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I wouldn't mind if she stared at me like that all day.. 😎 @jassysuetrong

So whoever posted this online on the anonib is dumb like i wouldn't have some girls who do stick together tell me that not only are you posting old ass pictures back from when i was single and not giving a fuck trying to get more recent ones is fucked up. And the fact it is someone who is or may follow me make me sad for the human race. You dont know me base one screenshota of what i posted back in 2015. Nor will you ever seen anymore. I have a boyfriend who i have such deep loving feelings for that i wouldnt do anything like that to him. To whoever posted my pictures on this site consider yourself out of my life. I hope you have a nice day and such. 👏👌👿😡#anonib #fuckyou #youdontknowme #oldselfies #getoutofhere #growthefuckup

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