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Follow up to yesterday's post. Expedition Leader extraordinaire Lucho chills out with his friends. #lindbladexpeditions #antarcticpeninsula #natgeoexpeditions #southshetlandislands @natgeoexpeditions @lindbladexp @fujifilmx_us

Testing our strength on the National Geographic Orion, during our Journey to Antarctica through Wilhelmina Bay.
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Buzdağlarının görünen görünmeyen kısımları... 8/9'u suyun altında, 1/9'u üzerinde... Gerlache boğazından geçerken.. #iceberg #antarctica #gerlachestrait #antarcticpeninsula #wildlifephotography

Here's your moment of bliss for the day: a 30-second portrait of Earth's last great frontier.

A mysterious 70-mile crack has opened up in an ice sheet in #Antarctica which scientists say threatens to destroy a nearby research station.
The #HalleyVI research station is currently being relocated as the crack continues to grow bigger. “If [the crack] continues to move and the ice breaks off, the station would be on the wrong side of the crack,” Athena Dinar, a spokesperson for the British Antarctic Survey said.

Livescience.com reports:

Snapped by scientists on #NASA’s #IceBridge mission, the shot shows a rift in Larsen C, an ice shelf that is floating off the #AntarcticPeninsula. When the crack eventually spreads across the entire ice shelf, it will create an iceberg the size of the state of Delaware, according to IceBridge. That’s around 2,491 square miles (6,451 square kilometers). As of Nov. 10, when the IceBridge scientists observed this crack, it was 70 miles (112 km) long and more than 300 feet (91 meters) wide. The dark depths of the crack plunge down about a third of a mile (0.5 km), all the way through the ice to the ocean below.

According to NASA Ice, an Earth sciences program at NASA, this rift is relatively new — it showed growth on satellite imagery just this year. The U.K.-based Antarctic research group the MIDAS Project first observed the rift in 2014 and has been tracking it ever since.

Larsen C is #Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf, and it holds back the land-based glaciers just behind it: Once the ice shelf goes, those slow-flowing glaciers have one less barrier in their journey toward the sea. In 2002, the nearby ice shelf Larsen B partially collapsed after showing similar rifting, NASA’s Earth Observatory reported earlier this year, when it showed the collapse alongside a satellite image of the growing Larsen C crevasse.

According to the MIDAS Project, the eventual calving of the Delaware-size sheet of ice would remove between 9 percent and 12 percent of Larsen C’s surface area and may lead to the crumbling of the entire ice shelf.

65 degrees 13 minutes South, and beyond beautiful the entire way 🇦🇶 #Antarctica #AntarcticPeninsula #Midnatsol #iceberg #bucketlist

Seems like the sixth trip to #antarcticpeninsula is shaping up!! We will be there again November 2017 ! #skitouringantarctica @andescross @eddiebauer

Antartica, easily the most remote place on earth I have had the privilege visiting. While out on a zodiac I was able to capture these striking ice formations. Truly breathtaking. #AntarcticPeninsula


Sometimes icebergs have holes in them

Skiing to the beach on a sunny day in Antarctica. #skimountaineering #ski #backcountry #antarctica #antarcticpeninsula #protectourwinters

Sunsets seem to last a lifetime in Antarctica in February. And yet still you find yourself wishing they'd go on just a bit longer. Never tire of these ridiculous colors. This one came at the end of a long day in Lemaire Channel, which @paulnicklen (accurately) described as "500 icebergs stacked in front of several Grand Tetons." W/ @ladzinski @andy_mann @pattersonimages @ianvaso @cristinamittermeier

A giant petrel follows our ship as we steam through the South Atlantic. Heading back that way and all the way down to the Antarctic Peninsula with @naturalworldsafaris and @wildmanrouse To join us on the trip get in touch. #wildlifephotography #adventureisoutthere #fotobuzz #antarcticpeninsula

Scientists have been watching an enormous rift widening on the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica for several years.
At the beginning of 2017 the crack was about 113 kilometers long, more than 90 meters across, and 0.5 kilometers deep.
NASA reported that a huge iceberg split off from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf sometime between 10 and 12 July 2017.
Scientists have been hesitant to attribute the Larsen C ice shelf breakup to rising global temperatures.
The Antarctic Peninsula is viewed as a front line for climate change. Two other ice shelves on the peninsula have collapsed over the past two decades after being stable for thousands of years

READ MORE: http://southcoastherald.co.za/219586/enviro-monday-sea-levels-may-rise-due-massive-iceberg-breakoff-antarctica/ .

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This photo won me the Wildlife section of the photography competition that was held on board our ship at the end of the cruise. It's my favourite photo of the leopard seal that played around our zodiac.
I love his whiskers. They remind me of a cat. What do you think?

Look deep within his eyes and you'll see the watching humans reflected there

This wonderful leopard seal swam right up to our zodiac and proceeded to dive in and around the boat, showing us his full length – he was as long as the boat – and had beautiful colouring.
His eyes were on us the whole time. Would a close encounter of this kind unnerve you or delight you?

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