COLOSTRUM is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals immediately following delivery of the newborn. Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth.

Rich in antibodies.

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This story could be mine.
Emily shared this today 🙌🏼 She’s a wife, Mama to sweet little girl with another on way! 💛 “I don’t normally share the things I struggle with on social media but I’m really wanting to be opened and raw with some things I have been going through.

Since I was in high school I’ve always had an issue not only with my weight but specifically my digestive system and not being able to go to the bathroom. I tried numerous diets (Kaiser health Counselor, Jenny Craig, weight watchers, gluten free diets) to try and resolve my constipation, weight gain, swelling, and anxiety.
I was on several prescriptions 💊, supplements, vitamins, and nothing was even helping at the slightest. I ended having to get a colonoscopy in college and was told to come back in my mid 20’s for another. During my procedure the doctors removed several polyps. (Keep in mind you should really receive your first colonoscopy at age 50). I was embarrassed for sure.
Because of all the “we have no answers” or “no fixes” to what I was going through I started to experience major stress and anxiety. I ended up pushing myself way too hard, working out 2-3 times a day and was eventually prescribed anxiety medication, because I couldn’t manage anything. My health was not in a good state and I saw no solution.

Having no resolve I just ignored my symptoms and accepted them as part of my life. Until two weeks ago I decided I was ready for a change, I wanted to try something different to balance my health. Being a new mom and with a baby on the way 🤰🏼, with a strict budget 💰I was skeptical of trying anything new because nothing else has worked in the past.
I saw my SIL and mom experiencing HUGE changes in their health and wanted that so bad too. And wondered if it was possible for me too! I decided to give the same supplements a try. I took the product labels to my doctor and midwife and not only did they say they were safe but they encouraged me to take them!! (Umm... I was surprised!) 🤗
The past two weeks I’ve been on these supplements and have experienced:
•a natural boost of energy
•less swelling (in my legs and face)
•zero constipation •amazing sleep •no anxiety"

Poor tissue adhesion? Weak nuclear detection? This IHC Technical Guide features with simple tips to solve common problems in your lab. Download now to learn how to get reliable, reproducible IHC results every time! http://ow.ly/eisz30lo4Y6
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ჩვენ ვიმუშავეთ ალერგიის ცენტრის რებრენდინგზე.
1.განვსაზღვრეთ ახალი სახელი, რომელიც უფრო ზუსტად გამოხატავს ცენტრის საქმიანობას.

2.შევქმენით ახალი ლოგო, ახალი საიმიჯო ფერებით.

3.შევიმუშავეთ კორპორატიული სტილი
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Break the bond.
What day and time is it.
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#Btw #amniotic #fluid does not provide oxygen. The body transports #antibodies and #oxygen through its #blood stream.
However, its the mother host's #umbilical #cord connection with the fetus that supplies the #fetus with what it needs until it's birth date and time.

The role of fat in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases is perhaps one of the most studied topics in basic, translational, and clinical research. We know that there is a clear link between diet, fat, and disease and through decades of research have come to understand the underlying mechanisms connecting these aspects of health. However, there are still many unknown roles fat plays in health and disease, even outside of metabolism. Fat is invoked in the immune system, hormone production, reproductive biology and fertility, the microbiome, and the nervous system. Future research will uncover these mechanisms and lead to even more therapies for patients.
Imaged with a Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope.
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Just doing an update. So many things have been happening.
Good stuff is that I saw the opthamolagist and thankfully my vision issues aren't autoimmune, but caused by the muscles at the back of my eyes constricting (from SPS - not so great). Also will hopefuly be starting Rituximab before the end of the year as the other treatments aren't working. We are hoping to get compassionate access because of the huge cost, as it isn't covered at all.
We also got the paper work for the NDIS and my Dr is currently filling it out, hopefully it gets approved the first time around as it would mean I can get a custom wheelchair and a ramp, giving me some freedom, this will take a few months at least though. My Dr also thinks I could have a condition very similar to PERM (variant of SPS), called DPPX syndrome, so we are looking into that. I'm also going to be seeing a cardiologist soon as SPS can cause autoimmune dysautonomia, and they believe the surgery from the AV Fistula has really exacerbated it.
I'm hopeful about the Rituximab even though the immunologist told me I shouldn't get my hopes up from what he has seen of my case. He has some doubts as it only targets the B cells and thinks it won't be enough, unfortunately Stem Cell transplants is the only option left after that. We are also going to try another ketamine infusion before the Rituximab treatment starts, to try help the pain.
Coming up to three and a half month since my AV fistula was made - it's usually ready after two and a half months. We are hoping it will be ready to use next treatment - 2 weeks.
Things are stressful and my body isn't being nice at all, despite that, I'm so greatful that we still have an option to try and that I have doctors willing to help me. I'm also so blessed to have Dan by my side throughout all this. As well as the constant support of a few amazing friends.
I'm still going to be having a break for a bit as things are quite overwhelming right now, but I thought I would give an update to say I'm ok. I'm sending so much love to you all 💜💜💜💜.
Also, I wish this photo was mine & was on a beach 😂. Dan's mum sent it to me, it's a beach right near her house in New Zealand 😍.

