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Our favorite clients bring us sugar. Lots of sugar. Thanks @anniefdowns ! Can't wait for the#tsfweekend2017!!! #anniefdowns #events #thatsoundsfun

Such a great day at the amazing woman's conference w Amari. ❤

I am so excited about our New Bible Study 📖 !!
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Has anyone else read this? I haven't ever read any Christian fiction but I grabbed it after hearing about it on @anniefdowns podcast and thought I'd give it a try.
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#lookingforlovelybook#anniefdowns ✨"There is a correlation, I'm finding, between beauty and perseverance... It's not just in the things everyone sees, but it is what YOU see, what sticks out to you, the unique moments God gives you to collect up and hold and draw strength from... ✨I needed to find beautiful if I was going to hang in there. I need it in my life. I need it in my heart. I need it in the bank of my soul to withdraw to when things feel hard. So I decided to start looking... ✨I'm looking around for lovely. I'm filling my mind and eyes and memories with good things, good gifts from God, so that my tank is refueled, so that my parched throat is soothed, before the journey continues..."✨

@anniefdowns I'm holding you accountable! Buy RED lipstick 💄 and glitter...LOTS of glitter! #accountability #redlipstick #anniefdowns

Hey @anniefdowns ! My small group has been reading Looking for Lovely for the past weeks and we are all @ugawesley alumni. We can't wait to hear you speak tomorrow night at the UGA Wesley's fundraising dinner. We are so excited to meet you, please don't freak out if we bombard you with hugs and handshakes. #lookingforlovely #anniefdowns #ugawesley PS: come sit with us :)

Getting ready for our Llama bible study tonight! #letsallbebrave #llamaswhopraytogetherstaytogether #anniefdowns


You are braver than you know
Thanks @anniefdowns for the inspiration this morning 💕#letsallbebrave #anniefdowns #bebrave

I finished my first book in a long time. I have a very long list of "I want to read that!" but this one I is now complete and going in my shelf. (It is sad to say the first full book I have read in a super log time, but this is changing this year and going forward). Some day when asked "did you read all of those" I hope to be able to say "yes, yes I did and God taught me a lot with each and every one of them!" Now onto the next book on the list ❤️📚❤️#anniefdowns #anniedowns #thankyou #lookingforlovelybook #thankful #blessed #bealight #lookingforlovely #findthebeauty #nashvilleishome

Day 8: Chevron
Read this book last year and it's one I definitely want to read again soon. My favorite kinds of nonfiction are the books where the author just gets raw about their experiences and emotions. In this book, @anniefdowns encourages us to see the blessings in everyday life... even the messy parts.
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This book! Looking for Lovely by @anniefdowns I may have teared up in the introduction! Parts of it could be my story. And the rest, well it's just wonderful. And I'm just about done it and that makes me sad. (Also, after reading this book, listening to the #thatsoundsfunpodcast and following #anniefdowns on Instagram I'm pretty sure she's the extravert to my introvert which sounds kinda stalker-ish but is really just an observation!) #lookingforlovelybook #lookingforlovely #read #reading

Weaver of humor and truth with vulnerability. @anniefdowns book featured on the blog today. Link in profile.

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We LOVE events and are still riding high from the That Sounds Fun Weekend!! Congrats @anniefdowns on another amazing year!! And on OVER A MILLION DOWNLOADS of the That Sounds Fun podcast!!!! How cool is that. We love that you bring smiles to people's faces, and most of all, J O Y.
Thanks for partnering with us Annie!!! #thatsoundsfun #tsfweekend2017 #anniefdowns #grateful

"And I can tell you firsthand that the moments of my greatest fears -those times when I was sure I was going to wimp out under the pressure of it all- have also been the open doors to the greatest changes in my life. So I step out, full of fear, but trusting that God is on the other side in new and wonderful ways." -From the book Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs. A book that has allowed me to reflect on the past year, where I want to go, and how to summon the bravery to get there. Thank you @griffinmckenzie for the read❤️

We are so excited about @anniefdowns new book 100 Days to Brave!! Announced tonight at the That Sounds Fun Weekend!! #tsfweekend2017 #100daystobrave #anniefdowns

We had so much fun tonight with @anniefdowns and all of our friends on Day One of the #tsfweekend2017. Can't wait to see and share in what happens tomorrow! #ThatSoundsFun #AnnieFDowns

We are excited that @anniefdowns That Sounds Fun weekend is finally here!!! Follow along with #tsfweekend2017 to see all the fun for yourself, including time with special guest @davebarnesmusic, @christynockels, @legitsadierob & more!!! #VIP #events #anniefdowns #FUN

Ready to begin this study with my girls!! @lpattaway You Inspire me! #anniefdowns #brave

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