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A week starts better when there a Baileys got chocolate involved 😋☕️ Понедельники хороши, когда в них есть какао, ещё и с Baileys ✨ Кто ещё наслаждается возможностью усовершенствовать горячие напитки такими добавками? 😅🙋🏽‍♀️

// happy monday 💛

After a long summer in Europe, I finally reunited with my fiancé. A special thank you to @juliamaddensears for the amazing shoot! Returning to DC today 🤗 #summerinasnap #anthrocontest

Who needs a bike path when you have a beautiful patch of flowers! Michigan is a hidden gem. If you ever find yourself in the northern peninsula, hop over to Mackinac island and bike around! 🌼🌻🌾 #anthrocontest #summerinasnap

*stands up on surf board once* 🌞🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️#summerinasnap #anthrocontest 📸 by @madelinehues

went home(omosexual) for the weekend

Blast-in-a-glass of a wedding weekend. Celebrating future brother-in-law's wedding, to my (now) future sister-in-law! Three days of laughing and laughing and meeting new family. Love my new cousins! #SummerInASnap #AnthroContest

#tbt to last week with Sadie at one of our local favorites, Glashoff Sculpture Garden. 📸cred the talented @elizabeth.clawson 👌🏻 #glashoffsculptureranch #glashoff #anthrocontest #AnthroWalnutCreek


A week starts better when there a Baileys got chocolate involved 😋☕️ Понедельники хороши, когда в них есть какао, ещё и с Baileys ✨ Кто ещё наслаждается возможностью усовершенствовать горячие напитки такими добавками? 😅🙋🏽‍♀️

Winter mornings rituals ✨☕️
Медитация на дымящуюся чашку кофе по утрам 👌🏼

🌟Took the kids to see the Christmas tree tonight in @hydeparkvillage our favorite place to go on a Friday evening, there is something so magical about experiencing it through your children’s eyes. So much JOY! 🤶🏻🎅🏻Also, had 2 sick kiddos this week so @bartacolife and 🍹🍹🍹is where it’s at! #tgif -
On that note, Loving my rose gold @danielwellington watch + cuff. Gimme all the gold, am I right?!? I scored a fab discount for you guys, ⇢ Use LANAMICHELE15 for 15% off your total purchase and that includes an additional discount to the watch + strap and watch + cuff bundles that are already discounted! 🙌🏼 I snagged one for my hubby too and can’t wait to gift him 🎁 this surprise. #DWforeveryone #holidaygiftguide #ad #linkinbio ✨ .
. .

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✨NEW POST!!✨ It’s November so that means the season of entertaining and gathering friends and family is here!! As time is precious, I look for ways to host a party with ease. Being intentional about how to do so makes living and creating more moments seem attainable.
Wanted to introduce you to @LundbergFarms and their brand new Organic Grainspirations Arancini frozen appetizer line! I made this totally delicious wild mushroom fondue to pair. .
Recipe link in bio! #ad [ Camera: @canonusa 5d mark iii - 50mm 1.2 | Image captured in the CK studio ]

Happy November, friends! So excited to be entering one of the most beautiful months of the year where we gather, feast and spend time together (...perhaps more than normal 😋). Any dinner or party plans coming up? Wanna hear!
Moment captured at my food photography workshop last Autumn 🍂 .
[ Camera: @canonusa 5d mark iii - 24-70mm 2.8 | Image captured in Upstate New York ]

Adventuring at dawn is always the most magical..... would you agree?
A little sneak peek of this morning’s shoot on the water. The air was certainly crisp!!🍂🍂
[ Camera: @canonusa 5d mark iii - 50mm 1.2 | Image captured in Portland, OR ]

Happy Monday, friends! Hard to believe we’re in the last couple days of October already! Wanted to prepare a couple of delicious Autumn recipes with you to savor it all and offer ideas on how to easily have breakfast on the go. .
Today’s recipe is for Maple & candied ginger scones using @chobani ‘s limited batch Maple blended Greek yogurt. The maple and ginger combo here is just perfect, especially when paired with a cup of tea.
Recipe below! #chobani #ad
Maple & Candied Ginger Scones [Makes 16 small scones or 8 large]

