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Finally made it to Sucre. Got to see this remarkable mother and child mummy combo--unfortunately not in situ, but under good care at the university here. About 2000 years old, from a tomb in Moyocoyo, about an hour away. #mummy #mummies #motherandchild #precolumbian #death #chullpa #tomb #anthropology #mementomori #tomb

Happy #InternationalEducationWeek! Here at the IFR we are proud to announce our launch of 46 field schools in 22 countries! ✨
It’s only fitting that we announce the launch of our 2018 field schools during International Education Week. 🙏 And, for the first time, we will have a field school in #Australia – we now cover every continent where humans left their mark (excluding Antarctica – but we hope to soon establish a program there as well). Our field schools cover the gamut of the human experience – from Arctic Viking in Greenland to Witch Trials in the UK and to WWII Japanese-American internees at Amache, Colorado. *
(Clink LINK in bio for all the 2018 programs!)

🌝✨ n e w original phases of the moon on birch board. It would be so good to see this gifted to someone this holiday season with a note that gently reminds them about the beauty in each phase of life, being fully illuminated, or turning in to learn new things, new inspirations. Of course, I'm totally open to one of you inviting this piece into your space, and I'll write you the note instead ☺️🤓 It's available in my Etsy shop! #halifax #novascotia
SOLD - more on the way!

Before and after living room pic. 😍🥂Still need something for the fire place.. any ideas?! Couch & rug from @Wayfair.
Chairs from @pier1.
Ottoman from @finalcutnj but is Anthropology

How much water will fill a skull? Washington Matthews and John Shaw Billings assess cranial capacity using water in a remarkable set of photographs detailing the process, including this one. This image from On composite photography as applied to craniology, by J.S. Billings and On measuring the cubic capacity of skulls, by Washington Matthews, part of the Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences. Volume III. Part 2. (1886)
#skull #photography #measurements #rarebooks #histmed #medhist #medicine #anthropology #librariesofinstagram #library

ART GIVEAWAY 🎁 I’ve teamed up with 9 incredible artists to give 10 lucky winners some art! •
I’m giving away this original mini, one of the last of it's kind. Here’s how to enter: •
1. Follow hosts:
2. Comment below something that brings you joy ❤️
Winner announced on Nov 23rd. Best of luck friends! Feel free to tag a friend below!

I don’t dress up for boys. I dress up to stare at my reflection as I walk by store windows ✨ #ootd #fashionblogger

And sometimes, someone can catch you off guard. ❤😍 #Mathematics #Equations #Anthropology

Monday, November 20th at 6pm

#ECLectureSeries presents "New Light on the Ancient #Etruscans" with Greg Warden
The Etruscans were one of the great powers of the Mediterranean in the first millennium BCE, but knowledge of their culture has remained elusive. Often referred to as a lost culture, their history and literature are lost, and we know them mostly from Greek and Roman accounts. The Etruscan language is still not well understood, and until recently the Etruscans were known primarily from their funerary remains, the vast cemeteries of central Italy that have been haphazardly excavated since the Renaissance. Recent scientific exploration of settlements and sanctuaries (not just tombs!) is providing new information about all aspects of Etruscan society. At the forefront of this research has been the site of Poggio Colla, a hilltop sanctuary and vast settlement at the northern edge of Tuscany, in the foothills of the Apennines about 22 miles northeast of Florence, that has been explored by a group of American and English universities since 1995. The sanctuary proper has produced monumental architecture that spans centuries of Etruscan history as well as a dramatic series of rich deposits (including bronze figurines, gold jewelry, coins, etc.) which shed new light on Etruscan ritual. Most important, the settlement documents the life of all strata of society, not just the elites. LINK in bio for tickets.
#tuscany #ancientetruscans #ancientcivilization #civilization #archaeology #anthropology #discovery #lecture #publiclecture #nycevents #educational #tec #explorersclub #theexplorersclub


In the early 20th century, women traveling alone would use #hatpins to defend themselves against attack. As this new use became more common, hatpins grew in size until 1913 when #Milwaukee passed a law that they could not extrude more than half an inch outside of a hat.
See hatpins and other items people used to defend themselves throughout #history at MPM's special exhibit Weapons: Beyond the Blade, on view through January 1, 2018.

