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So after the reaction to my tinder storytime, I've teamed up with @wooplus_dating to show you guys some different options for dating apps. Woo plus is a dating app made for people who love curves and want to embrace them. Head over to my YouTube Chanel to check out the video I did reviewing the app and showing you guys how to use it! Link in bio 😘 #wooplus #ad

Not only is makeup about beautifying it's also about creating character and realism. @sleepinthegardn gave me a great gift with @feedthemovie in this respect. Taking her through the many stages of illness was a challenge and a treat. And of course the lightning to my thunder @nv_beauty on hair #repost @stillhazart thanks for the great screen grab! #makeupartist #anorexia #makeupartist #sfx #charactermakeup #TroianBellisario #feedthemovie #paledskin #redeyes #sweat

Quando tu acha uma pessoa que te entende 💕

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Pra você que já sentiu medo de sentar. Medo de que ao perceberem as dobras na sua barriga ou como as suas coxas se espalham na cadeira, as pessoas te achariam pior. Que já usou cintas que sufocam ou sutiãs que deixam marcas e dores, mas fazem a gente parecer "melhor" para o mundo.
Pra você que já disse que não tinha fome quando tinha, por medo ou vergonha de comer. Que já vomitou, se ofendeu ou se machucou por achar que seu corpo não era digno de ser feliz ou encontrar amor: não é sua culpa.
Crescemos num mundo que nos convence diariamente desde cedo que muitas partes nossas estão erradas, para depois vender o milagre que vai nos "consertar". Não é nossa culpa se achamos que a nossa beleza só pode ser vista num espelho. Ninguém nos contou que cada pessoa é um universo único de ideias e sonhos, que não nasceu pra ser apenas uma imagem vazia de perfeição Photoshopada.
Até agora.
Não dá mais pra passar a nossa vida inteira tentando ser cada vez menor. Sinceramente, o mundo precisa é que a gente cresça. 💜🌈🌸
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"It's noor the whore" wow thanks u fucking asshole

The many faces of #mentalillness 🙊🙉🙈
No, we can't generalise what someone with a psychological disorder or condition looks like as there is no distinct appearance. The sickness is in the mind, whose physical abnormalities are not visible to the outside world. We can observe characteristics of certain illnesses through people's emotions and behaviour, but the truth is we can't tag someone with a mental condition purely by their physical state. Someone who appears sad isn't always depressed. Someone eccentric and risk-taking doesn't have to be manic. Someone who looks very underweight doesn't necessarily have anorexia. Someone who is tidy and organised doesn't have to have OCD. It seems that whenever we recognise a dominant personality trait in someone we immediately think of it as an imbalance in their personality. A condition that is worth labelling because it lies slightly outside of the recognised "normal" range of a particular attribute. But we forget that normality is relative and the degree to which we consider a particular behaviour "OK" or healthy is based upon a generalised majority 🙌🏻 We are quick to ostracise those who we don't understand as weird, strange and even crazy, but having a different way of thinking doesn't make someone mentally unwell. What does is when their thoughts and behaviours put their own health and wellbeing at risk. Just because someone is worried, doesn't mean they have anxiety. Just because someone is overweight, doesn't mean that have an eating disorder. Just because someone has obscure ideas, doesn't mean they are schizophrenic. We like to think that there is always a certain way to be, but we also forget that we are all individuals 👫 No two minds think alike and yes, some don't function properly, but there is still nothing wrong with these people. We don't accuse people of having cancer because they possess physical similarities to those who do! So never assume someone is mentally ill nor well by your own personal observations. It can be hard to recognise mental illness, however professionals understand the criteria for diagnosing certain diseases. Never presume you know what's going on inside someone else's mind...🤔❤

I use protein powder A LOT. And while I love it (@nuzest_usa is my fave!), I want to work on eating more whole foods especially at breakfast. I always tend to make protein waffles or protein over night oats or a smoothie with protein. It's been about a week now where I've been making myself savory breakfasts to break the cycle (with the exception of a smoothie here and there, because HOT). I've been on such a scrambled egg kick lately. I threw together a couple of my absolute favorite foods for this bowl and it was insane 🤤
Scrambled Egg Bowl ⬇️
🔺1 @vitalfarms egg and 2 egg whites soft scrambled in @fourthandheart California Garlic ghee and @primalpalate Breakfast Blend seasoning
🔺Avocado with sea salt
🔺Roasted and chilled sweet potato wedges cooked in coconut oil
🔺@kitehillfoods Almond Chive Cream Cheese

I fully couldn't control myself today 😭😭 I had 3 slices of meat feast pizza, 3 dough balls w/ cheese 2 dominos cookies and popcorn with Fanta IM ACTUALLY SUCH A FAT FUCK WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME 😭😭😷


