tell me why i want to leave again 😐


bitch how in the fuck did i just lose five followers all at once, okay then.
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I hate life (:(

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I say a lot of shit about Ariana but the burning hot tea for today is, she is coming for WIGS with the light is coming. That shit is a gay twerk anthem already and I know im@gonna go ape shit when it’s released and I can already see myself shaking my ass at parties when it comes on and I KNOW nickis part is gonna be so@good I know jt. This is my summer song. #newopenrp #openrp #anyrp

go follow my best friend and main hoe @bhaddic .
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was a good birthday with her, te amo muito, garota 💛 #like

shawty look good in the moonlight’

hi vote for a rate

love you forever, r.i.p. 🖤 #xxxtentacion

HEY does anyone want 2 b my friend thanks #openrp #anyrp

Jacob Rhee
221 years old (appears 21)

Blood Control, Augmented Strength, Augmented Senses, Augmented Speed, Mind Control

Gets random nightmares
Lazy smartass; clever and smart but rebellious
Tends to get into a lot of fights

Bloody knuckles, chains, rough sex, hickies, trucks, fangs, cleanliness, hidden hearts, sunset on the desert, guns and knives, beer bottles and high class wines, handcuffs

shipped with jaeyoon

8 months. food. attention. cuddles. park. lovable. sweet. doesn’t like naps. #openrp #anyrp #babyrp #roleplay #rp #justrp #newopenrp

in a mood.

I need me a baby to call my own and to worship, to treat like a princess, to spoil, and to love. anyone willing to fill the empty space in my heart?

i’m really not happy wOw #openrp

sixteen. prefers benny or ben. human kisser. looks intimidating. is actually an angel. ava & mason. the comedic relief always. vegetarian. video game nerd. real life jacob frye & cayde-6. has a thing for redheads. hopeless romantic. avid tv show binger. strawberry milkshake and fries. prefers the book rather than the movie. easy to talk to. loves 60's music. sagittarius.
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