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馃寛Just a reminder to take every picture you see with a grain of salt. These two images were taken yesterday, 5 seconds apart. This is not a progress photo, it's not a transformation. When you're scrolling through your feed and you see a picture of someone who you think has a perfect body -- that picture is, most likely, one-sided. There's a real life version that most people don't post.

There is #nowrongway to have a body, we are ALL beautiful no matter what, but some images can be triggering.

So don't beat yourself up when you start to get triggered & compare. Instead, click through to that person's profile and unfollow. Don't voluntarily create body negativity for yourself. We already see it enough everywhere we go.

馃尫Make your social media a safe place for you & your body.

I have thought a lot about these side-by-side pictures & why people post them. I post them not to "show my imperfections". I post them solely to shed light on the edited, filtered, photoshopped, pictures we see of "societally perfect bodies". We internalize those pictures & compare ourselves to them & feel badly about our bodies.

This is just a loving reminder that real life exists for everyone. And your bod in real life is 馃挴鉁旓笍馃敟!!!

I just want all of you beautiful people to know that your self worth & beauty is not determined by another person's appearance. Your self worth & beauty comes from within!!!

Because I love you all & I don't want you to feel bad about your bodies 馃檭馃槝.

Literally w h a t e v e r size you are. Literally, whatever size.


Anl盲sslich meines Geburtstags in einer Woche, habe ich eine kleine 脺berraschung f眉r euch! Damit nicht nur ich an meinem Geburtstag beschenkt werde, sondern auch IHR - denn teilen ist doch viel sch枚ner馃檪 - hat einer von euch die Chance auf ein COCO COMBO (2x Coconutbowls 2x Holzl枚ffel) von @coconutbowls 馃尨
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(3) Markiert 3 Freunde in den Kommentaren, denen die Coconut Bowls auch gefallen k枚nnten - ihr k枚nnt so oft kommentieren wie ihr m枚gt, solange ihr unterschiedliche Freunde markiert馃槉
Der Gewinner wird in einer Woche an meinem Geburtstag, den 03.04., unter diesem Bild bekannt gegeben馃槉 ICH DR脺CKE EUCH DIE DAUMEN馃崁鉂わ笍
馃尭INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY馃實馃尭 I've teamed up with @coconutbowls to host an international giveaway for you! One of you can win the Coco Combo (2x Coconut Bowls and 2x wooden spoon) from @coconutbowls 馃憠馃徏TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY:
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The Winner will be announced in the comments below in one week (03.04.). GOOD LUCK馃崁鉂わ笍 #giveaway #giveaways #gloobyfood #foodie
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Happy new week! Take all the chances 馃挋
Currently at school and dreaming about this heavenly creamy vanilla Oatmealbowl with one of the best combinations = banana, blueberries, mini coconuts + cacao nibs. Of course I added flowers because I'm totally in this spring mood #beautifulspringbowls 馃尭hope you all have an amazing week!
Guten Morgen und RISE & SHINE 鈽锔
Auch wenn ich nicht fr眉hst眉cke, ist meine erste Mahlzeit zu 99% immer etwas s眉脽es, bzw. Oats. Wie ist das bei euch? Habt ihr auch einen #sweettooth? Sp盲ter geht's noch eine Runde laufen, und f眉r die zwei Klausuren dieser Woche gelernt. Was habt ihr heute so vor?

these @yasso toffee crunch ice cream bars are amazing! especially at only 150 calories a piece, you can't go wrong. i also love their regular ice cream bars (not chocolate dipped). my favorite flavors of those are salted caramel, mint chip, and cookies & cream :) just like with all healthier ice creams, i'd suggest leaving them out on the counter for a bit to soften :) usually, higher fat ice creams don't need to soften as much as the lower fat, healthier ones so that's something to keep in mind. still, @yasso still gets 5 stars from me !!

