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M O O D.

Fumare Fa’Male !!!!! ❤️
No smoking in this aerea 1984
Photo @eugeny_hramenkof
#antoniodjanikian #notordinarypeople #creativeisbetter #nosmoking #mood #art #replayfans

Good morning 💥

Photo by @jeanphilippepiterphotography

TAG someone you ♥️

By Jung Lee •via• @popmyeyes

"Boat Fourteen"
Painting by Harry Holland @whholland •via• @leonardonahva

Sleeping beauty 💥

Photo by @thomasholmphoto
Model @roarie_yum

Fries before guys 🍟

By @shellydelbloque @filthymouthcreative

"Real love doesn’t meet you in your best, it meets you in your mess."

#whomadethis | Please DM for credit

Hey 🤗

#whomansisthis | Please DM for credit

She balanced the world on her shoulders. 🌎

By @cvatik

Bad girl 🥃🚬

Angelina Jolie, 1999 📸 by Mark Seliger

NYC mornings 🚬

Photo @jordenkeith

Underwater 👀

By @tom.fechtner

Swimming in the rain 🌧

By Camila Massu

Good Mornin' #antoniodjanikian

Censorship blows 🍊🍎

Photo @smallbatchphoto
Model @bellatrixortreat

Check out Antonio’s amazing work. Great stuff! @antoniodjanikian_ #antoniodjanikian


Photo by @3cm_lin

Stripes |||

#whomadethis | Please DM for credit

🌎 Give me a lollipop & I’ll do whatever u want 🍭

By @mraraz
Video by @ozanozcelik

Embroidery by @times.new.romance

Sun and freckles are back 💥

By @alessioalbi

"Perfectionism is a serial killer of happiness" 💥

By @heidiwilliams89

Library 📚

#whomadethis | Please DM for credit

"I want no ordinary lover. I want a fucking storm. I want sleepless nights and endless conversations at 4 am. I want passion, I want madness. I want someone who’s able to make my whole body shiver from a distance and also pull me close to make sense of all of my bones"

Art Work by @maria_uve_

Bells 💥

Photo by Juan Manuel Garcia

Mirror ⚪️

By @veralesavoy

Flying 💥

Photo by @vikikollerova

Red lagoon 🔴

Photo by @airpixels

Lazy Sunday 🚬

Photo @kaitlynmikayla
Model @gracekgardiner

Wet bodies 💦

By @anya_panchenko

Queen 👑

Photo by @ruslanlobanovart

Sun and freckles are back 💥

Photo @alessioalbi
Model @dilettagomezgane

Mind blown 💥

Art Work by @slimesunday


Photo by Emilio Jimenez

benden sonra kuşlara iyi bakın #antoniodjanikian

#Repost @aramintasocial
⭐️ Paint your party pants on ⭐️ It's Fridayyyy ⭐️ via @antoniodjanikian Art Work by @harislithos

⭐️ Paint your party pants on ⭐️ It's Fridayyyy ⭐️ via @antoniodjanikian Art Work by @harislithos

Y en la soledad de mi cuestión emocional , tuve un plan genial...no lo voy a confesar... ☀️
#gustavocerati #cerati #emmanuelhorvilleur

@antoniodjanikian 🙏✨
#art #artist #photography #photographylover #collage #photomanipulation #inspiration #love #mood #contemporaryart #abstract #cat #cut #digitalart #artoftheday #fashion #style #animals #antoniodjanikian 🔥🐱

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