincidence, moments earlier he’d just penned an explanation on his Instagram account. He put it in such a succinct way, there’s little point me paraphrasing it. Instead, with his blessing, here it is. “Believe it or not, some of us have piercings and tattoos and dye our hair because we think it looks pretty, not for any deep sociological reason. This isn’t an act of protest against cultural or social repression. It’s not a grand, deliberately defiant gesture against capitalists or fascists or any other social group. It’s not even the fashion equivalent to sticking two fingers up at the world. The boring truth of it is that I don’t look like this to hurt my parents or draw attention to myself or make a statement. I just do it because I think it looks nice. Disappointed?”
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sum 4th of july magic, sitting on the warm cement n laughing with strangers

l e z e r a + f u l e r a


Untitled project-Bernard

🌁 s/o to @thisaintartschool for the feature

👀 seeing things clearly

🍧 sunset nettigkeiten

Did you have a good night.

Originally from London, now living in Sydney working as a Photographer and Director. @lesterjonesphotography has always loved the raw beauty and power of street photography. He finds it quite free and liberating compared to the more technical side of some of his commercial work and it’s something he will always love to do as it’s a genre where the imagery has such a power and ability to tell stories.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
Shot in Hong Kong in the midst of rush hour, this young girl was seemingly lost in a wave of people. ⠀
She seemed to be drowning with nobody awake, and while it speaks to how manic that specific moment was, I like the notion that she too in a few years time will also have to face this on a daily basis so maybe there is a sense of foreboding here too.’

from a dreamy afternoon spent alone in paris ~

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