527g (3 ½ cups) flour
33g (¼ cup) coconut sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 + 1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon cinnamon
114g (½ cup) butter, chilled
10 oz. (1 ¼ cups) half and half
4.25 oz. (½ cup) Chobani Maple Greek Yogurt
118g (⅔ cup) candied ginger pieces, ½” pieces
Raw sugar (for topping)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Sift all dry ingredients together. Dice cold butter and toss in sifted dry ingredients.
In a separate, small bowl, whisk the Chobani and half and half together.
Using an electric mixer on medium speed, mix until butter resembles pea-size pieces.
Slowly add the yogurt mixture, until just incorporated, being careful to not overmix the dough. Add ginger pieces, stir.
Turn dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and press out to about 1.25" thick. Cut to desired shape and size.
Sprinkle with raw sugar. Bake 15-20 minutes or until golden brown. Enjoy within 2 days or freeze.

Starting off my weekend *just* right by exploring Bend, Oregon. Today was perfect! Had an incredible first stop at @chowbend. Wow - the beer braised beef benedict served with a wild mushroom espagnole sauce, Parmesan and garlic fried red potatoes, poached eggs and … wait for it…. truffle hollandaise... was life changing. .
Next time I have to order the French toast with pumpkin pastry cream, caramel sauce, candied nuts and whip. .
So the ice cream @bontagelatobend was totally another level. Could not believe this fig marsala ice cream (++ GF cone!). I was in heaven. .
Can’t wait for more exploring tomorrow - make sure to follow along in stories!
#visitbend #visitlikealocal #ad @visitbend

Reminiscing of recent exploration trips and totally stoked to head out on my next adventure tomorrow. Love to have you follow along as I explore one of Oregon’s most beautiful cities; Bend. It’s just 3 hours south of Portland which makes for the perfect weekend retreat. .
Can’t wait to see what this city is all about! #visitbend #visitlikealocal #ad @visitbend

Hi friends! Exciting news + I need your ideas! I’m developing my next ebook and will be including 1 community built recipe. SO…
✨Let’s hear what you want - comment below with your thoughts for ingredients - anything you’d love to see me cookbook! If you're not sure, what's your vote- sweet or savory?
Can’t wait to hear what you think 😍
[ Camera: @canonusa 5d mark iii | Image captured in the CK studio ]

Lovely lilac details and window box inspiration in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. 😍

Honored to be interviewed by Andy over at @manmakecoffee, check it out if you like! (link in his bio ;) ). .
" I'm passionate about bringing beauty to others through photography, flavors, and design.  Which always feels like catching a butterfly… then letting it go.  It never gets old.
...I have no regrets and am passionate about living life to the fullest in every area. As a way of life, I’ve chosen to embrace every season as it strengthens me to grow....”

Morning friends! Just off a beautiful Autumn weekend. . . it’s magical in Portland right now and I’m like 🙌🏼. Ps this new recipe for wild mushroom fondue is coming soon!!

Oregon is home to some of the best breweries in the country - it's amazing!!! Because of this, I've never made my own beer at home. I decided that there's no better time to try it out then now. .
Wanted to introduce you to @northernbrewersupply - never knew that making your own beer at home could be so easy and fun! .
Stay tuned for the process (more in stories!) #LetsBrewThis #ad

Happy Friday, friends!! So - I need your advice. Soon I’ll be heading to NYC and for the 1st time in my life, will be going to a show on Broadway! ✨✨✨
So. Excited. .
Question is, which show do I go to? .
Top picks: The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin. What’s your vote?!! Let me know 😄

These earl grey shortbread cookies with matcha cream are 🙌🏼🙌🏼.... let's just say definitely worth dreaming about through Friday, with plans to bake and enjoy at the weekend. .
Recipe link in bio 👉🏼

Reminiscing of last year's October overseas adventures..... styling this table in this magical setting in Croatia was definitely a highlight ✨
I love how photos capture moments that can take you back in an instant .... haven't looked at this image collection in nearly a year !!