день 4.
сегодня по плану несколько долек шоколада. на завтрак вода.
завтра пойдем в столовую на 9 дней. ( те кто читали предыдущие посты поймут). не пойти я никак не могу. ибо мама пиздец орет на меня мол схера ли ты не пойдешь. постараюсь ничего такого там не есть. диета кажется насмарку. потом посижу на питьевых днях.
вообще ненавижу субботу и воскресенье ибо мама дома и я не могу вылить еду в унитаз или вынести на улицу.
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Things are weird, it's weird, life is weird. Some day it might stop being weird, but yet again it might not. You don't know. None of us know. It's 12 AM. That's weird ⚪️
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So obviously this being my first post, I should maybe say some things about myself, cause to someone, somewhere, I just might be the slightest bit interesting I guess. (Probably not) Anyway I'm 21, dealt with this eating bullshit off and on since I was 16. I've been through a lot of stupid shit since then and so it seems I'm back at square one, or maybe not, I never can tell. As of late I have been obsessed with my back and chest bones (or lack thereof) so I thought this a fitting first pic. I'm currently at my lowest adult weight, which for me, doesn't say much considering it's still a whopping 133 lbs. I'll be posting a body check in the am ✌

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not one to post anything too serious, but a year ago today I chose to commit to recovering from anorexia after years of battling and although there have been some bumps in the road I have never looked back. I chose myself because we are all worthy 🖤 #ed #life #awareness #lifeisbeautiful #eatingdisorder #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexia #choosehappiness #selfcare #selflove

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Hola, feliz Jueves🌷

Ya está disponible el capítulo 36 de "MILA, LA REINA DE HIELO", que ya está disponible en WATTPAD: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/3MYwvxUi9y
SPOILER.... “—¿Ya sabes si será varón o una nena? —Es tímido, no se ha dejado ver, pero estoy segura de que es un varón, lo siento aquí —manifiesto, llevando mi mano a mi pecho—, incluso lo he soñado. —Entonces de seguro sí es un varón. Mamá dice que una madre siente esas cosas. —Tal vez me equivoco, pero es lo que siento. Espero que eso no sea un impedimento para que te quedes, de seguro habrá madrugadas en las que no dejará dormir. —No te preocupes, me pongo los audífonos y listo. —Perfecto. Ahora vamos a cenar que este bebé tiene hambre. —¿Has tenido antojos? —curiosea, camino a la cocina —Sí, muero por una porción de lasaña de la que preparaba el padre de mi hijo. —¿Y no puedes pedirle que te la prepare? —menciona con demasiada ingenuidad, mi sonrisa se desvanece. —Él vive en París, y la última vez que lo llamé, estaba por follar con una zorra. —Suspiro con frustración, tratando de controlar la nostalgia que siento que me ahoga, y a la vez, la ira me carcome por dentro”. Si aún no conoces la primera parte de esta atrapante historia, recuerda que "MILA, MI PEQUEÑA BAILARINA", seguirá en WATTPAD, solo por tiempo limitado: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/hk0PQWKW3A
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Worked with kids today at camp AND a panera shift. So I worked 11 hours total and i'm exhausted lol. But 💵 is worth it! I was almost dizzy today while working at Panera which was the same feeling I had during the depths of my ED. This time - I did not accept that.💪 I fueled my body with the amazing food above and worth every calorie. I even went home and had a slice of my birthday cake from yesterday and I'm content👍 FOOD IS FUEL🙌

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Завтрак 7:08

Huge portion of goldfish for night snack. There was a chocolate bar in the picture also but I ended up not eating it (the goldfish filled me up) so I tried to crop it out haha. Hope you all had a lovely day 😊💕 #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #anorexia

♡The first picture was taken two days ago and I took the second one like 20 minutes ago. I binged twice today.I tried to purge but nothing came up. ☆

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•Паннакотта с клубникой
•Сырок "Советские традиции"

I felt extremely triggered earlier today and made the decision to skip tea and eat nothing for days but in the end, I finally picked up the courage to go to the Soup Kitchen with one of the residents in my hostel. I only planned to pick up a small snack for tonight's tea but the lady forced me to take the 4 sandwiches and a cake. She even tried to give me homemade chicken curry and rice and a pasta box with salad and she snapped at me for not taking it as I said it's too much food, it will go off by the time I get to eat it all so someone else could take it instead of me. Felt so cheeky and greedy going there in the first place because I'm too fat to take free food when others need and deserve it more than me. Was stood there having a panic attack with an overwhelming volume of voices in my head whilst observing the food before I picked it. And I felt I looked like a psychopath for checking each items packaging for the caloric value but all they have listed is "under 400 calories". So I managed to eat the Honey Roast Ham Sub Roll with Egg and salad but I took off the tomatoes and Cucumber. 332cals according to Greggs website. Then I stupidly ate the Triple Choc Muffin 466cals!!! 😰😰 literally terrified now as I've gained a pound since being at my mums, it usually goes back down to my usual weight but it hasn't so far. I'm so scared I'm just gonna keep gaining from this point as I've fucked everything up.🐽🐽🐽 #mentalillness #depression #anxiety #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #edrecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderecovery #bodydysmorphic #bodydysmorphicdisorder #bodydysmorphia #foodblog #greggs #greggsthebakers #greggsfood #chocolatecake #chocolatemuffin #triplechocolatecake #triplechocolatemuffin

This is me. My legs are huge but idk I'm so done with people and trying to keep relationships. I've kept good with not eating but idk I feel so fat. I can't think straight right now. #anorexic #anorexia #bulimic #snapstreak #snapchat #kik #kikme #anxiety #depressed #depression #relapse #bulimia #tumblr #grunge #sadquotes #tothebone #weed #stonergirl #weightloss #restricting #skinny #thinsperation

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