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a beautiful, unfiltered, tear-filled conversation with @anniefdowns about rejection, singleness and the deep need inside us to belong. this episode has seriously all the feels! 🙌🏻.

the “Fun Therapy” podcast is available on iTunes. subscribe and leave a review too! 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️.


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We are so excited about @anniefdowns new book 100 Days to Brave!! Announced tonight at the That Sounds Fun Weekend!! #tsfweekend2017 #100daystobrave #anniefdowns

Has anyone else read this? I haven't ever read any Christian fiction but I grabbed it after hearing about it on @anniefdowns podcast and thought I'd give it a try.
#review #anniefdowns #ad30 #bloghomework

Laughing so hard at @anniefdowns instastory. 😂 never would have noticed her funny mistake but hey, everyone is human. #100daystobrave #oops #anniefdowns #blessherheart #lovethiswoman

Tonight I got to meet @anniefdowns and she is fabulous! She loves Jesus and her favorite color is glitter. ✨ We are basically the same person. Can we be the 3 best friends now? ❤️ #anniefdowns #anniefdownsnotthequilter #ladiesnightout

Exodus 17: Moses sends Joshua to fight the Amalekites. while Joshua is out in the battle, Moses has to keep his hands raised to keep the Israelite army winning. If he puts his hands down, the Amalekites advance. While Moses is at the top of the hill with his hands raised, they roll a rock over for him to sit on and his brother Aaron and brother-in-law Hur come and hold up his arms up until the sunset, all day long. 🌟 you need people in your life that will hold you up when you are too tired to keep doing what you were called to do #anniefdowns #lookingforlovely #niceBOOK

@anniefdowns I'm holding you accountable! Buy RED lipstick 💄 and glitter...LOTS of glitter! #accountability #redlipstick #anniefdowns

#lookingforlovelybook#anniefdowns ✨"There is a correlation, I'm finding, between beauty and perseverance... It's not just in the things everyone sees, but it is what YOU see, what sticks out to you, the unique moments God gives you to collect up and hold and draw strength from... ✨I needed to find beautiful if I was going to hang in there. I need it in my life. I need it in my heart. I need it in the bank of my soul to withdraw to when things feel hard. So I decided to start looking... ✨I'm looking around for lovely. I'm filling my mind and eyes and memories with good things, good gifts from God, so that my tank is refueled, so that my parched throat is soothed, before the journey continues..."✨

Looking forward to digging into this. #100daystobrave #anniefdowns #godisgood 🙌🏻❤️


The amazing @anniefdowns is on the podcast this week! ❤️ Head on over to iTunes to listen to this beautiful and unfiltered conversation about rejections, singleness, and the deep need inside us to belong. Pro-Tip: grab some kleenex! [Link in Profile]
#potsc #funtherapy #funtherapypodcast #relevantpodcast #relevantmagazine #anniefdowns #letsbebrave #singlelife #belonging #thatsoundsfun #thatsoundsfunpodcast #lookingforlovely

a beautiful, unfiltered, tear-filled conversation with @anniefdowns about rejection, singleness and the deep need inside us to belong. this episode has seriously all the feels! 🙌🏻.

the “Fun Therapy” podcast is available on iTunes. subscribe and leave a review too! 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️.


#funtherapy #funtherapypodcast #relevantpodcast #relevantmagazine #anniefdowns #letsbebrave #singlelife #belonging #thatsoundsfunpodcast #thatsoundsfun #lookingforlovely #zondervan

The moment @dannygokey is signing Hope in Front of Me and you open a new book. At just the most perfect moment. It all falls into place. Bravery. Hope. Courage. Being your best BRAVE self. @anniefdowns you did it again. A most perfect book. #100daystobrave #anniefdowns #dannygokey #booksandcoffee #mytime #findingmyway #girlyouarebrave #girlyouareenough #beingbrave #listeningforwhispers

How perfect is this quote from @anniefdowns in her book "100 Days to Brave." So far I can't put the book down - go pick one up for yourself!

Kids are home this week from school, we're hosting Thanksgiving, and I want to take some time with my family to play! 😉😊 I'll still pop in here but mostly I'll be giving my phone a break.. 😊😏 and painting some "masterpiece" memories.

I am THANKFUL for very single one of you following along.

