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It's the annual Cherry Blossom blooms 🌸 Love strolling around my neighborhood this time of year 🤗

⚡️We have an entire staff of experts like Tanzy here to answer your #homebuying questions...even if it’s about the hot tub #👵 #👙 😂

This property features a large pool, breathtaking views from every angle and a sunken bathtub. Oh, and it's an original #Neutra. 😱 Not only will you get a piece of architectural history with this home, but you'll also get a $168K refund when you #BuyItWithOL.

Everyone knows the worst part of Griffith Park is getting there. This architectural gem puts Griffith Park in your backyard. The $39,988 refund when you #BuyItWithOL is just the cherry on top. 🍒

A rustic stylish barn home that's also a smart home? Just goes to show you CAN have it all... and a $24,938 refund, too, when you #BuyItWithOL. Who's ready to call #SilverLake home? 🙋‍♂️

We're Proud to show this Amazing 1926 Italian🇮🇹Home that reflects the work of a great visionary in architecture, Palladio! With our $31K Refund we'll make this 🖼masterpiece complete!

This beautiful newly constructed #socal sanctuary features seamless indoor/outdoor spaces and contemporary finishes. If this doesn't inspire a #newyearnewyou, what does? Maybe the $33,738 refund. 💁

If we had to describe this property in one word, it would be #lit. The unique glass wall and stair bannister help natural light fill every corner of chic yet homey space. Couple that with a spacious balcony with great views and stylish private backyard, and what more could you ask for? Maybe a $39,975 refund when you #BuyItWithOL. Yeah, that'll work.

Amazing Modern luxury Home,
New Construction with everything your looking for in a home🏰minutes to⛱. Buy with HCR & get back a Nice $25,790 Refund.

It'll be hard to believe you're waking up at home and not in a swanky hotel with this stunning #SF modern. Bonus: you won't have to check out at 11am 'cause it's yours, and you'll get $52,438 back when you #BuyItWithOL. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  all the way.

A perfect updated getaway in beautiful #Lajolla on a 1/2 acre lot. While its a getaway, we'll throw in our $28,800 Refund to really make you feel at home!

This gorgeous #SantaRosa hideaway shows that "rustic" doesn't have to mean rough. When you don't have to leave home to "get away from it all", that's a win-win. The $27,438 refund isn't a bad breath of fresh air either.

If you thought modern meant monochromatic, you thought wrong. This #NorCal gem put the "mod" in midcentury modern. If the bright orange front door and turquoise kitchen tile doesn't brighten your day, the $22,488 refund certainly will. Who doesn't love a splash of green?

🙌 CLOSED 🙌 Welcome home, Mohammed & Karthik. Enjoy that stunning new home & $11.8k refund 💎 💎 💎

Shown to clients In an area of SD known as The Jewel💎a Beautiful La Jolla residence exceptional views with over 5200 SF of living space and our💰$31K Refund to make it even more comfortable!

If you're looking to get your #Eichler on in #Sunnyvale, don't miss this completely remodeled architectural gem 🆒. Plus, get a $22k refund when you buy 615 Torrington w/ us 💰

Highlight of Friday tour, Dana Point Estate minutes from Monarch Beach, 4600+SF of comfort a beautiful layout🌊view from every room and we'll make it perfect with our $34K Refund!

Let's just say you went ahead and bought this beautiful #SanDiego estate & wanted to invite us over for some pool hangs: we'd be absolutely, totally, 💯 percent okay with that 😎 . We'll even bring our own floaties, but with $38.7k back if you #BuyItWithOL, you could probably afford your own 🤷

Super Blue Blood Moon🌓🌒🌑 San Diego, Ca.

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