#milwaukeepublicmuseum #MPM #specialexhibit #weapons #mkehome #mkehistory #instamuseum #museumgram #ihavethisthingwithmuseumpics #womenshistory #mkehistory #womeninhistory #mke_my_city #anthropology

Yesterday almost by accident, after an intense interview with an artist for my research, we came across a Shinjuku 神社/jinja (temple) festival! The streets were tight and crowded, full of different smells, laughs and happy faces... It was amazing! Thank you Yusuke-san and Taichi-san for taking me there and explaining me everything!

#meruchanontheroad #travel #exchange #anthropology #antropologia #viaggio #study #japan #giappone #日本 #tsukuba #tsukubauniversity #university #research #fieldwork #tokyo #東京 #shinjuku #新宿 #festival #jinja #神社 #stand #lantern #smells #food #laugh #happyface #happiness #citylights

People say I have an unhealthy obsession with CrossFit. I don't know what the hell they're talking about. This is clearly... not a testament of my love for the thing. 😂😂😂 Final year paper submitted!! Thank you @reebokcrossfit673 for your time and the atheletes who agreed to be interviewed!! That's a whole load off my shoulders. Now on to training and more studying! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
#brunei #BruneiFitness #crossfit #fitness #crossfit673 #673athletes #reebokcrossfit673 #Motivation #MogardArmy #sociology #anthropology

I got to give one of my favorite lectures today at California State University Fresno in my intro class. I talked about our Hunter Gatherer Legacy and what western civilization can learn from third world, small scale societies. We certainly not go back to hunting and gathering, but we should not turn our back on our rich roots and legacy. Just as Mono-cropping is dangerous in agriculture, cultural diversity is important for our species. It is this diversity the natural selection works on.
#anthropology #huntergatherer #legacy #leassonlearned #earthwisdom #wisdom #csufresno #csufanthropology #fssocialsciences

В одном из самых фешенебельных районов Токио - Гинзе встретилось большое количество дам в возрасте с укладкой, в дорогих костюмах и с красивыми украшениями. Сидят с подружками болтают за чашкой чая.
И вот в кимоно тоже увидела не мало японок.

Well today just keeps getting weirder 😂 #anthropology #studying #finals

All of Anslee’s photos are this much fun! #singingintherainwater Photo Credit: @andrelacourphotography

This one is from last spring. I’m gathering up some artwork to hang in a local store for sale and wanted to offer this one up before it heads in another direction.
16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas. $95 with free shipping in the USA. Direct Message if interested.

This Samba top is just one of my new knit tops launching at @anthropologie . I had so much fun designing with textures and shapes all above the waist and made in the USA.

Swooning over this rattan peacock magazine rack in the shop. I've purposefully not tested this out in the living room 🙈 Someone out there must need this?? ⠀
$62 + 📦⠀
➰👇🏼link in bio or visit ➰⠀
🌿familiarfolk.com 🌿

نامه ای که به مقصد نرسید.

پیرمرد دوست داشتنی که کارمند بازنشسته بخش فرهنگی سفارت فرانسه در افغانستان در دوران ظاهرشاه است و عمری را صرف فرهنگ و سنن افغانستان کرده و هربار که یکدیگر را در خیابان می بینیم به فارسی خوش و بش می کنیم با خانمش که او هم نویسنده و پژوهشگر است به اداره پست می رفت تا نامه ای به خانم فرانسواز اریتیه انسان شناس معروف فرانسوی و عضو کولژدوفرانس بفرستد و از او برای همکاری پژوهشی دعوت به عمل آورد. سر راه چشمش به تیتر روزنامه لیبراسیون می خورد که در صفحه اول آن مرگ این پژوهشگر اعلام شده بود. این اتفاق ساده و جالب را خواستم در قاب عکسی ثبت
کنم. نمیدانم خودش نشانی را روی پاکت نوشته یا خانمش اما الحق که دست خط زیبایی است.
#francoiseheritier #anthropologie #anthropology #colegedefrance

I love this photo of a couple of the #Kogi boys learning to ride a bike, taken from the kitchen, framed by our constant supply of bananas. The #indigenous Kogi people are the descendants of the #Tayrona people that built Teyuna, or what is now called #TheLostCity. They are still deeply connected to nature, although many of their traditions and skill sets have been lost through the generations, such as metalworking and pottery. They refer to us (modern society) as their "little brothers" because of our childish consumption and lack of understanding about the natural world. They still live in traditional clay and palm leaf huts, trading goods and growing their own food for sustenance. 🌿 .
#culturalinsights #intercambiando #SierraNevadadeSantaMarta #anthropology

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