I have spent the last couple of months listening through @anniefdowns “That Sounds Fun” podcast. Her voice, along with her friends’ voices, are the sounds I hear every time I’m in my car, folding laundry, or doing dishes. I’ve been listening so frequently that I kind of feel like we’re real life friends. So reading one of her latest books for number 36 of 52 was fun. It’s a wonderful book with tons of reminders of the joy and loveliness Christ puts in our daily lives. A reminder to persevere, to let that perseverance produce hope. I’m thankful for books like these that point me back to our true purpose in life.

#hannahreads2017 #anniefdowns #lookingforlovely

My mantra in yoga lately has been "Be Brave". I even have a mat sticker to remind me. For me, showing bravery is simply letting go of form. This is scary for a type A personality. #lifelessons #anniefdowns

Did you catch our FB Live interview with @anniefdowns about her latest book #100DaystoBrave ? Head over to "Katie M. Reid" on FB to watch the replay. What an encouraging convo about living brave in big and small ways. 💡How did you choose #brave today? •

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Too good not to share #100daystobrave#anniefdowns

It’s not midnight yet right?

I know it sure feels like it with this time change! But no, it’s 8:27pm CST so I am still within my window to share my takeaways from #day11

This book has got me y’all. Even if I read the devotional first thing in the morning, the day and the message isn’t done until I have shared it with you... Today’s topic is:

Your Mind

What a dangerous question it is to ask a woman what’s on her mind right?

For men it’s easy. For if they are in their “nothing box” they are truly thinking of...well nothing.

I mean HOW do men do that? Am I right ladies?

I could tell you that my “nothing” consists of:

What’s all that banging around downstairs? Shoot I left laundry in the washer. Should I tell people I slipped and fell into the tub tonight or that Fred Savage was in my dream last night? I really want that $12.00 scarf I saw on Insta-stories and I wonder what my friend Carolyn is making us for dinner Thursday night.
That’s TRUTH.

So our mind....”that lump that’s 3 feet above our ______” as Rosie O’Donnell put it in my VERY FAVORITE MOVIE... That is the core to who we are. Its irreplaceable and can never be duplicated. Pretty cool huh?

Annie refers to our brain as “fragile containers” for its up to us to decide what fills that container and it should be protected.

Your eyes and your ears are the opening to that container. If there is anything important to protect it’s that space between our ears and behind our ever open eyes.

We were made to use our independent, creative, one of a kind minds to do amazing things y’all. Truly amazing things. Only you know the gifts, ideas and thoughts you were given...so SHARE THEM.

Protect your mind, Guard your thoughts and your Gifts and Change the World with them.

While I know my takeaways may not resonate with some of you...heck a lot of you might be scrolling right on by. But I know in my soul, someone else is reading these that NEEDS to read them. Because I NEEDED it when I found it.

And there is beauty in paying that forward. ❤️

Prayer. I struggle with it. I think I psych myself out knowing that I shouldn’t. My prayer life is a big place I’m wanting to change in my walk with God. Will you pray for me today? Pray that I will grow closer to the Lord with my prayers.
#dayeighteen #100daystobrave #bebrave #pray #prayerwarrior #anniefdowns

You know what’s amazing?

Being loved when you feel the most unloveable.

That doesn’t mean acting like a moron is ok or excusable, it just means that even on your worst days you are loved no matter what.

Last night I was struggling with a horrible bout of jealousy and I would even go as far to say I had hate in my heart.

I was trying my best to self soothe by finding the petty imperfections in someone else to make myself feel better...and I hate when I get in that mindset.

No one else should ever steal your joy but sometimes I battle with feelings and thoughts of negativity, anger and even hate because I do feel like my joy and happiness has been stripped away by the actions of others.

But even during those moments when I am not leading with a loving, positive heart, I do know I am still loved. Even during my moments of being a total mess.

Even when we don’t deserve it, we are loved beyond measure of our own comprehension. By friends, by family and by the higher powers.

Although we may make skewed decisions and lack luster choices or have moments when we aren’t leading with love we should remember to honor good life choices and love through the passions and gifts we were given. #day9

I didn’t forget.
I did my devotional today. “You are not a Mistake”
That was the topic.

How timely on Veterans Day...can you imagine if everyone before that served and fought for our country considered themselves a mistake?!?! What a different world this would be.

We are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made...and with more purpose then you can ever imagine.
@anniefdowns i can’t tell you what you are doing for me on a personal and spiritual level girlfriend... #day8

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