Night snack is a #pintparty of Private Selection Caramel Hazelnut Fudge Truffle ice cream! 馃構馃崼馃崷馃崹馃崻馃尠 this is chocolate ganache ice cream with caramel ribbons and caramel,hazelnut and fudge truffles mixed in 馃檶 omg it's so scary and high cal but this flavor is amazing 馃槏 like no joke I'm in love and it's the weirdest combo of being scared to eat but also loving it so much 馃挭 so you better believe your girl is going after the whole thing 馃憡 also having this with the beautiful @restoringwithlara and @recipetorecover and @mandellaponaya them some love :) my second day of real recovery was hard but I'm trying not to think about it too much 馃憦I'm gonna get some sleep before school tomorrow 馃槾sweet dreams angels!! Xxx #prorecovery #minniemaud #edfam #ednos #edfood #edarmy #edrecovery #anawho #anabitch #anawarrior #anarecovery #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #recoverywarrior #recoveryarmy #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eattolive #eattogrow #eattogain #edfamily #anafamily #goodbyeed #edcommunity #fearfood #recoverywin

First I drink the coffee. Then I do the things 馃槒 I had such an amazing day today! I had a great shift at work and then absolutely smashed my favourite workout so far! 馃弮馃徑鈥嶁檧锔忦煉煆 I started out on the treadmill for 15 minutes warm up and GENUINELY ENJOYED IT 馃槺 and then I pushed myself to squat with 18kg of dumbbells (9 in each hand) and goblet squat 16kg! 馃槺 That may seem pathetic to some but after only working out for just over a week, I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF 鈽猴笍馃挏 I'm working hard for that 馃崙馃槈

Thank you all for the huge support from the posts on my story - didn't mean to be triggering at all but I'm very stressed with school and gaining that amount of weight isn't really helping馃様 But I appreciate it and so I come back fighting with lotus biscuits and toast with lotus spread and still didn't skimp馃槒 (already had one!)鉂わ笍 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH馃馃尭

More work goodies?? The real deeaaal bakewell iced tart + the date + oat slice we both love for pud馃構just announced my winner congrats @recovering_soul_ella 馃帀 sorry there can only be one winner I love you all and thank you so much for all the endless support馃挅 #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #recovery #recoveringdaisiesgiveaway


Teenie tiny little update.
The struggle is so real! Recovery is definitely a marathon not a sprint. I know I'm healing at different levels, from the bottom of the pit right up to the top. (** It's going to take time girl! Listen to yourself! **). I'm finding the meds I'm on really difficult and sitting still isn't really working for me! Having all the side effects I didn't want and wishing the next 6 months will go so fast.

I'm still doing Ipt therapy and taken things back a level to monitoring work while things are tricky. Feels like I'm going backwards again... But I'm choosing to believe it's part of the process.

If you're having a hard time at the moment, remember it's not forever. The work you're putting in now will make you stronger. We can be strong. We can be brave.. Choose recovery even when it's the hardest choice - it's keeping the hope alive.

Take care warriors. Much love. 馃挏馃挌馃挍馃挋 __________________

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Just look at that's cheesy goodness! 馃憛 So today has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. To start, in one of my math classes we were going over some problems that were basically review of what I learned before. But I hadn't seen these questions for a while and I couldn't remember off hand how to do some of them. And of course I was asked to go to the board to do one I couldn't remember. I told my professor that I didn't remember and she said to go up there anyway and we'll help you out. And let me note that I am the ONLY girl in the class so I'm always a target 馃幆. So there I am trying to figure this out while all the guys are trying to tell me what to do but I was so worked up that I just couldn't understand. I did eventually get it after someone had to go up to write it down for me, but I know the guys were making faces to each other. After class I just bawled my eyes out because I just couldn't take the constant inferiority I feel in that class. It was just such a kick in the face for my self esteem because I know I'm not the smartest and it was very clear today. I often question whether I can handle the major I'm in. But anyway this immediately sparked a fire in my head to skip lunch again. But then I thought, what would this solve? It wouldn't help my situation from this morning and it would certainly create a fight between me and my parents. So in the end I put on my big girl pants and moved on with my day as usual because that's what I need. No matter how much I'd like to starve myself, I need food. Period. 馃挏

I've been very confused about recovery, and if I am ready. But heck an ed after dinner (which was fish) I had a thin mini sugar cookie and a low cal hot choc and I'm pretty happy and ready for yoga later tonight :) -
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Portland springtime essentials 馃尫

Pretty hard to beat The Bowl from @sonofagun_wollongong. Perfect lazy Sunday lunch (not pictured, delicious buttery sourdough served on the side). It's been rainy for so long that we couldn't help but take advantage of the sun and grab one last summery meal before winter claws its way back into our lives!

a proper breakfast?? going 2 try 2 not cry haha. also, woke up and then felt queasy, threw up my green tea. i took my meds (fluoxetine) abt half hour-40 mins before, they would have absorbed okay by then? oh well. 馃樄馃樄 also, accidentally posted this on my personal hahaha but i noticed as it was posting so quick rectify of silly situation lol

