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If I had a dollar for every time I've done this

I went out without any makeup for the first time ever and it felt really weird but I also felt cute af 💓
QOTP✨: Are you single, taken, or crushing?
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Je suis coincé entre ce que je veux et ce que je sais que je ne peux pas avoir.
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can i make it any more obvioussss 🙃

(eng ver below)
Я помню себя в аду. Мой отец умер, мама заболела психическими расстройствами. Каждый день проваливается в пустоту. Постоянная тревога. Мне казалось, мой мир навсегда потерял счастье. Я рада признаться, что ошибалась.
Вы знаете другую Эрику. Она путешествует, знакомится с новыми людьми и говорит про любовь и счастье. Что спасло меня? Этим чудом стала йога - работа тела и ума. Я создала сообщество по приглашениям "How I Stop Depression With 1 Simple Yoga Pose and Mind Hack". Каждую неделю присылаю новое письмо с фоткой. Инвайт сегодня в био ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I remember myself in hell. My father died, my mother suffers from mental illness. Every day falls into the void. Constant anxiety. I thought the world had lost its happiness forever. I was wrong.
You know the other Erika. She travels around the World, meets new people and talks about love and happiness. What saved me? This is yoga, the work of the body and mind. So, I created invite-only community - "How I Stop Depression With 1 Simple Yoga Pose And Mind Hack". Every letter with my photo 📸 Click link in bio 🙏

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I do. So badly I want to be yours. I hate that I can't. I hate that I continue.. to destroy myself. •

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Releasing anxiety and experiencing gratitude are two of my greatest daily struggles. To find a nexus between the two, and utilize being grateful as a tool to manage my anxiety sounded impossible at first. Replacing that tension with a natural appreciation for something else - anything else - is simply nothing more than shifting my thoughts and attitude. If you cannot find a solution, shift your focus. Otherwise you are simply wasting your time. #befrickinghappy🤗 #choosegratitude #joy
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Happy Sunday! You can now watch the talk from our March event by clicking the link in our bio.
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at school. feeling really alone

You are some much more than your mental illness. Never forget that. #anxiety #anxietyquotes #bebrave #beproud #yourebeautiful

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