Intoxic Hermuno yang kami jual dijamin 100.% original langsung dari distributor

MANFAAT DARI HERMUNO INTOXIC ♦ Membantu membunuh parasit secara tuntas
♦ Membantu meningkatkan kesehatan paru-paru, jantung, dan kulit dari serangan parasit
♦ Membantu menghilangkan gejala biodegradasi dalam usus &melumpuhkan telur-telur usus
♦ Membantu membunuh cacing di dalam perut
♦ Meningkatkan sistem imun &daya tahan tubuh secara keseluruhan

Sering mengalami, hidung tersumbat, masuk angin, dan sakit tenggorokan.♦ Alergi (mata, ruam, dan hidung berair)♦ Sering mengalami sakit kepala, daiare atau konstipasi.♦ Kelelahan kronis (Anda cepat merasa capek, tidak peduli apa saja yang sudah Anda lakukan)♦ Mengalami kesulitan tidur, merasa gugup, dan gangguan nafsu makan♦ Mengalami nyeri sendi &otot♦ Lingkaran hitam di sekitar mata &kantung mata

MANFAAT DARI HERMUNO INTOXIC ♦ Membantu membunuh parasit secara tuntas♦ Membantu meningkatkan kesehatan paru-paru, jantung, dan kulit dari serangan parasit♦ Membantu menghilangkan gejala biodegradasi dalam usus &melumpuhkan telur-telur usus♦ Membantu membunuh cacing di dalam perut♦ Meningkatkan sistem imun &daya tahan tubuh secara keseluruhan
Informasi pemesanan silahkan hubungi via WA:082113012587

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These primary rat neurons have been treated with alpha synuclein pre-formed fibrils (PFFs). The fluorescent green antibody shows where the alpha synuclein has aggregated to form Lewy body inclusions, which are hallmarks of Parkinson’s Disease.
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Today, I'm going to talk about how labeling plates/tubes for your experiment.

This plate is for an ICC. As you can see in the picture, I write all the stuff that I would be using. For this immuno, I was trying different fixative methods followed by double labeling.
My colleagues asked me why do I write so much info on the plate rather than in my lab notebook. Well, the answer is I write it in my lab notebook, but I can't carry that everywhere. I use an electronic lab notebook (ELN), so I need to be in front of my computer to access it. When I used to use paper based lab notebooks, I still use to write everything on the surface of the tube/plate.
The only exception was when I did qPCR. I used to have a paper with the steps written and after each step I use to check the step. This helped me to keep track of all the 96 wells.
So as mentioned above, the reason for this is to keep track of all my steps. In this picture I didn't do a check mark on the steps i.e. after fixation, and adding primary and secondary antibody. But in general, I do this. This helps me to remember which step I did last and what's the next step. As each step has a incubation time (30 min to overnight). It also helps me keep track of what went into each well/tube. As this experiment had a lot of things which were different in each well, the labeling helped me to remember what's going on.