Hi Friends! Today's all about creating the newest recipe for the CK blog!! I'd LOVE to hear your ideas. Recently in our weekly recipe chats, @themoodyromantic mentioned creme brûlée. It's been on my mind ever since... what's your vote? What if we created an Autumn version?! 🍂🍁(....if this is what Monday's are about I'm ALL in ;) )
Add your thoughts to the comments below, I'll be live today to chat ideas! 👇🏼📝
{This moment captured upstate NYC last October at my food photography workshop ✨✨}

Gearing up for another trip in a few weeks to NYC - thinking back to this beautiful day spent w/ @food52 & @kitchenaidusa ! ...There’s just something about beautiful white spaces ✨✨✨

Have you ever seen Dora the Explorer? That’s how getting to this waterfall felt... First you go through the bamboo forest, then you climb over the rocks, and that’s how you get to the waterfall! So remember forest, rocks, waterfall! Say it with me: forest, rocks, waterfall!
pc: @devingroody
#doratheexplorer #imthemap

Waking up thinking about being in Berlin last year at this time, enjoying this perfect breakfast spent with @_foodstories_ . ✨✨✨
By the way, we just so happen to be day 2 into my favorite month of the ENTIRE year. Anyone else?! 🍂🍁🐿 .....I have an easy squash soup recipe up in my stories if you want some weeknight inspiration PS ;)
{This full post is in the blog archives!}

Steppin on cracks, breakin mas back. 🚶🏼‍♀️

It’s feeling a bit like summer again today in Portland, so perhaps I’ll get some grilling action in?! But first, more recipe testing for some new dishes I’ll be sharing with you soon!! .
This grilled peach pizza & salad (2 ways!) post is on the blog, direct link in bio

Morning friends! Nothing like sweet cafe moments.... starting my day reminiscing of time spent @atelierseptember in Denmark a few months ago✨✨ALSO!! Pretty excited to announce that I’ll be selling a few prints for a limited time only. Some of my favorite shots captured in Norway earlier this year. I only have about 5 available. See IG stories shortly for more!

Today was the perfect Autumn day... so naturally I’m dreaming about pie and all things apples, pears, sugar... you know... all the things that come with this blissful time of year!! 🍂🍂
PS, if you want to join the conversation for what’s happening in studio tomorrow, more in my last post! Love to hear your recipe ideas, sooooo many good ideas flowing so far!!

Hi friends! It’s recipe idea day and I’d LOVE to hear from YOU! This week is all about marmalades. I’m thinking something delicious with fruits like plums, figs, ..... ? .
I also want to create a savory type of marmalade - wouldn’t that be sooooo good?? .
Any thoughts?! 📝 Jot them below. I’ll be live in the comments today to chat through ideas!!💃🏼

Fridayyyyyyy. Cozying in after a long work week with a glass of wine and a roaring 🔥. Anyone else? .
Ps my full studio makeover is on the blog, in partnership with @crateandbarrel . Also, this velvet couch. With the fire and a warm blanket is. Just. ....... Happy weekend, friends!!!

