- Dentro del Estado la guerra es creada. Mi total repudio por la muerte de Camilo Catrillanca, comunero Mapuche de 24 años que este miercoles falleció por las balas de la policia del llamado "Comando Jungla" en la Araucania, represión financiada por el Estado Chileno.- #stickers #streetstickers #dinosaur #dinosaurios #anticop #acab #dinosaurart #fuckthepolice #stickerart #fuckthecops

Tired of both these fucking excuses and the entire existence of law enforcement. #anticop

No introduction needed for Sepultura’s fierce and merciless debut album... they were so young and angry!!! Too bad this is just a remaster, with the intro cut off due to copyright issues, but it has the Bestial Devastation EP included as well as some sweet liner notes, a nice insight into the band early times...🤘🏻💀🤘🏻

Police officers are nothing more than brainwashed government drones mentally unstable physcopaths who do nothing but enjoy or fantasize about hurting/killing innocent people that can't offer any other useful skill in society. This right here is why I get so mad about police brutality: people act like they don't have a choice, that they absolutely had to do it. No they fucking didn't: they completely with free will choose to do this, they love the violent options. Laws are only as good as the people enforcing them. They could say no, but they don't. They crave every opportunity they can to use their weapons. Even worse police are almost never brought to justice for their heinous crimes and the departments offer way too much job security that its fucking ridiculous! Even worse, they're some of the most prone to violence and abuse individuals out there and represent a danger to us all. Fuck pigs and anyone that supports them. #fuckpigs #fuckthepolice #antipolice #anticop #backthebluesuicide #copsareevil

Ich geh raus, ich bin wieder bereit
Und du halt dein Maul, geh mal lieber zur Seite
Ich bin immer noch die 1, 3, 1 zu der 2
Fick auf den Staat und die scheiß Polizei
#vega #1312 #acab #anticop

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