A lovely dinner from my roommates to say goodbye to me because I'm moving in two days.
I don't know why I haven't been posting, I think I've just been ignoring that I have a ED and been eating whatever and not following my meal plan properly (restricting then over eating) I've also been on my period which is making me more hungry for snacks and stuff. I think I feel like I just don't care what happens with me right now. Kind of numb and meh. Felt like crap after I talked to my detective today and now I feel much more numb. Boo.
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[ recovery win ]
Day 10 complete! First off - this is the most delicious cut of meat I've ever had...maybe better than ribeye???? I know. I KNOW. Who am I. Pork butt country ribs in a slow cooker over night. Literally was jello by the morning. 馃槏 I had a whole mess of it today and I feel great. I had a huge recovery win I wanted to share with you! So if you saw my story yesterday you saw that I went to Baskin Robbins with friends and was shocked at the fact that I had ZERO urges to binge, and I maintained a conversation without any distraction of food, or smells, or triggers of any sort. Thank you Lord. But TODAY!! I had a random memory shoot in and out of my head from a time when I was on Main Street at Disneyland. I used to go and get these chocolate dipped waffle cones filled with two heaping scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It was my favourite treat when going to Disneyland. And instead of it triggering a binge, or a "woe is me, why can't I eat that now" response, all I felt was fondness. I actually found myself smiling. Because what I was remembering was how incredible that day was, how much I loved the people I was with, and how delicious that ice cream tasted in the heat of August. I truly am changing and healing. It's hard to imagine myself being back in a place where I would drive to target and spend $20 on binge food, and eat in the safety of my car. It's only a decision away, yet emotionally, I feel lifetimes removed from it. I'm so thankful I am where I am, and I'm proud of the fighting it took to get here. I have so long still to go but man, it sure is nice to celebrate those wins.

first off, before i give my introductions, look at this beautiful cheeseburger 馃槶馃崝馃挄
hello beautiful people! since this is my first post, i thought i should introduce myself. i call myself oak on the internet, so hello! i'm 16 and from the usa.
*trigger warning after this point: talk of losing weight, restriction, self hate, depression*
just to give you some background, i struggle with a lot of self hate, depression, and anxiety, and a lot of that has channeled into my eating issues. i have struggled with an undiagnosed eating disorder for almost two years, and at first i didn't realize i had a problem. i lost a drastic amount of weight, but since i was overweight to begin with, no one saw it as a big deal. my mom expressed her concern at my lack of eating after six months of heavy restricting. my first attempt at recovery was one year ago, and i went vegan. i was vegan for six months and gained back my weight, leaving me more miserable and restrictive than before. i stopped being vegan and went back to restricting, and even though it was much harder than before i made myself keep trying to restrict my calories. now i finally realize how miserable this has made me. i know that i have a problem now, and i know that restricting my calories and the types of foods i eat are not going to help me get better. right now i have no intentions of going back to veganism, even though it is a helpful tool for some, but instead i want to focus on healing my body and my mind. so i've made this account to document my journey and how i am starting to love my body and be kind to it. love you all 馃挄

Hey everyone! Back from a great, but hard, track practice and weight session! My breaths were super shallow and it felt tough for my to regulate my breathing, but I pushed myself nonetheless and I'm ready for my post-workout snack! 馃憡馃徎 I'm having: a vanilla @siggisdairy yogurt, @purelyelizabeth granola, frozen blueberries, coconut chips, and cinnamon! 馃槏馃憛馃挦 I'm feeling SO good and ready for this snack! I'm off to eat, do some homework, and then shower before dinner! My mom, dad, and sister are off at the water polo banquet, so it's just me until they all get gone! Let's eat it to beat it! 馃挭馃徎 #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #postworkout #healthyeats #morechiaplease

Yummmm.... Spanish rice with fresh spinach, a Lil melted cheddar cheese and salsa - guess we can call dinner a wrap馃槀 today was frustrating in the sense that I was training two people at the same time so not only was i on the phone with the confused person but I had two others rapid firing nonsense on either side of me like I could really answer them - they're bloody listening to the call and then one of the other people i was training has been working here all of five minutes tries to tell me what i need to do and i seriously could have punched him. And now I have to go pick my friend up from the airport at like midnight and i have to go in early. Plus to top it all off this lady said I'm constantly eating and she didn't mean it in a bad way but watch how much I didn't eat after she said something
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