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Filters don’t just hide or enhance certain physical features -- they also have the ability to completely wash away any evidence that someone is struggling with their mental health.
A mental health diagnosis is an intangible thing -- we can feel it, but no one can see it. And that’s a really dangerous aspect of these conditions because not only does it keep us from receiving the empathy we deserve, but it often allows us to hide our suffering.
I took both of these photos last Monday evening. I didn’t get much sleep the night before and that led to me having a rough day mentally. Every minor inconvenience stuck to me like glue and by nighttime it all felt so heavy that I couldn’t help but cry.
About two hours later, I saw myself in the mirror for the first time and I was completely taken back by the smudged makeup all over my face. My earlier sob sesh wasn’t on my mind anymore, but my reflection made me realize what a rough day I’d had. I took the photo on the right to send to my best friend, since we had already discussed what was going on. Then we started sending silly selfies back-and-forth, which led to me taking the photo on the left.
Sure, that level of makeup isn’t exactly typical for me, but holy smokes, I look like a total badass! My eyes, skin, and smile are all GLOWING. I look like I’m doing well there, but I absolutely wasn’t.
These two photos taken in the same night tell totally different stories, so I just want to remind you that you don't need to hide your pain away from the world. If you're having a shitty day, you don't have to post a cute/happy selfie to keep up appearances. Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or mental health professional for support when you need it. Asking for help doesn't make you weak -- it makes you brave AF! 🙌🏼💖✨

tangy copper
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Quick vlog update! California today! #health #fitness #anxiety

I post quotes now because I can't seem to find the words anymore myself. All the lines, wires and words in my brain seem to be blurred now. I cannot seem to think of things to say. Or get across how I feel. Trying to think of something to say has become incredibly draining, and life has become extremely exhausting. I feel that depressions dark sharp claws have dug into my body and pulled me back under the water so deep I'm drowning and there's no way to get above the surface again. The world will forever look different & the lines will forever be blurred. I cannot scream, I cannot reach out. Even when I've tried to people don't seem to get it or understand how bad I really feel. So before I got pulled back under my words fell on death ears. I feel so lonely. Where are my friends? They are either struggling with major issues of their own which I understand, but then the evil part of my brain says 'they've had enough of you jasmine, they hate you. They don't want you anymore'
My chest hurts. I have ringing in my ears. My head is fuzzy and my body is weak 😢
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This is my favourite quote I've seen on here, I have always always always embraced my mental health and the baggage that comes with that, always. And I have been really fucking angry lately because yeah my anxiety had peaked a bit but now it's on the way down again, but I was so angry with myself for being poorly the other day, I really punished myself for needing a few days off, and I was so guilty and told myself my anxiety was going to ruin every aspect of my life, it hasn't and it won't, never will. I spoke to Bentley and he's literally my favourite human to speak to about mental health because he gets my brain like no one else he really does, and we allow ourselves to laugh and joke about our conditions because that's ok to do, I have a good sense humour when it comes to mine. And like Bentley said 'yeah you went mental again, and it will happen again, but you know this and you know you get better every time' and it's true, I have like a reallllllll bad day, like horrendous! And I break my own heart, I really do telling myself shit ain't gonna work out because of me, when in fact everything is fine, literally everything is going ok in my life, slowly and chill and ok. All aspects. I've got to stop comparing my life and job and money with everyone else, and I'm here to tackle the bad days with the good, I know when there coming and I know how to manage them. Everything is fine, and I will not allow myself to be angry and break my own heart anymore. Life is going at a pace that suits me and that's ok. I am happy and I will not be angry at myself anymore. 🤙🏼💪🏻

Reposting because this is an actual conversation I have had on multiple occasions with @eyes_like_whiskey. Oops! 😬 #icantevengetatextback #girlproblems #anxiety
Thanks @northwitch69 for knowing me even though you don't!

Let's talk #yoga .
I'm having a blast with @sutramidtown.
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So I know I'm playing with the same slime 🙈 but I'm waiting for some new ones to arrive 😊 but I'm looking for some crunchy slime and I can't find anyone who sells it 😞 .
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