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I'm finally back home. for like 2 hours :) but I hope you're all doing great, ily all 💙💙

500 Days of Summer (2009)

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3 words to describe me. Honesty is appreciated.
Mind trapped in a web of lies
Corruption before my eyes
Covered by a sly disguise
By this dying world of mine.
Truths are never told,
Lies are always sold
Hidden by a small smile
Trust being defiled
Deception often discovered
Emotions never recovered
Doubt formed between lovers
Fear hiding under the covers
The victim feels guilt
For believing the lies the other built
Their sanity goes downhill
As they no longer feel.

🖤Storytime : Panic-attacks 🖤

I think there are a lot of people that don't know what a panic-attack is and how heavy + scary it is 😢 i want to share my story in hope to help/support others💖
I have suffered from panic-attacks for almost a year now.
The first time i had a panic-attack was about a year ago and it's the most awefull thing i have ever experienced in my life.
Through the days it got worse, because i focussed on it and now i knew how it felt i was so affraid of feeling that again :( i thought " i never want to experience this again" and well, people that are having panic-attacks... you know you will get a panic-attack straight away when you think about it🖤😢
Everywhere i went i was affraid i would get a panic-attack. I was affraid to get in a car, to go to the cinema or a restaurant. I was so affraid of getting one and was ashamed :( but please know.. it's nothing to be ashamed off!💜
It doesn't matter how many people are trying to calm you down, you need to calm yourself down and during a panickattack that is so freakin difficult 😢
You can't breath, your heart is raising, your body feels heavy, it feels like your choking and you are getting really hot :( But it got better ❤️ I went to a psychologist and it helped me so much! I still have the panic-attacks but i now know how to deal with them 🖤
When i have a panic-attack now, i am saying to myself : NO! i am stronger than this and i focus on something else, for example a painting.. and then in a few minutes it's gone ❤️ Shoutout to all the people that are facing panic-attacks / know people that have panic-attacks. You guys rock and are so strong!!! 🖤💕and it will get better.. i promiss💜

I have some tips.. 🖤
1. When you feel that you are starting to have one, focus on something else, try to listen to some music💙
2. Do not distance yourself! Because distraction is so important right now 💕
3. Go watch "ASMR" this are youtube video's and are especially made for people that are having panic-attacks/suffering from no sleep etc.
4. You have to tell yourself that nothing is going happen. Your body is giving you symptoms that you are exhausted:(❤️
🖤 our panic-attacks do not define us!! 🖤 #anxietydisorder

This is a success story of Shirin. She is an amazing person who graciously agreed to tell us how she overcame her panic attacks. Enjoy:
My name is Shirin. I’m forty years old of which 15 years were spent with panic attacks. I had my first panic attack after the birth of my son. It was a pre-term labor on third month of pregnancy and I had to be operated to deliver. My first panic attack later turned into an OCD and obsessiveness fear of panic attacks.
Things got worse after the birth of my second child. At this point I started having panic attacks on a daily basis. Endless visits to different doctors and a number of anxiety pills proved to be useless. I became weaker day by day and was overly dependent on others to get by. I spent days and nights crying for cure but nothing seemed to happen. Until one day, I realized that nothing will pull me out of this unless I start helping myself. [continued in the comment section]

Yeah I alienated you because my defense mechanisms felt we were getting too close but you came back? Why? Have some respect for yourself. I can't have this kind of power over someone. Treat them like shit with no consequences. I'll abuse the shit out of it. Plus I don't need someone who needs me that much.
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Finding humor and light during a dark time can really shed those layers surprisingly quick! Don't be afraid to know some people are just as nuts and can laugh at themselves. Even if you can't laugh at yourself you can at least try to laugh at the situation and don't be afraid... dark times don't have to last forever and there are options and ways out other than hurting yourself or even worse ending your life! Smile! Have a good weekend and if you're not then go take a walk outside for awhile remember there's a lot more to life sometimes then what's right in our little box...✨ 💛#coexistcosplay #antistress #antisocial #antibullying #depressionquotes #meditation #meditate #takethechallenge #taketimeforyou #selflove #selfsupport #supportyourfriends #bestrong #bekind #marvelcomics #marvel #dccomics #comiccon #wizardworld #stophate #hulk #funnymemes #suicideprevention #antianxiety #anxietyquotes #lifeishard #appreciationpost #appreciate

Sorry everyone

Unless someone understands what this is like I don't think they'd understand this picture. I've gone through this so much whenever I say I'm tired it doesn't always mean physically, usually I mean mentally tired.
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