Share your labeling story with us in comments or via message :) #ICC #immuno #staining #antibodies #fixation #fixative #fixationmethod #microscope #immunostaining #theaddictivebrain #lifeofascientist #failedexperiment #experiment #worklifebalance #ilovescience #meninstem #stemboys #stemguys #meninscience #educatetheworld #educatethewomen #educatetheyouth #nextgeneration #action #dopamine #tyrosine #betatubulin #tubulin #antibodiesthatwork #cellsignalling


As long as your baby receives YOUR MILK, he/she will receive immunological protection against many different viruses and bacteria. 🙏🏾👶🏾🖤 ____________________________________________________
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There are over 3 million commercially available antibodies but only less than 50% of these antibodies can be effectively used for immunohistochemistry (IHC). A comprehensive and customizable antibody optimization for IHC and immunofluorescence (IF) applications is critical to achieving the best experimental results. Click the link in bio if you need help with optimizing your antibody assays or if you want more information 👉🏼
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Man do we love the look of a newly defrosted freezer!!! ❄💧🔥 .
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Machaon’s Lab Director and Medical Director walk into a bar...I mean a Hemophilia Drug Development Summit in Boston! Machaon sponsored the first-of-its-kind conference to identify strategies to bring life-changing treatments to patients #HemophiliaDrugDevelopmentSummit2018 #hemophilia #antibodies #genetherapy #blooddiseases #coagulation #laboratory #labdirector #medicaldirector

Clear pic of our CK20, RMab, on a colon cancer metastasis to lung tissue. Antibody details here - http://ow.ly/mt8930lo8qo #antibodies #IHC #immunohistochemistry #pathology #pathart

The World Health Organisation recommends EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding for 6️⃣ months and continued breastfeeding, with the addition of solid foods, from 6 months into toddlerhood and beyond. Older babies and children reap COUNTLESS rewards from breastfeeding too 🌟 Did you know that your breastmilk changes as your child grows? The enzyme LYSOZYME in breastmilk (which protects your baby by breaking down bacteria) actually *increases* as they get older, enabling better protection again those beastly bugs 🐛 as your child becomes more interactive with the world (ie. licks the floor most days!). It provides a lovely opportunity to emotionally connect with your little being 💞who is now beginning to investigate the world away from you. It also provides calming hormones for you both, very helpful on those more ‘testing’ days! 😬 Aren’t our bodies just amazing? Breastfeeding really is about so much more than food 💗🤱🏼.
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Big Mom day fuel. Tons to do on a tight schedule....No, it’s not caffeine. That’s probably the most common misconception about my magical pink drink (even I used to think that), but here’s the real story. Did you know???? {get ready for the science lesson🤓} My daily drink contains these ingredients that do this!🙌🏼🙌🏼 🌱Chromium: Used to aid in digestion; Moves blood sugars from bloodstream into cells for energy and to turn fats, carbs, proteins into energy; Builds muscle, BURNS FAT. 👈🏼 🌱Chlorogenic Acid (an antioxidant derived from the green coffee bean. No! It’s not caffeine🙄): Helps clean blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, helps heart disease, diabetes, weight loss; decreases release of glucose into bloodstream after a meal and increases fat metabolism in the liver (less fatty deposits to your belly!); acts as a powerful antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals, inhibits inflammation 🌱Alpha Lipoic Acid (antioxidant🙌🏼): lowers cholesterol; converts glucose into energy, lowers blood sugars naturally, fends off inflammation, supports the liver in its natural detoxification processes 🌱Garcinia Cambogia: suppresses appetite naturally; alters liver metabolism of sugar (decreases fat deposits to your belly!)
🌱XOS PREbiotics: boosts the good bacteria we have like Lactobacillus by 365%, and Bifidobacterium by 290%, and Akkermansia by 250%. These figures are published in a Double Blind Placebo Controlled Multi-Center Trial that was used to simulate the gut and how it repairs and creates. Akkermansia is a microbe that many Americans are deficient in, and when you're deficient in it, it's related to weight gain and slow metabolism.
Drinking SLIM means I’m burning calories faster and supporting a healthy metabolism. It means I’m feeding the good microbes in my gut that lead to a happier mood, healthier weight, better immune function, better digestion, and all the other perks a healthy gut gives me. 👏😊 But today it means those blood glucose properties are giving me even, sustained energy! It'ss vegetarian, non-GMO, has no artificial colors, flavors, or ingredients. Yep, it’s that good! 🤓 I’ve got a 3 day sample pack with your name on it.

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