Soooo technically, it’s the last night of summer. So you know what that means? Ice cream dreamin’ ! (....actually, don’t worry, it won’t be the last of the season by far 😉 ... just needed an excuse!) . .
I’ll be waking up to happiness in the am with it being the 1st day of Autumn. Feel free to get excited for a “perfectly fall” recipe coming your way first thing! . .
This honey rose ice cream is on the blog 🍦✨

Hi friends!! It’s time to dive into this weeks recipe! I’d love to hear from YOU! Ok so in just a couple days it will be the 1st of Autumn... - can you believe it? I’m TOTALLY excited. 🍂🍁🍂🐿
So what’s the 1st Autumn recipe you want to see on the CK blog?! Cinnamon rolls, cake, warm drinks, pies... what will it be? .
Post your thoughts below, I’ll be live to chat ideas👇🏼 .
(Image shot for @anthropologie - full post on the blog home page via link in bio ✨)

Hi Friends! As a part-time 😂 vegan, I am always testing out protein products.  Definitely only share things with you that pass my taste test after experimenting with it in my own kitchen.  Loved working with this protein powder - the results were too tasty not to share a few. .
Totally excited about the 4 recipes I developed!  Will post 1 per day this week so you have time to try it and let me know what you think. Recipe below! .

This brand is called Kura.  It’s New Zealand based and their protein products are plant based and/or made w/ grass fed dairy.  Shout out to my New Zealand foodies! (I have plans to visit early 2018!!) .

Part 1 is “Blend It”. I used a mix of Kura’s Vanilla & Berry Grass Fed Dairy Protein for a vibrant, end of summer smoothie bowl. You can get 20% off @kuranutrition ‘s products by using CK20 at checkout.  #ad
-Berry Vanilla Smoothie Bowl-
10g (2 tablespoons) Kura Vanilla Grass Fed Dairy Protein
10g (2 tablespoons) Kura Berry Grass Fed Dairy Protein
55g (1 cup) berries, frozen (your choice!) 197g (1 cup) cashew almond milk, unsweetened
80g (½ cup) coconut chunks, frozen
½ banana
. --Optional Toppings--
Chia seeds
Goji berries
Cocoa nibs
Mix protein powders, berries, milk, coconut and banana together in a blender till smooth.
Pour into a bowl and arrange toppings of your choice on the top. Enjoy!

WINNERS CHOSEN!! Thanks to everyone who entered to win my giveaway w/ @fourthandheart ! My 2 (soon to be!!) very happy ghee winners are @amradziwon & @healthy_happy_and_free -CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you enjoy cooking with your ghee as much as I do. Literally I am SUCH a fan!! - look forward to all the creative ways you'll use it!
{All comments/posts are reviewed & uploaded, then the winners are chosen by a generated number}

Ibiz☮️ 🚢🌊
#summerinasnap #anthrocontest

Lots of love for kimonos.Wearing it here dressed down.

Hi y'all!! Don't forget to stop by Anthropologie Nashville today between 11am-2pm for a look at fall denim trends, fit tips, and styling tricks! You'll even receive $25 off each pair of full price denim purchased during the event! #Anthropologie #AnthroEvents

It was a summer vacation like no other ✌🏼🏛😎

WINNER CHOSEN!! Thank you to everyone who entered to win Part II of 3 giveaways with @AlaskaAir! Our Detroit winner is: @cosetteskitchen -CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your trip!!! My “5 Favorite Things” recap on Detroit will be out soon on the CK Blog- stay tuned!
Image captured at @detroitfoundationhotel
And ps, there is still more coming so that YOU can discover your own inner explorer. Next stop - JFK this fall! ✌🏼
*All winners are selected by Alaska Airlines: comments/posts are reviewed & uploaded, then a winner is chosen w/ a generator.

✨NEW POST!!! ✨I love embracing every season & every moment. Partnering with @anthropologie on my dining room for the current “ In-between Season” was such a joy. You might be wondering- what is an “in-between season”?
--It’s that beautiful, short span of time toward the end of a season, when you can feel the change in the weather, smell the shifting in the air, see the colors start to change. Are you thinking it is too early to pull out the orange pumpkins, and too late for vibrant, flashy tones? Not so : )

In-between seasons provide freedom (can always take more of that!) to mix the colors of the “current season” with the colors of the “coming season.” .
Click the link in my bio for some inspiration so you too can enjoy the end of summer and embrace the coming of Autumn... ✨✨✨

Dancing to the rhythm 🎶🎵

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