The art of failure

How to get bigger with only calisthenics?
Weighted Calisthenics is one, doing different variations with strict form. I can keep going but I’m not into very long captions.Just know High numbers in reps of standard push ups and pull ups with half ass form isn’t really gonna get the job done. #letsdosomepullups
Full Video on Youtube 🚨link in Bio 🚨

#letsdosomepullups @nvr_gvup
I always forget to breathe😆

#AmericanNinjaWarrior @apexclimbinggym

Training to the peaceful sounds of the end of the world. Also, how to push through (super minor) injury!

My 5 min warmup... Which when sped up looks like I'm really getting down to some kicking beats

It's all about that sweet, sweet recovery


Biceps 💪🏾 don’t grow on trees. Almost Everyday is arm day #letsdosomepullups

@christian_darnas tackling this week's Warrior challenge. You Crayon do it!!! Believe in the power of the blue crayon. #fun #fitfam #crayon #crayonpower #ocr #training #warrior #challenge #strength #grip

New bullshit clock-grip pull up PR!

Core/Abs Workout with @motivationbymoses
Watch the full Video on Youtube 🚨Link in Bio🚨

A beautiful day for a walk along a beach

18ft high! 10k on the line 1 attempt. Been training since February for it #ninja #ninjatraining #anw9 #anw10 #ANWX #ninjawarrior #anw #putinthework #grinddaybyday #chocolateninja #camprhino

Flagging anywhere #letsdosomepullups

What do we do in classes each week? It always changes so there's something new to play on!!
These are some of the obstacles we are conquering this week, including the Sonic Curve, Cannonball Slider, and the Spinning Body Prop!
Classes are Monday to Thursday at 4, 5, and 6pm so come check then out!

For when you abso-positively need to dropkick someone directly above you. Sets 1 and 3(shit show)

With @roninstrength and @strippcam

A little better each time

With @roninstrength @the.strenuous.life

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