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9-10: All-Level Ashtanga W/ Kendra
9:30-10:30: Kundalini All-Level w/Kasie
11-1: True Alignment : Open Heart/Spinal Health All-Level w/ Synda
10:15-11:30: Prenatal All-Level w/ Kendra
11:45-12:45: Intro to Ashtanga All-Level w/ Kendra *Donation Based
1-2: All-Level Za Zen Meditation w/Jermey *Donation Based
6:30-9: Art & Music: Young Symphony Professionals | FREE Event
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CBD oil is one of the top five supplements I suggest to people struggling to control their anxiety or depression. But, there is always one particular brand I suggest: Viva CBD Oil. I’m a partner of theirs, and Viva offers the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression that I’ve ever tried.

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i needed to see this and maybe some of you do too so here it is!! don’t let your brain lie to you ♥️ i’ve been struggling with this so much lately and i just need to remember that the people i have around me would not still be around me if they didn’t truly care. i have pushed people so so far away in the last year or so yet they still try, they still reach out, they still try to make plans from time to time even though they know i rarely accept. so WHY do i still convince myself everyone hates me and i’m annoying and awful and ruin everything when i’m there?? i wish everyone understood that MOST of the time i don’t accept invitations its because i just feel so guilty for existing that i don’t want to be around others because i feel guilty for being around them and “bringing them down”. SO, this weeks goal is going to be correcting these types of thoughts as they come in instead of letting them win 💜

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Today was my first session of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). My anxiety was sky high going into the appointment but the therapist was very friendly and put me at ease somewhat. We mostly covered what my aim was and what we would be doing in the following weeks. My aim is to worry a 'normal ' amount and stabilise my emotions as I am prone to catastrophising 🤤
Self work is hard work and I felt pretty tired afterwards but I had a nice walk home along the cycle path and saw this beautiful view which lifted me up.
My homework is to do something nice for myself. To make a list of things that I like to do and a list of acheivements.
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Proudly Canadian :) 🍁🍁❤️❤️

Does anyone else feel like they’re living in nothing but clutter sometimes?
When I was depressed I hated my house. I wanted to change everything about it, I wanted to get rid of everything and start over. I felt claustrophobic, It seemed so small and everything in it seemed so pointless and materialistic. I was fanatical about mess, not particularly cleaning, just tidying, I was constantly tidying, even though I knew it was pointless I couldn’t just leave things until later. Sometimes I was so adamant to finish tidying that I didn’t attend to the kids when I should have, I ignored them that little bit longer because I just couldn’t bring myself to leave what I was doing. I feel terrible for that now. I suffered from hyperactivity, I couldn’t sit down, if I did I felt guilty because I knew there was something I could be doing. I also felt like if I kept the place tidy it would look like I was coping, even though I wasn’t, I didn’t want people to see I wasn’t coping and I didn’t want my husband coming home to a complete tip as well as a screaming baby and a emotional wreck of a wife.
I constantly searched estate agent sites, knowing we couldn’t afford to move, but I had to look. I also imagined leaving everything and moving the family to an island, living the simple life in a beach hut. I imagined the kids running in the sand, throwing their head back as they laughed so hard, I actually thought sometimes this could become reality, we didn’t need any of this stuff.
I think I was just really desperate for change and for some reason my brain focused on changing where we live rather than the change I really needed to make which was to get help and get better.
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Are you having ...
💤Difficulty getting to sleep
💤 finding it hard to nod off at night time
💤experiencing Interrupted sleep or disturbed sleep
💤Awaking from sleep in the middle of the night
💤and sometimes finding it hard to get back to sleep?

Maybe you are ...
🛏Awaking from sleep too early
🛏and being unable to get back to sleep
🛏Not feeling refreshed by sleep due to a disturbed sleeping pattern
🛏Not being able to concentrate the next day due to a lack of sleep
🛏Feeling fatigued due to disturbed sleep
🛏Feeling irritable due to a lack of sleep

Then we need to talk!

The main causes of insomnia are stress, anxiety, depression and excessive worry.
In many cases Insomnia can be maintained even after the initial cause of the stress and anxiety has passed. Once our sleep pattern is interrupted the insomnia or difficulty sleeping can become a focal point for anxiety, and the harder a person tried to get off to sleep, the less they are able to do so.

The good news is we can get you through it. Fancy getting your sleep back in 60-days or less. And navigating that anxiety, stress and worry in the process?

If this is you you’ll probably want to Use the link in my profile to discover exactly how we can do this. Sarah
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It’s Friday. Which means tomorrow is Saturday. Which means we can all sleep in :)

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